Windows 8 Table PCs

The advancing of Windows 8 'table PCs' and supertablets 2013

Microsoft's aboriginal Surface — a computer in coffee table architecture — admiring a lot of absorption but not abounding sales. That could change acknowledgment to new Windows 8 touch-screen all-in-one PCs that can be acclimated in either a vertical or accumbent format. Screens are abate than the 40-inch Surface, which has been renamed Pixelsense. However, while aimed mainly at home users, they are still ample abundant for abounding of the aforementioned business purposes as the Surface. This includes alternate displays for artefact alternative for banking services, shopping, and casino-style gaming.

China's Lenovo fabricated the boldest introductions at CES2013 with the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, which it declared as its aboriginal "interpersonal PC" because it can accommodate a aggregate accretion experience. It can be acclimated in vertical approach as a desktop/all-in-one computer or angular for aggregate browsing or multi-user gaming. It's abundant at 7.7kg, but Lenovo's video shows it can be confused around, and it has abundant array to run for a brace of hours after a mains connection.

Lenovo's aboriginal Horizon Table PC has a 27-inch awning and will be accessible in aboriginal summer for "approximately $1,699".

Lenovo additionally showed a 39-inch adaptation code-named Gamma, which is alone an inch abate than the accepted Pixelsense SUR40. Lenovo said: "While still an aboriginal concept, Gamma illustrates the outstanding multi-user ball adventures such a ample awning can accommodate and is apocalyptic of Lenovo's approaching administration in Table PC computing."
Sony entered this bazaar in December with the barrage of the Vaio Tap 20, a touch-screen all-in-one that includes a congenital battery. The 20-inch awning can be set at any bend from 15 to 90 degrees, or it can be acclimated collapsed on a table. Someone who is accommodating to backpack the 5.2kg weight could additionally backpack it about as a tablet. Not abounding home users will demand to hit the streets with a Vaio Tap 20, but it would calmly fit the aback of a salesman's car. The starting amount of £999 in the UK absolutely makes it affordable for presentations and displays, abnormally area the multi-touch appearance can be exploited.

At CES, Asus arise the Transformer AiO (all-in-one) that doubles as a Windows 8 touch-screen desktop and — with the 18.4-inch affectation alone — as a standalone Android tablet. Although Asus has a accord with BlueStacks to administer its adaptation of the Android Dalvik basic apparatus for Microsoft Windows, the Transformer AiO uses an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor to run Android and Android apps. The alone awning can additionally be acclimated for Windows 8 apps by application "wireless alien desktop technology", Intel's WiDi.

Asus says the Transformer AiO will amount $1,299 with an Intel Core i3 processor, and that Core i5 and i7 versions will additionally be available. It is due to arise in the aboriginal division of this year.

Asus has already launched the ET2300 all-in-one active Windows 8. This has a 23-inch 1080p awning that folds into a accumbent position for tablet-style use.

Finally, during its Tuesday CES keynote, Panasonic apparent a 20-inch Windows 8 book with a 4K display: the awning resolution is 3840 x 2560 pixels, with an aspect arrangement of 15:10. However, it was a prototype, so there's no advice on back it ability ability the shops, or what it ability cost.

It's "thin and light" for the awning size: the ambit are 18.7 by 13.1 by 0.4 inches and the weight is 2.4kg (5.3lbs). Array activity should be about 2 hours.

The Panasonic tablet's aerial resolution affectation is aimed at able users such as photographers and architects. Also, like the Pixelsense/Surface, it could be acclimated in showrooms, banks and added retail outlets. However, it will face annealed antagonism from cheaper systems such as Lenovo's Horizon Table PC, which can advertise in college volumes.

There's a growing bazaar for all-in-one PCs because they accommodate bigger screens than you can get on laptops, and because they don't saddle you with a arrangement box. They are inherently added carriageable than desktop PCs, and with the accession of Windows 8, touch-screen all-in-ones assignment as tablets at no added cost. Obviously they can comedy movies, and a congenital TV tuner will additionally accredit them to assignment as TV sets. They can be wall-mounted or installed horizontally, congenital into tables or desks. There charge be affluence of business applications for those with the wit to see them….

4K UHD Television

Why 4K UHD Television is annihilation but a CES wet dream

Without them, we'd accept no addition in gadgetry and tech toys. Without the companies that are bold their articles at CES, guys like me, James Kendrick and Matthew Miller would accept annihilation to oggle at. 

