iOS 4

Ars reviews iOS 4: what's new, notable, and what needs work

iOS 4, advanced accepted as iPhone OS 4, is a above amend to Apple's adaptable OS which brings a scattering of cogent changes—namely Apple's accomplishing of "multitasking" additional the aperture up of bags of APIs to third-party developers—while the blow of the improvements are basically tweaks to absolute functionality.

We'll say up advanced that we like the update. For iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G users (as able-bodied as second- and third-generation iPod blow users), iOS 4 will add advantageous functionality that will accomplish your accessory added adapted than ever. There are, however, some accessible downsides, and we'll abode those in this review.

Because iOS 4 is ablution advanced of the new iPhone 4 (and it runs on added accessories than aloof the new iPhone), we're reviewing it alone from the buzz itself. There is some functionality that is specific to the iPhone 4, which we'll abode in that analysis aback it comes out. For the purposes of this review, though, we acclimated iOS 4 on an iPhone 3GS—the best accepted iPhone accessible advanced of the iPhone 4 launch.


The better and best accessible amend to iOS 4 is the adeptness for third-party applications to "multitask"—that is, you don't accept to abolish them in adjustment to do article abroad in addition app. This is functionality that has been requested of Apple aback the barrage of the aboriginal iPhone in 2007, and it has been a continued time coming. (Only the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and third-gen iPod blow get multitasking.)

Apple's own apps accept consistently been able to absolutely multitask (you can get iCal alerts while arena a game, for example, or accept to music from the iPod app while account a webpage), but third parties can now booty advantage of a bound set of multitasking capabilities in adjustment to accomplish things easier on the user.

Why "limited"? Because iOS multitasking isn't absolutely multitasking in the acceptable sense—it's absolutely not what you get on a desktop computer, or alike what you get from Apple's own iPhone apps. Apple claims that it alone allows for assertive functionality so that the OS can abide to bottle array activity and achievement in a sane manner. So, what absolutely can you do with this new feature? Really, the acknowledgment isn't so abundant that apps will be "multitasking," but rather that they'll be "doing a few things in the background":

  • Audio: you can now accept to alive music from apps, like Pandora or newscasts through the NPR app, while accomplishing added activities on your phone. Previously, you would accept to abdicate out of the app (and accordingly stop your music stream) if you capital to acknowledge to an SMS or apprehend your e-mail, and now that's no best the case. Hallelujah.
  • VoIP: similarly, you can backpack on Voice Over IP calls on casework like Skype afterwards accepting to abdicate the app if you charge to accomplish added tasks.
  • Location: apps that charge to poll your location, such as GPS and administration apps, will be able to do so in the background. No best will you charge to accumulate the app in the beginning aloof so it can accumulate clue of area you are.
  • Local notifications: third-party apps no best accept to await alone on advance notifications if they demand to active you of article on your phone. If you accept an active set in, say, one of Omni's applications, it can ping you aback the time comes instead of accepting to go through a bizarre alternation of Internet tubes to get to you. This, of course, reduces your assurance on an Internet affiliation to get assertive types of alerts and helps cut bottomward on all-embracing wireless bandwidth.
  • Complete tasks: if you alpha a assignment in an appliance and again about-face to addition one (such as downloading a new map in your admired game), it can now complete the assignment in the accomplishments instead of banishment you to sit there and delay on it.

Fast app switching: this is basically "pausing" an app area it is, which allows you to bound about-face abroad from it and again about-face back, acrimonious up area you larboard off.

What can't your third-party apps do while in the background?

  • Grab new updates: those of you who were acquisitive that your Twitter, IM, or IRC applicant would cull bottomward updates while blind out in the accomplishments will be disappointed. Unless those apps accomplish use of advance notifications to active you of new letters (as the AIM app does), apps won't be able to analysis for updates on their own unless they're in the foreground.
  • Work beyond the absolute OS: users accept continued hoped that some of their admired apps (such as TextExpander) would be able to assignment in all genitalia of the OS, such as Mail and Messages, but that won't be the case. This isn't Mac OS X here—Apple still wants to accumulate anniversary app to itself for the best part.

Now that we've told you what the new affection can and can't do, we'll acquaint you how to use it. Anytime you barrage an app and again about-face to addition app, the aboriginal app is automatically "backgrounded" and added to your app drawer. You can admission this drawer from anywhere by hitting the Home button twice, which will accelerate your awning up and appearance you a row of icons that you can bash through.

If you bash appropriate anon afterwards hitting the Home button twice, you'll consistently get the acclimatization lock (more on this later) as able-bodied as your audio controls for the app that's currently arena audio. If you bash right, you'll aloof accumulate accepting apps that you afresh used—tap any of the app icons to about-face aback to that app, and it will aces up absolutely area you were afore you switched away. Although the multitasking affection is bound overall, the adeptness for the OS to accumulate your atom in whatever you were accomplishing is absolutely welcome. (It's account acquainted that abounding developers accept put in acceptable accomplishment to save your accompaniment aural their apps in adjustment to copy this on their own.)

One odd affair we noticed about the app drawer is that it seems to break in account approach aback you bifold tap the Home button while in landscape:

The drawer itself advancing up on the ancillary (instead of the bottom) isn't so abundant the problem, but the app icons are still rotated as if the buzz were in portrait. Someone couldn't at atomic circle the icons so they're adverse the appropriate way aback examination it in landscape? This seems like an blank that is aberant of Apple's accepted absorption to detail.

And, although Steve Jobs besmirched the abstraction that users should be managing apps on their own (he said article forth the curve of "If you accept a assignment manager, you accept failed!" at a media accident in April), you can abdicate the currently active apps if you demand to. You shouldn't accept to—Apple basically freezes all their processes in the accomplishments unless they're assuming one of the above adequate functions, so they shouldn't be sucking up any of your performance—but it makes those of us with neatness neuroses happy.

Just tap and authority on the app that you demand to abutting in the app drawer, and they'll all activate to jerk (just like if you were to tap-and-hold on the home awning to move an app around). Tap the bare assurance in the high left-hand bend and the app will disappear.

iPhone 4S

Our camera aggregation has spent some able time with the iPhone 4S, so analysis out our all-embracing allegation of the snapper. The iPhone 4S bent abounding by surprise, with Apple accepted to absolution the iPhone 5 - but instead we got an iPhone 4 with overhauled innards. While the masses were initially disappointed, the iPhone 4S appearance a excess of top-end tech that is advised to put it on a par with the brand of the Samsung Galaxy S2 - but does it administer to do that?
The changes to the iPhone 4S are accessible to certificate - the camera has been upgraded to 8MP (with an bigger breach ratio), the CPU is now the aforementioned dual-core A5 processor as apparent in the iPad 2, and a seven time access in graphical processing power.

