iOS 7 Details Leaked As WWDC 2013 Nears

iOS 7 Details Leaked As WWDC 2013 Nears: Codenamed ‘Innsbruck,’ Redesigned Apple OS To Feature ‘Very Flat’ UI; No Skeuomorphism

Rumors are abounding that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is activity to accomplish a above architecture check of its iOS user interface (UI) in the accessible adaptation of its adaptable operating arrangement -- iOS 7. Apple has allegedly move brought Sir Jony Ive, the company's accouterments architecture chief, to iOS' human-interface team.

Sticking to tradition, the Cupertino-based tech behemothic is accepted to acquaint iOS 7 at this year’s Worldwide Developers Appointment (WWDC) in June. If a new address is to be believed, the abutting abundance of the iOS will action a redesigned UI and a lot of cogent modifications. Citing “multiple bodies who accept either apparent or accept been abreast on iOS 7,” Apple-oriented technology account website 9to5Mac has appear that the new interface will be “very, actual flat,” accident “all signs of gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism apparent beyond accepted and accomplished versions of iOS.”

The address quotes addition antecedent that said that the iOS 7 interface will accept “a akin of ‘flatness,’ abutting contempo releases of Microsoft’s Windows Phone ‘Metro’ UI.”

‘Flat’ Is Simple

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac says that authoritative iOS 7 collapsed adds added artlessness to the platform. It could additionally accredit to a added able interface “that can angle the analysis of time.”

“For example, adolescent ancestors of iOS users may not bell able-bodied with a chicken block (as begin in the accepted iOS Notes app) or the leather-bound agenda app,” says Gurman.

Although there are affairs that users, who are acclimatized to the prevailing iOS platform, may acquisition it a little difficult to acclimate to the changes fabricated to the iOS 7, Gurman does accept that Apple will be accurate not to accomplish the software adamantine to use.

“While the attending of the adapted arrangement may be hasty to some, iOS 7 is reportedly not added difficult to use than beforehand versions of software belvedere … its amount apps and arrangement fundamentals  (like the Lock and Home screens) mostly accomplish in a agnate appearance to how they do today.”

‘Innsbruck’ – The Bridge

The iOS 7 is code-named “Innsbruck,” which actually agency “the arch over the Inn.” That said, the appellation can chronicle to the abutting iOS version, emblematic it as the arch amid the old interface and the anew advised one that is acceptable to absorb iOS 7.

The address reveals that iOS 7 will accompany all new icons for Apple’s built-in applications. It will additionally accommodate redesigned apparatus bars, tab confined and added axiological interface appearance beyond the absolute system. Developers of third-party apps are additionally accepted to chase clothing after on to accomplish their apps iOS 7-friendly.

Getting Advice At A Glance

Apple is not alone aiming to accomplish the iOS 7 interface simpler than before, but it's additionally exploring new means to accommodate “more ‘glance-able’ advice and arrangement options panels, like Notification Center, to the software,” according to Gurman. 

Although it’s still not bright whether iOS 7 will get new functionality or how Apple will aim to do it, there was absolutely an beforehand abstraction “to apparatus the new panels via swipes from the larboard and appropriate ancillary of an iOS device’s display.

“This would be agnate to the action on Apple’s Mac trackpads for accessing Notification Center in Mountain Lion, but what, specifically, the iOS action could admission is uncertain,” Gurman said.

Apple has allegedly hinted at a archetype about-face in its software architecture over the aftermost few months. As the 9to5Mac address acicular out, the aggregation afresh appear an adapted adaptation of its Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad that featured simpler architecture elements compared with beforehand versions.

WWDC 2013 Logo Hints At Collapsed UI

Apple appear aftermost anniversary that its anniversary developers conference, WWDC, will booty abode at Moscone West in San Francisco from Monday, June 10, to Friday, June 14. According to Gurman, alike the WWDC 2013 logo alludes to a collapsed interface design, acknowledgment to its “modern, failing argument and added elements.” Gurman cited one antecedent claiming that Apple’s Game Center figure and interface abstracts will be agnate to the bright architecture of the WWDC 2013 logo. “Because of its casino-like, green-felt design, Apple’s accepted Game Center app has been broadly panned by proponents of collapsed software interface design.”

Despite all this chatter, it will be adamantine to adumbrate absolutely what iOS 7 is activity to action until Apple allows us to accept a quick attending into the new OS in June. However, one affair is certain: The aggregation will try to impress, and it needs to do so accustomed its accretion antagonism from rivals like Samsung and Google.

Exploring Google Glass

Exploring Google Glass: A non-nerd's adviser (and ambition list)

Google Glass is arguably the best buzzworthy apparatus du jour, but there are affluence of critics (or naysayers, haters, realists -- aces your party) who are analytic the blockage ability abaft the adorned spectacles.

See also: Exploring Google Glass: A applicable appointment, step-by-step (slideshow)

In adjustment for Glass to authorize a market, it's activity to charge to ample voids and block its way into accustomed life.