The technology that is authoritative the bigger burst at CES and authoritative guys like us distill like berserk dogs appropriate now are 4K UHD TV sets. 

What's a 4K UHD TV set, you ask? And why do you charge one? Absolute acceptable question, I'm so animated you asked.

4K is an acutely aerial video resolution that is currently actuality acclimated in affected cine releases. When you go and see a new theatrically appear film, and you appearance it in agenda projection, you ability be advantageous abundant to see it in 4K.

2012's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" was one of the aboriginal films to be produced and broadcast in this format. About 17,000 amphitheater screens on the absolute planet accept the able accessories to affectation 4K films in their built-in resolution.

Digital films are still for the best allotment produced in 2K, which is almost one division of 4K resolution, if you advertence the clear below.

A lot of the problems accept to do with the actuality that a lot of accepted affection films are in 3D, and the anatomy rates/bit ante appropriate in adjustment to do 3D films in 4K would outstrip the capabilities of the bump and agenda storage/playback technology in aloof about every 4K-equipped theatre.

So if this actuality is adamantine abundant to do in a cine theatre, why is the customer electronics industry hasty to put this in your active room?At CES, SONY alien a new band of Bravia XBR 900 LED 55" and 65" 4K UHD TV sets, with prices TBA. Last year's 84" archetypal is currently priced at $25,000. Yep, these things are appealing pricey.

But boy, technologically, are they shweet. Aloof to get a bigger compassionate of how air-conditioned these new UHD sets are, let's allocution a bit about the absolute HD accepted and how abundant college resolution 4K absolutely is.

Broadcast HD agenda television is transmitted at 1080i (interlaced) or 720p (progressive) resolution. That is, over the air, non-subscriber DTV is able of 1080 or 720 curve vertical resolution.

DirecTV and FiOS and added subscriber casework like iTunes and Netflix can address or advance (via Internet-connected On-Demand) at a abundant college affection 1080p (progressive) for called exceptional pay-per-view content.

1080p is 1920x1080 pixels per frame. To abundance a 1080p affection blur in aerial quality, it requires anywhere amid 25 and 50 Gigabytes per cine on a Blu-Ray disc, depending on the bit amount and the encoding adjustment used.

And alike so these films are still aeroembolism from their aboriginal affected 2K format, but application a "less-lossy" encoding adjustment so you still achive absolute aerial video quality.

Are you starting to accept the calibration of the botheration yet? No? Well accumulate following.

Naturally, casework like DirecTV, Netflix and iTunes cannot beck "less lossy", high-quality films like you can abundance on a Blu-Ray, because cipher in their home has the affectionate of Internet broadband that would be bare to accomplish that affectionate of abiding abstracts amount appropriate to do it consistently and reliably.

Instead, those companies accelerate awful aeroembolism abstracts streams and you end up seeing "artifacts" and pixelation in the films.

You charge to be able to accomplish 5 Megabit to 10 Megabit per additional abstracts ante in adjustment to sustain aerial affection "lossy" video with a 1080p film, admitting a 720p film's requirements are beneath than bisected of that.

Never apperception if your cable affiliation is 20 Megabits, your absolute throughput to Amazon's billow to beck Netflix or to Apple's iCloud will be beneath than that because of overhead, baffled cartage amid the links and altercation with added bodies accessing the service.

So what absolutely would you charge to abundance a 4K movie, so you can comedy it aback in native, uncompressed architecture on your UHD set, bold that the costs of these things will go bottomward abundantly in the abutting 5 or 10 years?

If we demand to use the agenda workprint of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo as a benchmark, every distinct anatomy of the blur is 45 Megabytes in size, and has an almost resolution of 4352x2176.

The two hour and blaster minute blur has about 230,000 frames at 24 frames per second.  If we do the somewhat inexact aback of the envelope math, 45 megabytes per anatomy * 230000 frames equals 10,350,000 Megabytes, or 10,107 Gigabytes, or aloof beneath 10TB. 

That is what is bare to abundance a distinct 4K affection blur attempt at 24 frames per second, at abounding uncompressed workprint quality.

Oh you demand to watch The Hobbit at the director's aboriginal 48 frames per second? Double it.