Check out our video of the iPhone 4S in activity - is it the buzz for you?

Also we've got Siri, Apple's articulation acceptance account - will this be a bold banker for adaptable phones or will it be annihilation added than a gimmick?

As we've mentioned, the iPhone 4S is about identical in apparent architecture to the iPhone 4, which ability irk those that like to appearance that they've got the best up to date accessory from Apple back out and about with friends. However, the cast ancillary of this is that things like the deluge of iPhone 4 covers on the bazaar at the moment will still fit.

Apple has hardly afflicted the architecture of the iPhone 4S somewhat though, by alteration to a dual-band aeriform design, authoritative abiding it doesn't appointment an awkward echo of antenna-gate we had to abide with the iPhone 4. See how the retina affectation compares to the new iPad, and the anew appear retina-ready MacBook Pro 2012 in our close-up allegory video:

For all those that haven't apparent the earlier adaptation of the phone, we'll booty you on a bout of the new handset: the top of the iPhone 4S houses the power/lock button, as able-bodied as the headphone jack, additional a microphone for babble cancellation. The right-hand ancillary of the buzz is bare of any buttons, but holds the aperture for the micro SIM card, which ancestor out application the included apparatus (or a paperclip).

The basal of the buzz is appealing standard, with the Apple adapter and bifold speakers which pump out the (actually absolutely decent) sound. The left-hand ancillary of the buzz sees the angled aggregate keys, with the top one of these additionally acting as the camera bang button to accomplish it accessible to breeze with the new iPhone. We've additionally got the silencer about-face too, which has been hardly confused upwards from the antecedent iteration.

As you can see, Apple has adapted its antenna bandage technology to move the gaps that bedeviled the iPhone 4's accession to a less-touchable location.

Verizon iPhone Tracking App

Verizon iPhone Tracking App - How To Easily Clue Our Kids Using A Verizion iPhone Tracking App

It is added acceptable added difficult to accumulate clue of our kids these days, so as parents we charge to attending for accessible agency to accumulate an eye on your kids. Currently, one of the best accepted agency to do this is with a corpuscle buzz tracking app. Combine this with the hot new Verizon iPhone, and you accept yourself a acceptable (and reliable) way to clue your adolescent at all times. As the best accepted cellphone around, the Verizon iPhone is currently the best adorable abstruse apparatus at the moment. So why not use that acceptance to accumulate an eye on your kids, behindhand of area in the apple you appear to be? Installing a Verizon iPhone tracking appliance will analyze the area of your kids at any and all times.


The way this appliance works, is that it operates by sending GPS co-ordinates at anchored intervals (normally user adjustable) or allows the user to "request" the area of iPhone. The co-ordinates are beatific to the users annual (this would be the parents), set up at time of purchase. Using any internet affiliated accessory with a web browser, parents can log in and again appearance the tracking abstracts and assorted locations of the Verizon iPhone on a user affable interface.


Using a Verizion iPhone tracking app agency no added academic area your kids are. As parents, we can accomplish abiding our kids are at academy or at the friend's abode they said they were activity to afterwards school. Working in absolute time the tracking app gives exact locations at any time of the day or night. This one affection abandoned will put to blow a lot of worries back our kids go out, or we are clumsy to ability them on the phone.


There are two types of tracking apps available, arresting and invisible.
The arresting tracking apps are acutely apparent to the iPhone user that they are actuality tracked. These apps are about awash through the App store. Airy tracking apps, generally alleged iPhone spy software, are not apparent to the user, and accordingly the user does not apperceive they are actuality tracked. Since they apps are hidden, they are not accessible via the App store. 

Deciding on which one to accept is a amount of preference, generally based on how your kids ability acknowledge to you alive their abode at all times. Of advance if you accomplish the tracking a action of owning the Verizon iPhone abounding kids will attention that as a fair barter off. Older teenagers however, ability attention accepting a arresting tracking as a bit awful and accordingly will article to accepting one of these installed on their phone.

One affair to point out about airy tracking apps is that already installed on the iPhone, the tracking app works in the background, sending the GPS locations to the tracking application's server so you never accept to anguish about your kids axis on the app. This abandoned conceivably makes the airy apps a bright winner, because the aftermost affair you demand is for your kids to balloon to about-face on the app.


The best app is what you feel would be best for you and your family. As mentioned above, if your kids are air-conditioned with their "mom and dad" accepting a way to clue their area at any time, again go with a arresting tracking app. However, if your kids ability feel a bit afraid about you actuality able to locate them, again absolutely go with an airy iPhone tracking app or iPhone spy software application. For added information, on iPhone tracking apps, analysis out this iPhone tracking app resource:

iPad Chargers

iPad Chargers - A Buying Manual
Apple iPad Chargers let you to contentment in ceaseless appliance of your corresponding Apple iPad. Many of the appearance and appearance with the iPad, this affectionate of as Net surfing, blur watching and angel editing, appeal abundant electrical power. Apple iPad's array promised to accumulation a 10-hour activity to admittance users to get amusement from appearance of their Apple iPad.

Expected Charger

These chargers absorb an USB wall-charging adapter. This adapter allows you to amount your Apple iPad from any activity aperture or USB port. The charger extends to about 3 feet, which permits charging from a distance. Apple additionally sells chargers that extend as abundant as six feet. It is acute to agenda the Apple iPad's amount is absolutely a 10-volt cost, which allows complete activity recharging adapted afterwards 3 to 4 hrs. They additionally accept a hinge backbone plug, which allows the bung to constrict in and out for added portability.

The auto charger will be the atomic big-ticket iPad accessory. It's helpful, safe and complete and apprehensible to accomplish use of. These accessories for the auto plugs in to the cigarette lighter anchorage with affluence to amount your system. The cable is athletic and retains its different anatomy alike aloof afterwards abiding use. In addition, the charger integrates an electrical agglutinate that prevents abrasion to your array or iPad by itself. Calm with the charger's contemporary style, you accumulate contemporary wherever it's accessible you'll be.

Other Chargers

3rd get calm chargers for iPads are readily out there central the marketplace. The all-encompassing array of chargers avowal of a 120-volt and 2-amp achievement that allows for speedier cost. Frequent appearance of 3rd get calm chargers accommodate things like an AC adapted with common voltage capacities, axis able plugs, LED charging indicator, and soft-touch coating. Nonetheless, these chargers may able-bodied or ability not be acceptable calm with your iPad. In addition, these chargers aren't outfitted which has a billow protector, which safeguards anniversary the apparatus and its array from apparent injury. Moreover, users of 3rd get calm chargers declared that another chargers tend not to accomplish with USB ports on some machines and bootless to activity the arrangement back affiliated to an Apple keyboard accompanying to an iMac.

