Chrome and Android

Chrome and Android will abide separate, says Google's Eric Schmidt

Google's controlling administrator Eric Schmidt has accepted that the company's two operating systems — Android and Chrome OS — will abide abstracted entities.

Schmidt quashed rumours that the two platforms could appear calm in the abreast approaching at the company's Big Tent accident in India on Wednesday, according to a address on Reuters.

While accumulation the two platforms into one super-OS for its Chromebook and adaptable accessories doesn't attending acceptable in the abreast future, Schmidt did say that there could be added "commonality" amid the devices, according to the report.

Rumours of the accessible about-face in action were fuelled by the company's accommodation to accredit Sundar Pichai - arch of Google's Chrome browser and Chrome OS - to booty the captain of Android as well.

Google's rivals in the OS bazaar additionally tend to accumulate two abstracted systems for their desktop/laptop and adaptable devices. Apple uses OS X for its desktop line, and iOS for its iPhone and iPad devices. Similarly, Microsoft uses Windows 8 (or Windows RT) for its desktops and tablets, but is continuing on with Windows Phone for its smartphones.

Ubuntu, a new aspirant into the smartphone and book platforms market, is application the aforementioned amount atom of Ubuntu on the desktop for its adaptable and book aspirations. However, no phones or tablets accept yet been appear that use Ubuntu OS, acceptation it has absolutely a abundance to ascend if it wants to be a applicable belvedere contender.

HP Envy x2

HP Envy x2 video review: Acceptable laptop, abundant tablet

The HP Envy x2 is a glassy laptop with a advertisement awning that becomes a acceptable Windows 8 tablet. The Atom processor won't win any acceleration awards but does a acceptable job powering through archetypal laptop tasks.

In this video, the book is apparent in detail. The attenuate aluminum book is as ablaze as can be with the 11.6-inch display. The Envy x2 comes with a laptop berth that is additionally shown.

Hardware specs:

OS: Windows 8
CPU: Intel Atom 1.8 GHz
Memory/storage: 2GB/64GB
Ports: 2x USB 2.0; HDMI
Audio: Beats Audio
Cameras: 1080p webcam (front); 8MP (rear)
Connectivity: wi-fi; Bluetooth
Battery life: 8 hours tablet; 14+ hours with keyboard berth (has additional battery)
Display: 11.6 inches, 1366x768
Weight: 1.5 lbs tablet, 3 lbs with keyboard dock.

HTC One Smartphone

The HTC One is the best smartphone I accept anytime used

Stunning, elegant, innovative, mind-blowing, gorgeous, loud, beautiful, and fun are aloof some of the adjectives I could use to call the HTC One. I accept activated hundreds of phones over the years and in my assessment the HTC One is the best-designed buzz I accept anytime used. It has now been over a anniversary aback I accustomed the HTC One and I accept been application it every day for several hours a day. I acquaint an antecedent hands-on forth with several posts and videos about specific adventures and this analysis brings aggregate together. It's not a absolute phone, you can apprehend beneath for areas that allegation some work, but it's accursed abutting and the amazing architecture overwhelms added areas.

Two canicule was not abundant time to thoroughly analysis and address a abounding analysis and I acclaim you booty some of those aboriginal reviews with a atom of salt. For example, the array performed like any added archetypal high-end smartphone and was able to go aloof about a abounding day with accepted usage. If you pushed it and acclimated the camera for an hour or two afresh you could annihilate it faster, but that is not a archetypal acceptance scenario. Bodies agonizingly advised the Droid DNA array activity and I am able to go a abounding day on LTE with that device.
Retail packaging

The aboriginal HTC One I had was a near-final archetypal that came in a accepted white analyst box. A brace canicule afterwards I accustomed a retail aircraft product, all-embracing model, so I was able to see what one can apprehend aback affairs a accessory from their carrier or retailer.

The aboveboard box with angled corners has a photo of the HTC One's advanced and aback on the awning with some basal specs apparent on the back. It is an eco-friendly amalgamation that is 98% recyclable and 76% fast renewable.

Inside you will acquisition the HTC One, USB cable, USB A/C adapter, microSIM abatement tool, and active stereo earbuds. The earbuds are atramentous with red tips, but they are not Beats Audio headphones. However, they do fit able-bodied and complete decent, so if you don't accept a brace of headphones you may acknowledge these. I haven't apparent a angle included from US carriers afresh so this may not appear in all packages.

Hardware experiences

You will acquisition a few sections on the HTC One accouterments below. Keep in apperception that the assemblage I am testing is an all-embracing archetypal afterwards LTE abutment for the USA.
First impressions

I already acquaint the specifications, airing about the hardware, and a bit added in my aboriginal impressions commodity so I won't echo all of that here. I can acquaint you that the HTC One feels as acceptable in my duke now as it did aback I aboriginal pulled it from the amalgamation and it candidly is difficult to put the accessory aside.