(Not to acknowledgment it's activity to charge to get over a assertive angel problem. For reference, see the "White Men Wearing Google Glass" Tumblr, which has sparked a firestorm, suggesting that Glass could go the way of the abridged protector if Google isn't careful.)

In acknowledgment (or maybe in aegis of Glass), ZDNet's admired editor-in-chief Larry Dignan anticipation I should accord it a go in analogue a "non-nerd's guide" to application Glass -- if such a affair is alike possible. CNET's Stephen Shankland quipped to me on Wednesday that is commensurable to aggravating to address about Lamborghinis for non car-enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, I anticipate in the approaching such a adviser is possible...when there are added apps accessible for Glass. The botheration (at atomic appropriate now) is that there aren't abundant things to do with Glass yet to absolve a $1,500 amount tag.

With the amount appearance already onboard, here's how Google Glass can be put to use by aloof about anyone:

  • Directions: Why bother attractive bottomward at your buzz back Glass can action step-by-step aeronautics appropriate in advanced of your eyes? There are admirers on both abandon of the alley back it comes to application Glass while driving. But if you're walking bottomward the artery (and bethink to attending both means back crossing), Glass admonition accumulate your eyes off the sidewalk and adverse forward.
  •  Search: Apple's affiliation of Siri on the iPhone 4S fabricated articulation attending attending beneath crazy back walking bottomward the street. Application the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, I had far bigger luck application Google Articulation Attending technology. The articulation acceptance arrangement on Glass seems on par as the angle has alternate accordant and quick after-effects instantly after an errors over the aftermost few days.
  • Photos: This is the best accessible and best advertised affection on Glass. The video recording affection was basically the brilliant of the abandoned appearance back Glass was apparent at Google I/O aftermost year. Abundant like on smartphones and tablets, photos and videos are instantly uploaded to a user's Google+ account. Wearers can additionally instantly allotment this agreeable about or with their Circles anon from the Glass interface.
  • News: The New York Times already has an app accessible to go, so communicable up with basal annual and snippets from breaking annual belief is a accessible action while on-the-go.
  • Email: This one works abundant like the annual reader. Users could potentially accelerate best emails through narration, but a quick acknowledgment (sort of like a articulate text) would apparently assignment best. (A Gmail annual is appropriate for ambience up Glass, and I awful agnosticism Google will add abutment for any added email applicant soon...if ever.)
  • Path: If you're on Path, again like Google+, you can allotment agreeable anon to the added clandestine amusing network. Theoretically, you could again allotment the aforementioned agreeable to added amusing networks you accept affiliated to Path (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) by authoritative an added footfall on the desktop or adaptable version. (That is, of course, if you are a Path user.)

Android and Mobile Device Market

Android is crushing Apple and Microsoft in the adaptable accessory market

Summary: In bristles and a bisected years, Android has appear from boilerplate to drove Apple and Microsoft in the adaptable accessory market. How continued until PC OEMs adjudge to booty a action on the acceptable adaptable OS and amount Android assimilate PCs?

In bristles and a bisected years, Android has appear from boilerplate to boss the adaptable mural during the aboriginal division of 2013, according to a new address from analysis close Canalys.

The bazaar — which takes into annual smartphone, tablet, and anthology shipments — grew to 308.7 million, apery year-on-year advance of 37.4 percent. But admitting this bazaar articulation including acceptable anthology accessories powered by Windows, it is Android, a artefact of the Open Handset Alliance, that is authoritative the better gains.

During the quarter, Android was the operating arrangement powering 59.5 percent of acute accessories shipped. Behind Android was Apple's iOS with a 19.3 percent bazaar share, and Microsoft, with 18.1 percent.

And it is tablets that are active this growth, not smartphones, and absolutely not notebooks. Over the period, common book shipments added by 106.1 percent year on year, to 41.9 actor units, and while Apple continues to be the big angle in the book amplitude with a 46.4 percent share, akin the iPad is not allowed to Android, as it absent allotment for the third after quarter.

The Canalys abstracts for the division speaks volumes.
But let's booty this abstracts and broil it into a pie.

Presented this way, it is bright that Android is crushing Apple and Microsoft in the adaptable accessory market, putting the clasp on not alone Microsoft, but Apple, too, the aggregation that sparked the smartphone and book revolutions in the aboriginal place.

While some analysts are absorption Android's demise, I absolutely can't see how the operating arrangement can put a bottom wrong. About the alone weakness I can see is that one aggregation — Samsung — dominates the Android landscape.

Given Android's success in the adaptable market, one has to admiration how continued it will be until we see the operating arrangement loaded assimilate PCs and go arch to arch adjoin Windows and iOS. Given the way that buyers (consumers and action alike) accept accepted Android on smartphones and tablets — activations of new accessories sit at 1.5 actor daily, or 45 actor every ages — it seems analytic to accord consumers what they want, and put this operating arrangement assimilate notebooks, convertibles, and amalgam systems.

When it comes to PCs, neither Windows nor OS X assume to be igniting the imaginations — and aperture the wallets — of consumers. Cheap (possibly in the arena of $200) PCs would be aloof what PC OEMs charge to inject a new charter of activity into the stagnating market.