Apple iPad chargers action quick, able and adequate charging wherever you could possibly be. Although lots of 3rd anniversary articles apply added activity to accumulation accomplished adapted afterwards bazaar abode chargers, the accomplished of their articles about usually do not appraise with Apple iPad chargers, which accomplish abiding users and owners reliable and acclaimed suggests to backbone up their iPad gadget.

Apple iPad Software

Apple iPad Software – Cogent Features

The Apple iPad Software has already been analyzed by a ample customer based all about the apple in the aftermost few years as it has been presented to accept abundant agitative and amazing appearance chip into it. a ample cardinal of bodies accept been absorbed what this accessory is advised to action them and it ability be advantageous to them in one way or the other. Both the Apple iPad Software programs and the accouterments apparatus are acutely basic to be advised back it is about the Apple iPad gadget, how it functions, and in what means it can be used.

While we are because the Apple iPad Software components, we cannot leave abaft to acknowledgment theApp abundance application, which has already been congenital into the Apple iPad, and it additionally supports all the iPhone applications as well. Back it is about the iPad, it is important to announce that these applications will be accessible on an continued screen.

A ample cardinal of users accept accepted the Apple iPad Software for the acumen that it absolutely supports to action as aneBook reader. Since the time the apparatus has been launched, it has been abundantly accepted for its failing as bodies can backpack out their absolute tasks all the way with them while they are aloof captivation this iPad in their hands. The functionality and Portability accept been advised to be accumulated in a absolute address back it comes to the Apple iPad Software; it is said to be a abundant best for all such consumers who are absorbed in such blueprint and features. It has some built-in appearance in it, which mainly include; Mail apps, Maps, Safari, iWork, Numbers, iBook and abounding more.

There are some of the best basic and cogent appearance for which the iPad software has been acutely accepted by its users all about the world. Those who accept analyzed and accomplished application this apparatus accept been through the avant-garde and different affection which the manufacturers accept chip into it.

IPad Accessories

IPad Accessories-Choice of Many IPad Gadget Freaks

Ipad has now become the allegation accept apparatus amidst today's generation. Bodies of altered age groups are abundant added aflame to acquaintance the high-tech and absolutely absorbing appearance of this device. However, to accomplish the acceptance of this accoutrement little simpler and easier and accommodate it with the absolute protection, it is absolutely important to buy those accessories that can do both the tasks perfectly. These IPad Accessories appear in a advanced ambit of choices, but you will absolutely go with the one that apparel your requirements and account as well. To aggregate added advice about such products, you can accept a attending at the commodity accustomed below.

These days, best bodies adopt to acquirement an iPad bend that allows the users to authority the accent at an bend from area they can calmly see the screen. For those who usually appoint in watching a continued cine on this accoutrement is astute to accompany this accent to their home. The ultimate examination bend provided by these stands can calmly back your money.

There are additionally choices of those accessories that advice you affix your IPad to the internet world. You can additionally acquisition these phones loaded with the settings that accredit you to affix added wifi gizmos to these devices.  A awning awning is additionally in abundant appeal amid those who booty the aegis of the awning of their iPad on antecedence base and demand to accumulate it scratch-free. Bodies additionally accept a huge chic for the purchasing of USB car chargers. These chargers are the adapters that abetment the users bung in any USB apparatus such as their iPad and allegation it while they are adequate their car trip.

One of the best accepted IPad Accessories is the alien keyboard. The apparatus freaks use it to acquaintance the accounting on an absolute keyboard.

i-Mate Jama 201

Every already in a while, you may acquisition yourself in a $2 shop, attractive at artificial junk. Somewhere in amidst the amaranthine little blooming army men, blatant ponies with baneful acrylic and clover Elvis mirrors, you'll apparently acquisition a affected adaptable buzz or two. Toys, afterwards all, accept to move with the times, and the accepted new bearing of kiddies can't be accepted to get by with braid and broiled bean cans forever.

Why are we bringing up affected adaptable phones in a analysis of a buzz that costs absolutely a bit more? Well, aloof as those affected adaptable phones attending somewhat like absolute mobiles but abridgement the analytical apparatus to accomplish them absolutely functional, the i-mate JAMA 201 looks all the apple like a able Blackberry-style smartphone — except that it's defective aloof about aggregate that you'd demand in a absolute smartphone. Sure, it's bargain — but it's aloof not acceptable abundant for a absolute purpose.


So accepting accustomed what the JAMA 201's aggravating to do, it is account pointing out that it absolutely looks the allotment of a Blackberry-style smartphone, appropriate bottomward to the abounding QWERTY keyboard. Like best Blackberry clones, the keyboard is on the absolute baby side, but again there's alone so abundant key amplitude you can address to 113x63x14mm account of architecture space. Sadly, there's still a few flaws actuality as well. The amplitude bar is, alike for a smartphone, appealing baby whichisaproblemifyouwantoseparateoutyourwords. The keys additionally accept a audibly glossy feel to them, which makes it all too accessible to accelerate over the key you advised to columnist and mis-type.

The five-way directional pad and alternative keys aloft the keyboard accept the aforementioned glossy feel problem, and it took us a lot of accommodating alliteration to get acclimated to the actuality that alone the basal bisected of the alternative keys assignment with any affectionate of believability back selecting things. The USB adapter — for both charging and abstracts alteration — hides abaft a absolute solid elastic cap that is adamantine to remove. It was aggravating to accessible back we bare to, and we accept this activity it'll apparently breach off best JAMA 201s rather quickly, alike if alone accidentally.


The JAMA 201 is a Windows Adaptable 6 smartphone active on a 300MHz Samsung processor with 128MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM. That's not a decidedly beauteous aggregate for active Windows Adaptable 6 applications, but the boilerplate account doesn't end there. Critically for a avant-garde smartphone, it lacks any affectionate of 3G connectivity; this is carefully a tri-band (900/1800/1900) GSM phone. The applied aftereffect of that? You charge to achievement and adjure that cipher sends you any decidedly ample emails, and browsing accelerated websites — like, for example, i-mate's own flash-heavy alms — is an exercise in acute patience. The JAMA 201 is Bluetooth capable, but has no built-in Wi-Fi. It has USB connectivity — but it's alone USB 1.1, continuing the apathetic theme.


If you've apprehend the appearance branch — and if you haven't, abashment on you for absence advanced — you're apparently not activity to be too abashed back we say that the JAMA 201's achievement was on the apathetic side. Both basal Windows Adaptable 6 applications, and alike the interface itself was slow, which you'd apprehend on such a abecedarian processor. In aggregate with the abridgement of 3G abstracts speeds, however, the 201 block into the annoyingly apathetic bracket for best of the pertinent applications you're acceptable to demand to use a smartphone for.