The abandoned way to accomplish it applied to administer films in this architecture would be to use the industry's absolute methods of application lossy compression to accord with the problem, trading off computational complication for bargain abstracts rates, such as with SONY's new XAVC recording technology, or the High-Efficiency Video Coding (HVEC) compression adjustment that is currently in abstract by the MPEG group.

Even with these avant-garde compression techniques we're still talking about astringent accumulator requirements (128GB to 256GB per movie) and apparently article forth the band of 100 Megabits per additional abiding abstracts ante to beck it over the Internet so we can comedy it at 30 frames per second, so it doesn't attending like complete applesauce on that big-ticket 4K set.

Oh did I acknowledgment that 4K is activity to eventually be replaced by 8K? Which is four times the resolution of 4K? Yup, the maxi-zoom dweebies in the labs are already addition out how to get that into our theatres and active apartment next. That's bold CES alike lives to see 2025, anyway.

Most bodies accept abundant problems accepting annihilation faster than 25 Megabits into the home, let abandoned 100 Megabits or alike 1 Gigabit.

In my ordinance-crazy, permit-loony authoritative boondocks in South Florida, cipher wants to breach up the sidewalk to accompany fiberoptics to the home (FTTH) and that would at best accord me 100-150 Megabits of abiding abstracts ante for that 4K video stream, bold the agreeable was buried on the bend of my ISP's arrangement application a CDN like Limelight or Akamai.

So instead I accept to alive with VDSL, which is an 18 Megabit downlink technology. That's way, way abbreviate of what 4K On-Demand would need.

Unless you alive in South Korea area Gigabit to the home is adequately commonplace, we're talking Star Trek-level stuff, people.

So you're apparently wondering, if the built-in abstracts accumulator and broadband appropriate to cull it off isn't accessible for the home, what absolutely are you declared to do with that $25,000 TV set?

Well, for the time being, you comedy absolute Blu-Ray movies on a amateur that can upscale. In added words, a pixel quadrupler. To adduce my acquaintance at SONY, 

"At the moment, there’s no concrete 4K architecture for the movies. That’s why we’ve launched the 4K server, and appear the new administration account + media amateur to accompany 4K to consumers. It’s up to the industry to assimilate the architecture now."

What is this media player, you ask? Well, SONY hasn't appear a ton of capacity about it yet, but it's about a computer that is pre-loaded and accustomed to you on accommodation with 10 affection films on it.

Presumably, if you demand new movies loaded on it, somebody has to appear appointment your abode and accomplish account on it, or a distinct blur download ability booty days. SONY hasn't absolutely abundant how the administration account for your on-premises accessories will work.

Will the US broadband basement anytime be accessible for 4K on-demand video? Allocution Aback and Let Me Know.

Touchscreen Windows 8 IdeaPad

Lenovo adds touchscreen displays to Windows 8 IdeaPad ranges: Photos

Lenovo has appear updates to its absolute U and Z alternation laptops including abacus a touchscreen affectation to the machines in adjustment to accomplish the best out of Windows 8. 

The Chinese PC architect launched the new Blow copy accessories at CES (the Customer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas on Sunday.

In total, Lenovo has added touchscreen interfaces to four machines in its absolute U and Z alternation IdeaPad ranges - changes which accept been fabricated as a aftereffect of Microsoft's adjustment of the Windows operating arrangement to be added orientated about blow input.

Touch "is active new interactions with accessories and agenda content", Peter Hortensius, chief carnality admiral of Lenovo, said in a statement. "We've aggressively chip blow beyond our customer PCs so that we accept one of the better portfolios of Windows 8 blow articles available."

Windows Phone 8 handset

Lenovo confirms Windows Phone 8 handset plans

A chief Lenovo controlling has afresh common the Chinese aggregation is planning for a Windows Phone 8 handset and, should the affairs be approved, consumers accept a "good chance" of seeing it appear this year.

JD Howard, carnality admiral of business operations & common business development at Lenovo's Mobile Internet and Digital Home (MIDH) business group, told ZDNet Asia in an account actuality Wednesday that as a accessory manufacturer, the aggregation will go area the bazaar leads in agreement of chief which operating arrangement (OS) to accommodate in its handsets.

Android is currently "very solid" and Lenovo is benumbed the OS' success with the latest portfolio of six phones it apparent at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including its flagship K900 smartphone and the enterprise-ready IdeaPhone P770, he said.

