HTC accept been a above Windows Buzz amateur for a while now, arguably additional alone to Nokia in their output. With Samsung bistro up abundant of their Android bazaar allotment and Microsoft ablution an agitative new adaptation of Windows Phone, the belvedere is acutely traveling to be a key breadth of focus for the Taiwanese firm. So it's no abruptness that it hasn't afraid about to absolution some Windows Buzz 8 handsets, with both the mid ambit HTC Windows Buzz 8S and its big brother the HTC Windows Buzz 8X aggressive for your attention.

Since its launch, the HTC 8S now has a bulk of competitors in the Windows Buzz 8 space. Its capital rivals are apparently the Nokia Lumia 620 and the Lumia 520, with the above costing about ВЈ30 more, and the closing ВЈ50 less. Compare that to the HTC Windows Buzz 8S, which can be best up for about ВЈ150 (around $365/AU$345), and you'll see it's got some appealing abutting aggregation in the account space.

The specs affirm its position as a mid ambit handset. Powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor and arranged with just 512 MB of RAM. With a 5 megapixel camera, 720p video and just 4 GB of centralized accumulator (albeit with abutment for microSD cards of up to 32 GB), aggregate about it screams mid-range.

Things don't change with the Super LCD Gorilla Bottle display. At 4 inches it's a appropriate admeasurement but not huge and its 480 x 800 resolution (coming in at 233 pixels per inch) is accomplished but annihilation decidedly impressive. In added words it's got solid specs all around, which on cardboard are neither absorbing nor black for the price..

The alone potentially black blueprint is its 1,700 mAh battery, which seems a little on the baby side, but it's about the aforementioned admeasurement as the one in the bigger and added able Samsung Galaxy S2 and that holds up able-bodied enough. The aboriginal affair to bend out about the HTC 8S is its two-tone colour scheme. Bright colours accept become a basic of Windows Phone, but commonly you just get the one colour per handset.

With the HTC 8S the aggregate of the buzz is one colour, while a band at the basal is another. Interestingly this sets it afar even from the added buzz in the range- the HTC 8X, which afresh is all one colour. It's a abundant and characteristic look, authoritative the buzz anon recognisable no bulk what bend it's beheld at.

With ambit of 120.5 x 63 x 10.3mm it's not the thinnest buzz you'll anytime see, but the arced edges accomplish it assume hardly slimmer and sleeker than it in actuality is.

It continues to affect if you aces it up. At 113g it's got a appropriate bulk of weight to it, authoritative it feel like a adequately exceptional accessory rather than a bargain section of plastic. Speaking of plastic, there's no brushed metal or bottle aback on the HTC Windows Buzz 8S, it's artificial through and through.

Despite that it doesn't assume flimsy. The rubbery, polycarbonate accomplishment makes it simple to anchor and feels acceptable in the hand. It doesn't attending or feel bargain either, just altered and that's a acceptable thing.

The foreground of the HTC 8S is bedeviled by the 4 inch screen, as you ability expect. Above it there's HTC's logo and a speaker, while beneath it there's the iconic band adorned with three bendable blow buttons, accurately home, aback and search. HTC accept afresh formed their logo in argent assimilate the aback of the buzz - this time abundant bigger. Above it you'll acquisition the 5 megapixel camera lens, while beneath it there's a logo for 'Beats' audio, beneath that a apostle and beneath that the coloured stripe.

The top bend of the buzz has a 3.5mm headphone anchorage on the larboard and the ability button on the right. The accepted accession of the ability button is fine, but it's hardly aloft at all, authoritative it harder to acquisition and press, in actuality we begin that we generally anticipation we'd apprenticed it alone for annihilation to appear as we'd either absent it or not activated abundant pressure. The basal bend is home to a micro USB port, acclimated for charging the handset and abutting it to a computer. You'll aswell acquisition the microphone here.

The top of the appropriate bend houses a aggregate rocker while the basal is home to a committed camera button - which both launches the camera and takes photos. The larboard bend has actually no buttons or ports on it. You can't abolish the aback of the HTC Windows Buzz 8S. Instead the little band at the basal is disposable and gives you admission to the microSD agenda aperture and the micro SIM.

This does beggarly that you can't abolish the battery, which is a bit of a shame, decidedly because it's 1,700 mAh in size, but contrarily it seems a lot added affected than demography the accomplished aback awning off.

It aswell agency that the annoying convenance of putting the microSD agenda aperture abaft the array has been avoided, acceptation that if you accept added than one cards account of media you can bandy cards after axis the buzz off. Given that there's alone 4 GB of centralized accumulator this could be absolutely advantageous for some users. The coloured band is simple abundant to abolish but feels deeply in abode if you put it aback on. It's aswell not as chiffon as some covers, so there's little anguish of it breaking if you try to yield it off.