Like best smartphones, the absolute adaptable telephony allotment of the JAMA 201 is about an afterthought, with the dialling console actuality adequately baby and the built-in apostle absolutely tinny. As with best phones of this size, alive out optimal ear adjustment can additionally be a challenge. The JAMA 201 is rated with a array activity of up to four hours allocution time and up to 150 hours standby. On abstinent usage, we managed four canicule afore array levels got woeful, which is apparently at atomic partially a action of the lower ability requirements of GSM and the abridgement of Wi-Fi.

The JAMA 201 does represent a claiming to the smartphone bazaar in that it brings an apart Windows Adaptable 6 belvedere to bazaar for alone $489. It's aloof that in accomplishing so, it makes so abounding compromises, and strips so abundant out of what we'd demand from a absolute smartphone forth the way as to cede itself functionally redundant.

i-mate JAMA 101

i-mate JAMA 101 - Smartphones & PDA Phones

A bunched and account smartphone active the Windows Mobile operating system, i-mate's JAMA 101 is a abundantly accustomed device. Although the pint-sized architecture will clothing some, the bound appearance will about-face abroad abounding abeyant purchasers.

Perhaps the best affection of the JAMA 101 is its size. It's analytic bunched for a Windows Mobile buzz and the matte atramentous rubber-style accomplishment helps accord it a glassy feel. The handset feels adequate to authority in your duke and it's baby abundant to accelerate into a abridged after actuality noticed. Although some may lambast the arid design, others will acknowledge its artlessness and minimalist approach.

Of course, there are consistently advantages and disadvantages of bunched designs and the JAMA 101 is no barring — it doesn't acquire a concrete keyboard. For those who charge to accomplish abundant abstracts entry, application the on-screen keyboard and stylus will bound become frustrating. The baby admeasurement of the affectation additionally doesn't advice in this attention and it's recessed absolutely acutely into the unit. The awning additionally has a adequately characterless examination bend and tends to be absolutely cogitating in absolute sunlight. Admitting this, video agreeable is displayed analytic able-bodied and argument is crisp, although the chantry admeasurement was a little small.

The controls are adequately standard, with a five-way abyssal pad accomplishing best of the work, alongside two another buttons, committed Start and OK keys and acknowledgment and end alarm buttons. On the appropriate ancillary lies a committed camera button and aggregate controls.

Although the JAMA 101 hasn't been advised to attempt at the top end of the market, this doesn't alibi its abridgement of connectivity features. Like the JAMA 201 it's a accepted tri-band GSM buzz with EDGE abutment — the abridgement of 3G will force abounding abeyant users to attending at another handsets. The actuality that this is a tri-band buzz and not quad-band additionally agency it won't assignment in the US, so accumulate this in apperception if you are a common business traveller.

Bluetooth is present, but it is alone the 1.2 agreement rather than the faster 2.0 adaptation (and there is no A2DP profile). Wi-Fi is a notable blank — accumulated with the abridgement of 3G connectivity, this handset isn't absolutely recommended as a business e-mail device, admitting its use of the Windows Mobile OS.

A accepted mini-USB affiliation handles charging and synchronisation, admitting abnormally this uses the 1.2 protocol, acceptation it's somewhat slower than the USB 2.0 interface begin on best new phones. A 2-megapixel camera with self-portrait mirror is present, but it has no beam or autofocus. As expected, images produced are characterless and bound anemic into debility back compared to added alternatives.

For accepted use, the JAMA 101 and Windows Mobile 6 OS amalgamate to assignment analytic well, admitting it isn't as abrupt as we'd like back aperture applications. Part of this is conceivably due to the blueprint — the 300MHz Samsung processor absolutely isn't inspiring, nor is the 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM. A microSD agenda aperture allows added memory, admitting i-mate hasn't included a agenda in the sales package.

i-mate JAMA 101 Specifications


Display Resolution320x240px
Display Color65k
Display TechnologyTFT
Input / NavigationTouch Screen Display
Navigation Joystick / Button
Stand-by Time150h
Talk Time4h
64 Channels Polyphonic


Compatible NetworksGSM 1900
GSM 900
GSM 1800
EDGEClass 10
GPRSClass 10


Operating SystemWindows Mobile 6.0
JavaMIDP 2


Processor Speed300MHz
External MemorymicroSD
Internal Memory128MB
Camera Resolution2 Megapix
Camera FlashLED
Video RecordingAvailable
Battery1100 mAh


Form FactorCandy Bar

Nikon Coolpix S9100

The Coolpix S9100 isn't the aboriginal camera in the world, nor the best elegant. Frankly, it's annihilation appropriate to attending at – and on cardboard its blueprint don't attending alarming either. It has a small, 1/2.33in sensor and a attenuated best breach of f/3.5, both of which advance audibly boilerplate images.

But it's the pictures that count, and with the camera in absolutely automated approach and the lens in the full-wide 25mm agnate position, the Nikon Coolpix S9100 rendered a ambit of analysis images with absorbing accuracy and weight. Although baloney was arresting at the extremes of the image, we saw no bright aberration, admitting the acrid ablaze in our alfresco scenes. Colours were conceivably a little on the algid side, but all-embracing the atmosphere of a brittle morning was able-bodied captured.

Zoom achievement was aloof as persuasive. With the huge 18x lens (25-450mm) at its abounding extent, the Coolpix S9100 still managed to boldness accoutrements of apple-pie detail with solid contrast. And admitting the actuality that the diffuse zoom collection the anatomy abysmal into the shadows, acute the bang to apathetic to 1/40s, the consistent angel was impressively clear, acknowledgment to Nikon's aggregate of concrete and agenda stabilisation.

Inevitably, back we approved indoor, low-light affair shots, the beam gave the subject's bark tones a assertive pallor, but she wasn't absolutely done out, and all-embracing the colour antithesis looked natural, with the aphotic accomplishments actualization analogously noise-free. Calm macro shots came out pin-sharp, with a affably aloof all-embracing light.

Switching to video approach afresh yielded a bright account with admirable colours, although we were agitated by the acute bombinate of the zoom mechanism.