There are some altered elements activity on with the HTC One, including a attractive affectation with bendable glass, two laser-drilled apostle grilles in silver, bright chamfered edges, white artificial sandwiched about the edges and arch angrily beyond the metal back, accomplished off with a solid aluminum aback that reminds me of my MacBook Pro material.

My admonition to every clairvoyant is to appointment a abundance as anon as the HTC One is launched and put one in your duke afore you adjudge on your abutting smartphone purchase. Alike if you apperceive you are activity to buy an iPhone 5, aloof authority the HTC One aboriginal so you can feel the ultimate in smartphone accouterments design.

Specific HTC One experiences
  • HTC One uses Windows Buzz panorama UI in an affected way
  • HTC One accouterments and aboriginal impressions (gallery)
  • HTC One: Zoes and highlight videos may be best HTC addition anytime (videos)
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  • HTC Sense 5 includes BlinkFeed, Zoe, and TV (screenshot gallery)
  • Leave the carriageable apostle abaft with HTC BoomSound on the HTC One (video)
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  • HTC One and Chromebook Pixel hands-on (MobileTechRoundup appearance #292)
  • Get Started with the HTC One; accessible buzz bureaucracy from your computer

You ability anticipate the accouterments itself is absurd and afresh aback you about-face on the affectation you aloof sit aback and attending at awe at what comes animate in advanced of you. HTC knows how to accomplish a LCD affectation and the HTC One alike trumps the industry-leading HTC One X display. Fonts are crispy, blacks are dark, examination angles are crazy, and photos attending fabulous.

I additionally like what HTC has on there for fonts, as able-bodied as the air-conditioned white outline on atramentous icons they accept for their acclimate widget. The HTC One affectation impresses me like the Chromebook Pixel affectation did on a laptop.

The HTC One is FAST and aggregate I do happens instantly. There is no appreciable awning backward and affective my feel over the affectation feels like application an iPhone. With 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor there is annihilation slowing bottomward the HTC One and it absolutely is a auspicious experience. I accept had arresting HTC adventures in the accomplished so I abundantly acknowledge such an experience.


I conducted some testing of the camera, but still plan a brace added accessories and aloof allegation to acquisition the time and able area for testing. I accurately plan to analyze the Lumia 920 anon with the HTC One for still photos and for video because they both accept OIS and that was a above acumen I bought a Nokia Lumia 920 in the aboriginal place. I additionally demand to allotment with you the able camera alteration functions that let you abolish photo bombers, actualize arrangement shots, blow up your face, and abundant more.

Speaking of the camera, I acclimated the HTC One to abduction lots of Zoes, stills, and video over the accomplished week, including a weekend assignment cruise I had. My one attention for you as you use Zoes is to accept that a abbreviate video blow and 20 still images are captured anniversary time you abduction a Zoe, so you will see LOTS of photos stacking up in your accessory anamnesis as you abduction content. As you can see in the photo below, the front-facing camera works absolutely able-bodied on the HTC One and the wide-angle lens is advantageous for capturing scenes like the following.

Make abiding to analysis out my column on HTC Zoes and video highlights, aback I go into detail on how to adapt the agreeable in the videos. I biking absolutely a bit and am planning to abduction agreeable with the HTC One and allotment it in different amenities with my ancestors and friends.

Battery life

As I said, this archetypal does not accept LTE so I cannot analysis those speeds or appulse on array life. I additionally did not accredit the ability saver mode, but will now that I am testing it added for continued appellation usage. I acclimated the HTC One to deathwatch me up at about 4:10 am, spent 45 account on the alternation account YouVersion Bible, blockage Twitter, allowance out email, and alert to podcasts. I afresh acclimated the accessory while at assignment for my calendar, email, and sometimes for apparent music in the background. I concluded the day with addition alternation drive home (again application the One for alive music and Twitter). I took photos afterwards work, during breaks, and on the weekends.

Capturing lots of Zoes, video, and pics does assume to hit the array harder than added buzz usage. However, I never accomplished the point area the buzz died on me, and I was able to go best canicule afterwards recharging. I allegation all of my avant-garde accessories anniversary night and I additionally usually top off at assignment if I am alive at my board best of the day.

In my experiences, the HTC One has done as able-bodied as my iPhone 5, BlackBerry Z10, and others, while accomplishing bigger than the Nokia Lumia 920. However, annihilation can absolutely exhausted the Galaxy Note II with its monster admeasurement and battery, and I am alright with that.

Audio experiences

I wrote about and aggregate a video of the alien speakers in action. They are absorbing and accustomed that the HTC One creates highlight videos on the fly it is important to accept acceptable chip adventures to allotment those videos with bodies appropriate afterwards they are created. I alone have a acceptable timethem with Songza and some applesauce while I am writing.

Phone calls

I apperceive best bodies use their phones today for data, but I additionally do accomplish some buzz calls. The HTC One was absurd for calls and, as I will altercate later, I am a above fan of their buzz user interface. Bodies said I articulate acceptable and they all articulate abundant on the HTC One.