However, Howard said should consumers be anxious over any accessible aegis vulnerabilities in Android OS, or that the phones are fabricated in China, the aegis appearance in Windows Phone 8 should advice abate abounding of their fears. This is why the MIDH assemblage has put in a angle to advance smartphones active Windows Phone 8 OS to the management, accustomed that it is Lenovo's planning aeon now. He said its budgetary year ends in March 2013, and any accurate decisions will alone be accepted in April.

That said, should the administration accord the greenlight, there is a "good chance" consumers will see a Lenovo-branded Windows Phone 8 handset in 2013, the carnality admiral stated.

News of the company's affairs to aftermath a Windows Phone handset accepted abortive in 2012, back online account armpit appear in June the aggregation will barrage the accessory aftermost autumn.

Rival Huawei Technologies on Tuesday apparent its own Windows Phone 8 phone--the Ascend W1--at CES. The Ascend W1 is 10.15mm attenuate and appearance a 4-inch 480x800 LCD awning with OGS technology. It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1.2GHz processor and Adreno 305 cartoon processing assemblage (GPU), the aggregation stated. 

Intel's 2013 mobile Roadmap

Intel's 2013 adaptable roadmap: Think iteration, not innovation

Intel may accept been upstaged at CES (the Consumer Electronic Show) this year by Qualcomm's camp keynote address, which featured apish acting and an all-embracing mix of bedfellow appearances from Desmond Tutu, Big Bird and Microsoft's actual own Steve Ballmer, but the added austere botheration for the chipmaker is how it affairs aboveboard up to Qualcomm's ascendancy of adaptable processors.

Around one year ago, Intel categorical its ambitions to breach into the smartphone bazaar application a new adaptation of its Atom processor. One year on, we accept the Orange Santa Clara and the Motorola RAZRi, and little abroad to allege of, at atomic in the UK. To say that Intel hasn't taken the adaptable bazaar by storm is an understatement, but it did at atomic get into the bold aftermost year with some baby wins.

At its CES columnist appointment in Las Vegas on Monday, Intel categorical its new chips, which included two low-power chips aimed accurately at smartphones: namely, the Atom Z2420 (formerly codenamed 'Lexington') and the Z2580 (formerly accepted as 'Clover Trail +').

The 2420 is the lower specced of the two and is aimed absolutely at the huge befalling that lies in developing markets. It claims specs of up to 1.2GHz alarm speed, 1080p accouterments accelerated encoding and decoding, abutment for assorted cameras and "advanced imaging capabilities" begin in higher-end devices.

The Z2580, in contrast, is aimed at added boilerplate or high-end phones, with Intel claiming it's alert as able as its accepted bearing Z2460.

Emerging hopes
With Intel agreement added accent on the low-end and arising markets, it's bright area it sees the greatest befalling to breach into the adaptable amplitude in volume, an appraisal aggregate by the Linley Group of analysts, which said on 1 January that best advance in adaptable in 2013 will booty abode in China and added price-conscious countries.

"After years of antagonism to bear added performance, smartphone makers confused their absorption to the low end. In China, the world's better smartphone market, bisected of all smartphones advertise for beneath than 1,000 Yuan ($160), and some prices accept collapsed beneath 700 Yuan," the Linley Group said.

So conceivably the focus on low-end is a alive accommodation for Intel, abnormally because the actuality that its competitors at the added end of the bazaar are now aircraft quad-core handsets, with added on the way.

While Intel additionally categorical its quad-core Bay Trail affairs for the book bazaar at CES, abundant of that amplitude is bedeviled by ARM designs, acceptation Intel has a analogously difficult assignment on its hands.

Alex Gauna, an analyst at JMP Securities, said Intel's announcements "fell abbreviate of introducing any new advance architecture wins or use cases" and that its achievements were iterative, rather than "the bold changers its business is claiming".

Both Texas Instruments (TI) and Freescale absitively to carelessness the smartphone and book processor markets, illustrating aloof how little allowance there is at the top and the almost easier opportunities afforded by accepting your chips anchored in added devices.

With the alley advanced in the adaptable bazaar attractive rocky, Intel is affective bound to try and grab the easiest wins it can, primarily in developing markets that are not yet bedeviled by the big brands that own the high-end. However, with accretion pressures on and from handset makers, Intel will either charge to accommodate a able allurement to about-face to their designs or comedy the continued bold and achievement that arising bazaar success can be replicated in added complete regions. After all, Intel needs smartphones added than smartphones charge it.