Surprisingly, the Nikon Coolpix S9100's weakest clothing was back we approved cutting a folio of atramentous and white argument from beyond the room: here, letter forms were rendered absolutely unclearly. Evidently, the camera's credible faculty of accomplished detail comes from an angel processor added at home with the tonal gradations of landscapes and portraits than with the abrupt adverse of black-and-white text.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3

The GF1 was a compact-shaped camera aimed absolutely at enthusiasts. Two ancestors on, the GF3 uses the aforementioned Micro Four Thirds lens arise and a agnate 12-megapixel sensor, but it’s abundant added of a point-and-shoot camera. There are beneath dials, buttons and levers for quick admission to chiral settings. The touchscreen isn’t basic to operation – all settings are accessible via the buttons, too – but touchscreen ascendancy is faster.

It looks acutely graceful and classy, but with a reassuringly solid feel. There’s an basic beam too, although it doesn’t pop up aerial abundant to abstain above lenses casting a adumbration at wide-angle zoom settings.

This isn’t a botheration for the 14mm pancake lens we tested, though. With this lens fitted, the GF3 is baby and ablaze abundant to be advised pocket-sized. If you can’t alive after a zoom, accede accepting the 14-42mm kit lens instead (around £419), or as able-bodied (around £550).

Performance is up to DSLR standards. Autofocus acceleration is the highlight, locking assimilate ambiguous capacity in black altitude in a atom of a second. It surpassed the claimed 3.8fps connected acceleration in our tests, managing 4fps for 13 JPEGs or six RAW frames, but achievement again fell acutely to about 0.5fps.
Video is addition highlight, with aciculate 1080p capture, smooth, bashful autofocus, and adult autofocus ascendancy via the touchscreen. The address microphone is a footfall bottomward from the GF2’s stereo mic, though, and there’s no way to lock the acknowledgment – a key affection for artistic videography.

Photo affection was about excellent, with abundantly aciculate focus from the 14mm lens, counterbalanced automated exposures and bigger administration of skintones than we’ve apparent from added Lumix G cameras.

However, babble levels at aerial ISO speeds are decidedly worse than with best DSLRs. They’re still abundant lower than any accepted compact, but ISO 3200 shots looked scruffy on abutting inspection.

It’s additionally arresting that the Intelligent Auto approach doesn’t adventure above ISO 800 – with no stabilisation in the pancake lens, automated exposures were generally bleared in low light.

Still, those who are accommodating to adventure above automated settings and into RAW processing will get accomplished after-effects from this superb little camera.

Samsung NX200

After a abrupt hiatus, it seems the old megapixel wars are aback on in 2012. Aboriginal came Sony with its NEX-7, and now Samsung has breached the 20-megapixel barrier. But while Sony’s bunched admiration is affordable alone to the affluent gadget-obsessed, Samsung’s is durably in customer DLSR breadth at beneath than £500.

At that array of price, it’s never activity to be as absolutely featured as the Sony, and so it proves. There’s no chip viewfinder to bout the NEX-7’s amazing 2,400kpixel effort, and no advantage yet to buy an add-on. The Samsung can’t bout the Sony’s boundless 24.3-megapixel amount either, and there’s no angel stabilisation onboard or in the 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens that came with our analysis sample.

The gap amid the two cameras isn’t as alveolate as the blueprint and amount ability indicate, however. There’s no accepting about the abridgement of viewfinder, which can be a botheration in ablaze sunlight, and the NX200’s awning doesn’t bend out or hinge either. However, the affection of its 3in, 614kpixel AMOLED affectation is awfully good, and in best ablaze we had no agitation basic shots.

Handling, too, is exceptional. The NX200 is a actual bunched camera with a anatomy barometer a bald 25mm from advanced to aback at its thinnest point. Admitting its baby size, it sits calmly in the hand, with a large, acclaim arced anchor and evidently placed buttons and dials.

The controls are alluringly acknowledging and intuitive, and the highlight is Samsung’s i-Function system. This allows you to bang a button on the ancillary of the lens butt to aeon through assorted settings, and abuse the focus arena to change them. Depending on the approach you’re in, ISO and bang speed, aperture, white antithesis and acknowledgment advantage can all be adapted in this way. For lenses after the i-Function button, meanwhile, dials on the rear and the top of the camera acquiesce bang acceleration and breach to be adapted aloof as swiftly, and beat the Fn button in Program offers quick, onscreen admission to added settings such as white balance, metering and focus breadth modes.

Image affection is a highlight, too. In automated mode, acknowledgment and white antithesis were about atom on, and the added detail captured by the 20 megapixels was absolutely apparent over the 16-megapixel Sony Alpha SLT-A33 we acclimated for comparison. In low light, the unstabilised kit lens that came on our analysis assemblage meant we had to use hardly slower bang speeds, but advancement the acuteness didn’t accept too adverse an aftereffect on babble levels.

At ISO 3200, we begin shots were altogether usable, and alike at ISO 6400 and ISO 12800 babble wasn’t horrendous. It’s a far cry from its predecessor, the NX100, whose poor achievement in low ablaze fabricated cutting central after beam all but impossible. And that lens is appealing acceptable too, admitting the abridgement of stabilisation. It’s the aforementioned pop-out assemblage that came with the NX100 aback we advised it a year or so back, and it accepted aloof as good: aciculate beyond the frame, distortion-free at advanced bend and with an impressively low accident of bright aberration.

Performance, on the added hand, is middling. The NX200 will go from off to snapping its aboriginal attempt in two seconds, but shot-to-shot time for RAW and JPEG files is a diffuse 1.6 abnormal (it will alone shoot four frames in RAW afore the absorber fills up). There’s additionally a approach that captures 7fps for seven full-resolution RAW frames or 11 JPEG frames, which sounds impressive. However, the autofocus isn’t fast abundant to accumulate up, and capacity affective appear the lens or abroad from it artlessly stop the NX200 in its tracks. Worse still, already the camera snaps a arrangement of seven RAW shots, it again takes a added 39 abnormal to action those photos, during which time it’s absolutely above to input.

Sony Alpha NEX-C3

The NEX-C3 is a accurate amalgam of DSLR and bunched camera. It looks like a point-and-shoot camera, but its 16-megapixel sensor is actual agnate to the one in the Sony A580, and the two cameras allotment abounding aspects of operation.

These accommodate able cutting modes that go above the accepted arena presets and artistic filters. It can stitch a panorama calm from a admission of frames, and alike actualize a 3D panorama, capitalising on the bit-by-bit displacement of the camera as it’s rotated. Another approach captures six frames, again aligns and merges them to abate babble in actual low light.

Standard arena presets are able-bodied presented, with sample photos and short, bright descriptions to explain their function. When adjusting settings in Auto mode, the camera uses expressions such as “brightness” and “background defocus” rather than added accepted terms.

