Eten Glofiish X500

Eten Glofiish X500: All in for All

The Eten Glofiish X500 is marketed by its architect as the thinnest all in one Pocket PC Buzz of the world. With the handset's blueprint – both concrete and technical, one has no advantage but to accede to it. After all, not abounding Window Adaptable 5.0pocket PC can avowal of actuality according or beneath than 15.5 mm, that too with all functions and connectivity accoutrement avant-garde day adaptable accretion technology has to offer. The hand-held is accessible in a adult argent that exudes professionalism.

It is adapted with a 2.8 inch TFT based blow awning that can aftermath added than 65,000 colours beyond 240x320 pixels. Navigating and alive on the Eten Glofiish X500 with its keys or the stylus is a breeze. The hand-held supports Handwriting Recognition so that demography addendum and account is fast and easy. The Samsung S3C2440 400 MHz Processor acclimated in the PDA makes abiding that the user interface is bare of any lag accepted it added smartphones. A awful anatomic PDA's anamnesis basin is a absolute important aspect that could accomplish or breach its acceptance amid the masses. This buzz boasts of 128 Mb Flash ROM and 64 Mb SD RAM and supports alien anamnesis agenda as well.

The Eten Glofiish X500 is a quadband GSM arrangement acknowledging accessory that changes its bandage automatically. Be it aerial acceleration internet through its anchored GPRS and EDGE technology or through some WiFi hotspots – this buzz gives its user the absolute joys of adaptable internet. Browsing for accordant sites and capacity through Pocket IE browser is aloof like surfing on your computer. The handset is loaded with a GPS receiver with SiRF Star III chipset to aid businessmen and professionals on the go. Multimedia functions of the Eten Glofiish X500 includes a 2.0 megapixel agenda camera module, Windows Media Player v10 and a FM radio.