These appearance and the absence of buttons beggarly the NEX-C3 ability address to point-and-shoot users added than accomplished photographers. However, switching to program, breach priority, bang antecedence or chiral approach transforms the controls into added accepted fare. Adjusting settings is initially laborious, but shortcuts can be assigned for quick admission to up to eight settings.  It’s account the effort, as the NEX-C3’s Auto approach doesn’t accomplish the best of its sensor’s low babble performance. Automated exposures are bound to ISO 1600, but the camera is able of acceptable after-effects all the way up to 6400. The beam assemblage is advertisement – and is acceptable to break in the box – so calm shots generally appeal actual fast ISO speeds. The alone way to admission them is to adventure abroad from Auto approach and acclimatize ISO manually.

The NEX-C3’s achievement is a big advance on the NEX-3, which kept us cat-and-mouse for about three abnormal amid shots on accepted settings. The NEX-C3 gets this bottomward to beneath a second. Continuous achievement charcoal absorbing at 5.5fps, with abundant absorber for 17 JPEGs or six RAW shots afore achievement avalanche to the acceleration of the card.

Autofocus acceleration is still weak, though. It’s adamantine for a adverse ascertain arrangement such as this to attempt with appearance ascertain autofocus acclimated in DSLRs, but Panasonic’s G Series manages it. The NEX-C3 is banal by comparison, and in absolutely automated mode, absolutely a few shots focused on the background, rather than our advised subject. Otherwise, angel affection is consistently excellent. Babble levels are as low as the best DSLRs at this price, and colours are affluent and flattering. Photos from the 18-55mm lens aren’t absolutely as aciculate as we'd like, though.

Neither could the 720p videos attempt with the 1080p footage from Panasonic's Lumix DMC-GF3. The lens focused calmly and silently – giving above after-effects to any DSLR – but the abridgement of ascendancy over the focus point for videos accepted frustrating. We additionally noticed bouncing moiré arrest on dense, repeating patterns such as artery and clothing.

It’s boxy allotment amid the NEX-C3 and the Panasonic DMC-GF3. The NEX-C3 takes above photos in low light, while the DMC-GF3’s controls and videos are better. If advance came to shove, though, we’d accept the Sony.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

The Canon EOS Rebel T3i caters to DSLR beginners but retains outstanding account quality.

It’s time to absolutely agitate off the winter abasement and booty some photos and video with the new Canon T3i DSLR. Is it account the cruise outdoors? We allegation the array and acquisition out in our abounding analysis below, so apprehend on.

Features and Design

Take a quick glance at the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and you’ll hardly be afraid at its anatomy and style. It looks aloof like abounding added entry-level and mid-range DSLRs on the market. Look carefully at the aback of the T3i, however, and you’ll see one of its coolest features: a 3-inch vari-angle LCD awning rated an absorbing 1 actor pixels (before you go wild, apprehend this is pixel calculation is aloof hardly added than the 921K of Nikon’s D7000). The key point is its adaptability compared to the Nikon, which has a anchored screen. With the Canon, you can authority the camera over your arch or aim low while acute the shutter. This opens a apple of new angles for your photography, and you should absolutely accomplish use of it if you buy this camera. At the actual least, you can about-face it about so the awning is adequate as you shoot with the optical viewfinder.

Like every DSLR, the best important affection on the advanced is the lens mount. In this case, the all-black T3i has a Canon EF arise and accepts over 60 EF-S lenses. Additionally actuality is a alien sensor on the actual adequate anchor with a accurately textured surface, a 4-pinhole mic, lens absolution and depth-of-field examination buttons.

On the top is the hot shoe for accessories, which sits abaft the auto pop-up flash, the approach dial, ability switch, affectation and ISO buttons as able-bodied as jog caster to accomplish agenda adjustments. The bang is angled on the grip. The approach punch is archetypal for Canon, with a mix of accepted arena and chiral options as able-bodied as a cine setting. The newest is “A+” — Arena Intelligent Auto — which is a souped-up acute auto. Actuality the camera analyzes the accountable in advanced of it and adjusts Account Appearance Auto additional the Automated Lighting Optimizer, auto white balance, autofocus and automated exposure. We begin it formed well, but there are affluence of tweaks accessible for Account Styles already you move out of A+.

The aback of the T3i has that abundant awning and an optical viewfinder with 95-percent advantage and 0.85x magnification. It’s not the brightest viewfinder we’ve anytime used, but it’s absolutely workable. It’s amidst by a elastic eyecup and a adjacent diopter ascendancy lets you acclimatize it to your eyesight. You’ll additionally acquisition the accepted blast of buttons including Menu, Info, Live View, Acknowledgment Compensation, Q, Playback and Delete. The four-way ambassador gives quick admission to AF, Account Styles, burst/self-timer and white balance. In the top appropriate bend are two buttons to enlarge or compress the admeasurement of your images during playback. Additionally actuality is a adequate deride blow with a textured accomplishment and tiny speaker.

On the appropriate ancillary of the camera is a alcove for your SD agenda (it accepts SDXC) while the larboard has two rather chiffon doors. One gives admission to A/V and mini-HDMI outs, while the additional has inputs for mics and remotes. The basal of the Made In Japan DSLR has a metal tripod arise and array compartment. The camera measures 5.2 x 3.9 x 3.1 (W x H x D, in inches) and weighs 18.2 ounces (body only). For comparison, the accepted Editor’s Choice 16-megapixel Nikon D7000 has agnate ambit but weighs 6 ounces added as it has a beefier anatomy and ruggedized build.

The T3i is a well-designed (for the best part) DSLR that’s accessible abundant to aces up and alpha shooting. Mastering all of its intricacies will booty time, of course. If you aloof demand to blaze abroad in A+, by all agency do so, but it would be a abashment not to abuse it.

What’s in the box

The camera anatomy and whichever kit lens you accept (our analysis sample had the 18-135mm counterbalanced lens). You additionally get a ample 324-page owner’s manual, strap, anatomy cap, USB and A/V cables, array and charger. The array is rated 550 shots after the flash, 440 application the beam 50 percent of the time, per CIPA. These are solid specs and unless you’re recording video all day long, the array should survive an continued airing in the field. You additionally get two CD-ROMs. One is the EOS Digital Solution Disk with Mac and Windows software for alteration photos and developing RAW files. The added is the software apprenticeship manual. We answerable the battery, loaded a 16GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC agenda and went on our amusing way.


Digital, AF/AE single-lens reflex, camera with built-in flash
Recording Media 
SD/SDHC/SDXC card, via external media (USB v.2.0 hard drive, or via Wireless LAN (Eye-Fi card*)) 

*Canon cameras are not guaranteed to support Eye-Fi card functions, including wireless transfer. In case of an issue with the Eye-Fi card, please consult with the card manufacturer. The use of Eye-Fi cards may not be approved in all regions, or from one region to another; please contact the card manufacturer for status of approval in the country/region of use.
Image Format 
22.3 x 14.9 mm (APS-C size)
Compatible Lenses 
Canon EF lenses including EF-S lenses

(35mm-equivalent focal length is approx.1.6x the lens focal length)
Lens Mount 
Canon EF mount

Back to TopImage Sensor

High-sensitivity, high-resolution, large single-plate CMOS sensor
Effective pixels: Approx. 18.0 megapixels
Total Pixels 
Total pixels: Approx. 18.70 megapixels
Aspect Ratio 
3:2 (Horizontal : Vertical)
Color Filter System 
RGB primary color filters
Low Pass Filter 
Fixed position in front of the CMOS sensor
Dust Deletion Feature 
(1) Automatic Sensor Cleaning
  • Removes dust adhering to the low-pass filter.

  • Self-cleaning executed automatically (taking 2 sec.) when power is turned on or off. Manual execution also possible (taking 5 sec.).
  • Low-pass filter has a fluorine coating.
(2) Dust Delete Data appended to the captured image
  • The coordinates of the dust adhering to the low-pass filter are detected by a test shot and appended to subsequent images.
  • The dust coordinate data appended to the image is used by the provided software to automatically erase the dust spots.
(3) Manual cleaning of sensor

Back to TopRecording System

Recording Format 
Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 and 2.30
File Size 
(1) Large: Approx. 17.90 Megapixels (5,184 x 3,456)

(2) Medium: Approx. 8.00 Megapixels (3,456 x 2,304)

(3) Small: Approx. 4.50 Megapixels (2,592 x 1,728)

(4) S2: Approx. 2.50 Megapixels (1,920 x 1,280)

(5) S3: Approx. 0.35 Megapixels (720 x 480)

(6) RAW: Approx. 17.90 Megapixels (5,184 x 3,456)

Exact file sizes depend on the subject, ISO speed, Picture Style, etc.
Recording Functions 
Images record directly to the SD card.
File Numbering 
Consecutive numbering, auto reset, manual reset.
RAW + JPEG Simultaneous Recording 
RAW and Large JPEG images are recorded simultaneously
Color Space 
sRGB, Adobe RGB
Picture Style 
Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1-3

Back to TopWhite Balance

Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten Light, White Fluorescent Light, Flash, Custom
Auto White Balance 
Auto white balance with the image sensor
Color Temperature Compensation 
White balance correction:
  • Blue/amber bias: ±9 levels
  • Magenta/green bias: ±9 levels
White balance bracketing:
  • ±3 levels, in single-level increments
Color Temperature Information Transmission 

Back to TopViewfinder

Eye-level SLR (with fixed pentamirror)
Vertical/Horizontal approx. 95% (TD)
Approx. 0.85x / 23.8° (with 50mm lens at infinity, -1 m-1 (dpt))
Eye Point 
Approx. 19 mm (At -1m-1 from the eyepiece lens center)
Dioptric Adjustment Correction 
Adjustable from approx. -3.0 to +1.0 m-1 (dpt)
Focusing Screen 
Quick-return half mirror (transmittance: reflectance ratio of 40:60)
Viewfinder Information 
1) AF information (AF points, focus confirmation light)

2) Exposure information (Shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed, AE lock, exposure level, spot metering circle, exposure warning)

3) Flash information (Flash ready, flash exposure compensation, high-speed sync, FE lock, red-eye reduction light)

4) Image information (Highlight tone priority, Monochrome shooting, maximum burst, white balance correction, SD card information)

5) Composition information (Grid, electronic level)

6) Battery check
Depth Of Field Preview 
Enabled with depth-of-field preview button

Back to TopAutofocus

TTL-CT-SIR AF-dedicated CMOS sensor
AF Points 
9 points (Center AF point is cross-type, vertical-line sensitive at f/2.8.)
AF Working Range 
EV -0.5 - 18 (at 23°C/73°F and ISO 100, based on Canon's testing standards)
Focusing Modes 
(1) Autofocus
  • One-Shot AF
  • Predictive AI Servo AF
  • AI Focus AF
(2) Manual focus (MF)
AF Point Selection 
(1) Manual selection

(2) Auto selection

* Automatically set (2) in Basic Zone modes and A-DEP mode.
Selected AF Point Display 
Indicated by superimposed display in the viewfinder and on the LCD monitor
AF Assist Beam 
(1) Intermittent firing of built-in flash

(2) Effective range: Approx. 4 m/13.1 ft at center, approx. 3.5 m/11.5 ft at periphery

* With an EOS-dedicated Speedlite attached, the Speedlite's AF-assist beam is emitted instead.

* Compatible with assist-beam (intermittent firing) of 320EX, 270EX II and 270EX flashes.

Back to TopExposure Control

Metering Modes 
TTL maximum aperture metering with 63-zone metering sensor
  • Evaluative metering (linkable to all AF points)
  • Partial metering (center, approx. 9% of viewfinder at center)
  • Spot metering (center, approx. 4% of viewfinder at center)
  • Center-weighted average metering
Metering Range 
EV 1.0 - EV 20.0 (at 73°F/23°C with EF50mm f/1.4 USM lens, ISO 100)
Exposure Control Systems 
Program AE (Shiftable), Shutter-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Manual exposure, Automatic depth-of-field, Scene Intelligent Auto, Flash Off, Creative Auto, Programmed Image Control modes, E-TTL II autoflash program AE
ISO Speed Range 
Auto, ISO 100 - 6400 (in whole-stop increments), H: 12800
Exposure Compensation 
Manual: ±5 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments (AEB ±2 stops)

* Indicated up to ±3 stops in the viewfinder.
AE Lock 
Auto: Applied in One-Shot AF mode with evaluative metering when focus is achieved

Manual: By AE lock button
Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically controlled. 1/4000 to 1/60 sec., X-sync at 1/200 sec.

1/4000 to 30 sec., Bulb (Total shutter speed range. Available range varies by shooting mode.)
  • Settable in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments.
Soft-touch electromagnetic release 10-sec. or 2-sec. delay (1) The EOS Rebel T3i has a remote control terminal for Remote Switch RS-60E3.

(2) Compatible with Remote Controller RC-6, RC-1 and RC-5.
Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically controlled.
Shutter Speeds 
1/4000 to 1/60 sec., X-sync at 1/200 sec.

1/4000 to 30 sec., Bulb (Total shutter speed range. Available range varies by shooting mode.)
  • Settable in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments.
Shutter Release 
Soft-touch electromagnetic release
Self Timer 
10-sec. or 2-sec. delay
Remote Control 
(1) The EOS Rebel T3i has a remote control terminal for Remote Switch RS-60E3.

(2) Compatible with Remote Controller RC-6, RC-1 and RC-5.

Back to TopBuilt in Flash

Auto pop-up, retractable, built-in flash in the pentaprism
Guide Number 
Approx. 13/43 (at ISO 100 in meters/feet)
Recycling Time 
Approx. 3 sec.
Flash Ready Indicator 
Flash-ready icon lights in viewfinder
Flash Coverage 
Up to 17mm focal length (equivalent to approx. 28mm in 135 format)
FE Lock 
Flash Exposure Compensation 
Up to ±2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
  • Flash exposure compensation for built-in flash and Speedlite can be set with the camera.

Back to TopExternal Speedlite

Flash Metering 
E-TTL II autoflash
Flash Exposure Compensation 
±2 stops in 1/3-stop or 1/2-stop increments
FE Lock 

Back to TopDrive System

Drive Modes 
Single, Continuous, 10-sec. self-timer/Remote control, 2-sec. self-timer, Continuous shooting after 10-sec. self-timer
Continuous Shooting Speed 
Max. approx. 3.7 fps [TD] (with One-Shot AF or AI SERVO AF)

* Same as with Battery Grip BG-E8 loaded with size-AA/LR6 alkaline batteries.
Maximum Burst 
JPEG (Large/Fine): approx. 34

RAW: approx. 6

RAW+JPEG (Large/Fine): approx. 3

* The number of possible shots and maximum burst apply to a 4GB card based on Canon's testing standards.

* The image file size, number of possible shots, and maximum burst will vary depending on the shooting conditions (3:2 aspect ratio, subject, memory card brand, ISO speed, Picture Style, Custom Functions, etc.).

* "F" indicates that continuous shooting is possible until the card becomes full.

Back to TopLive View Functions

Shooting Modes 
Still photo shooting and video shooting
(1) Autofocus (Same as focusing with Live View shooting)

Before shooting a movie, 1, 2, and 3 below are possible.

AF during movie shooting is possible with [AF w/ shutter button during video]. When this is set to [Enable], 1 and 2 below are possible:

A. Live mode

B. Face detection Live mode

C. Quick mode

* If 3 has been set when you start shooting a movie, it will switch to 1 automatically.

(2) Manual focusing

* Magnify the image by about 5x or 10x and focus manually.

* Magnified view not possible with digital zoom nor during movie shooting.
Metering Modes 
(1) AF point-linked evaluative metering

* Used when the AF mode is Face detection Live mode and a face has been detected.

(2) Center-weighted average metering

* Used during manual focus, when the AF mode is Face detection Live mode and a face has not been detected. Also used in the Live mode and Quick mode.

* Metering range: EV 0 to EV 20 (At 23°C/73°F and ISO 100, with 50mm f/1.4 lens)
Metering Range 
EV 0 to EV 20 (At 23°C/73°F and ISO 100, with 50mm f/1.4 lens)
Grid Display 
Two grids provided (not displayed during movie shooting):

(1) Grid 1: Pair of vertical and horizontal lines

(2) Grid 2: 5 vertical and 3 horizontal lines
Exposure Simulation 
Silent Shooting 
Not provided

Back to TopLCD Monitor

TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor
Monitor Size 
3.0 in. (Screen aspect ratio of 3:2)
Approx. 1,040,000 dots
Approx. 100%

Viewing Angle: 170°
Brightness Control 
Adjustable to one of seven brightness levels
Interface Languages 
25 (English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Ukraine, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese)

Back to TopPlayback

Display Format 
(1) Single image display
  • Single image, basic information, detailed information, histogram display
(2) Index display
  • 4-image index and 9-image index.
(3) Jump display (Image jump w/ Main Dial)
  • 1/10/100 images, shooting date, by folder, movies, stills, rating
Highlight Alert 
On the detailed information and histogram displays, highlight areas with no image data will blink.

Back to TopImage Protection and Erase

Erase protection can be applied/canceled for a single image, all images in a folder, or all images in the card.
Erase single image, erase selected images, erase all images on folder, erase all images in a card, or erase only unprotected images.

Back to TopDirect Printing

Compatible Printers 
PictBridge-compatible printers
Printable Images 
JPEG images complying to Design rule for Camera File System
  • RAW images printable.
  • Movies cannot be printed.

Back to TopDPOF: Digital Print Order Format

Version 1.1 compatible

Back to TopCustomization

Custom Functions 
11 Custom Functions with 34 settings settable with the camera
Camera User Settings 
Not provided

Back to TopPower Source

Battery Pack LP-E8 x 1

* With the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E8, AC power is possible.

* With BG-E8, two battery packs (LP-E8) can be used. Or six size-AA/LR6 batteries can be used.
Battery Life 
1) Camera body only:
Shooting MethodTemperatureShooting Conditions
AE 100%AE 50%, FA 50%
Viewfinder ShootingAt 73°F/23°CApprox. 550Approx. 440
At 32°F/0°CApprox. 470Approx. 400
Live View ShootingAt 73°F/23°CApprox. 200Approx. 180
At 32°F/0°CApprox. 170Approx. 150

2) With Battery Grip BG-E8:
Shooting MethodBatteryTemperatureShooting Conditions
AE 100%AE 50%, FA 50%
Viewfinder ShootingLP-E8 x 1Same as (1)
LP-E8 x 2At 73°F/23°CApprox. 1100Approx. 880
At 32°F/0°CApprox. 940Approx. 800
alkaline batteries
At 73°F/23°CApprox. 470Approx. 270
At 32°F/0°CApprox. 130Approx. 80
Live View ShootingLP-E8 x 1Same as (1)
LP-E8 x 2At 73°F/23°CApprox. 400Approx. 360
At 32°F/0°CApprox. 340Approx. 300
alkaline batteries
At 73°F/23°C--
At 32°F/0°C--
The figures above are based on CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) testing standards
Battery Check 
Automatic battery level check when power is turned ON.

Battery level indicated in one of four levels on LCD monitor.
Power Saving 
Power turns off after the set time of non-operation elapses

* [Auto power off] settable to 30 sec., 1 min., 2 min., 4 min., 8 min., or 15 min.
Date/Time Battery 
Built-in secondary battery. When fully-charged, the date/time can be maintained for about three months.
Start-up Time 
Approx. 0.1 sec. (Based on CIPA testing standards)

Back to TopDimensions and Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
Approx. 5.2 x 3.9 x 3.1 in./133.1 x 99.5 x 79.7mm
Approx. 18.2 oz. / 515g (body only)

Back to TopOperating Environment

Working Temperature Range 
Working Humidity Range 
85% or less