Motorola KRZR K1

After making huge profits on the market with the RAZR model, Motorola decided to continue the series with a technologically updated handset � Motorola KRZR K1. Even if the new clamshell features few innovations, we can easily tell that Motorola created another masterpiece. Unfortunately, it only applies in terms of design, but that didn't hurt the success of the handset which became the rightful disciple of Motorola RAZR. The phone has been a success even before being available, because of the huge mass of potential buyers. Those that will buy the phone most probably owned or would like to own a RAZR-like phone, preferably from Motorola's lineup.

Announced in July 2006, the phone has been made available on the market in September same year, in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Codenamed "Canary", Motorola KRZR K1 can be acquired for no more than 300 USD.


Motorola's words were: "The exquisite sleek design perfectly balances craftsmanship and functionality to offer a seamless experience to every user." But does it really manage to do that?

Born right in the middle of the "race for slimness", when all brands were trying to overcome the 15 mm thickness, KRZR K1 has been one of the first clamshells to feature 16 mm thickness. Unlike its predecessor, K1 is narrower, but a little bit longer. Its exact measures are 103 (174) x 42 x 16 mm and it weighs 102 grams (including battery), that's 5 mm longer but also 11 mm narrower than the RAZR model.

The glossy surface of the phone, recommends it for fashionistas or trendsetters that are looking for sparkling accessories. One of the reasons for Motorola to launch a limited edition that features a Champagne Gold color, but could be bought for the same price as the Blue color version, 300 bucks.

Motorola KRZR K1 features only one port, miniUSB which is used for charging the phone, for synchronization with the PC and also for attaching headphones. Placed on the right side of the phone, the port is covered by a rubber strip for protection against dust. On the same side you can find the voice command button which can help you to voice dial a number. The left side of the phone features the volume controls and the camera button that helps accessing it with ease. The back of the phone is made of rubber-like compound and features Motorola's logo. The face cover of the phone is glossy, almost mirror-like which obviously will leave dozens of fingerprints on your phone, unless you use it with some gloves (?!). Motorola said the material used for the case is scratch resistant, but I can't say it for sure as I haven't tested the phone on this matter (not like I didn't want it to). The external CSTN screen supports 65k colors, 96 x 80 pixels resolution and will display the date and time. Right above the secondary display you will find the 2 Megapixel camera which cannot be accessed unless you open your clamshell. When you open the phone you'll get yourself the full RAZR experience, because the phone features almost the same keys as the RAZR.

The big 4-way control (pushing the middle of the button gives you access to the main menu) key helps users navigate the menu together with the 2 contextual keys, which are marked by two dots. Besides the green/red accept/end call keys there is also another key that gives users direct access to the Internet (through the integrated browser). The phone features the usual backlighting system if you wanna dial in the dark. Unfortunately the phone's sales package is somewhat poor, and only contains a charger, 128 MB microSD card and microSD adapter, a black pouch for protection and the user guide. There are no headphones, headsets, data cable or any software included, you'll have to buy those separately.

Display and Camera

Motorola KRZR K1 features a graphical TFT main display which supports 65k colors and 176 x 220 pixels resolution. The brightness of the screen can be set to whatever intensity you want, but beware that the more bright it will be the bigger the energy consumption. A medium brightness will also offer you the possibility to see the main display when you're outdoors in those sunny days. Even if the KRZR's display supports less than RAZR's 256k colors, Motorola still embedded a competitive TFT display. Although a little bit bigger would've been much better, especially when displaying Internet pages.

The 2 Megapixel camera included features 8x digital zoom, but lacks macro mode. You can kiss goodbye to nocturne shots as the camera also lacks flash. The camera can take pictures in 4 different resolutions: 240 x 320 pixels, 480 x 640 pixels, 1.3 MP and 2 MP. There are also some styles that you can choose before shooting: Black and White, Bluish, Antique, Reddish, Greenish and Negative. Some presets help you adjust the camera depending on the weather outside or the place of shooting: Sunny, Cloudy, Indoor (Home), Indoor (Office) and Night. You will also be able to manually set the digital zoom to whatever value you think it's best. Furthermore, users will be able to edit their pictures with the image editor included. As you can see the pictures taken with KRZR K1 are surprisingly good as long as you don't zoom too much. The lack of macro mode will probably stop you from capturing any kind of text.

If you want to record clips you can opt for a small resolution (128 x 96 pixels) or for a medium resolution (176 x 144 pixels). Depending on what resolution and quality you choose, the phone will be able to record 25 minutes at max. Clips captured in small resolutions are in 3GPP format while those in medium resolutions are in MPEG4 format. Overall the camera performs much better than other new introduced features like EDGE or Bluetooth 2.0.

Menu and Software

If you owned a Motorola handset, even 2-3 year ago then you won't have any troubles in navigating the phone controls. Motorola = Conservatism, and to be pretty clear Motorola hasn't changed its menu in years, which is not a good thing, especially if the menu is rather clumsy and difficult to navigate. If you want to access the main menu of the phone you must push the 4-way control key right in the middle. Any other part of the wheel (up/down, left/right) can be set as shortcuts for different controls. Once in the main menu, there are 9 categories that contain different controls which are rather chaotically spread: Phonebook, Recent calls, Messages, Tools, Games & Apps, WebAccess, Multimedia, Connection, Settings.

The Phonebook has been upgraded and if you decide to insert a new contact in the phone's memory you can observe that the New Contact has many fields that can be completed such as: Email, URL, ringer ID, Picture or Birthday. The Recent calls category simply presents the calls history and it's very easy to navigate through Dialed calls, Received calls or Missing calls with * and # keys. Messages category enables you to use a wide range of messaging solution like SMS, EMS, MMS and Emails. There's also an iTap dictionary that helps users type faster their messages, which of course can be deactivated. 

The Tools category contains the network operator services, a simple calculator (which also includes a currency converter), a datebook (some sort of organizer), a rudimentary alarm clock, dialing services, activation list, voice record (no more than 1 minute) and Web shortcuts. Games & Apps category only includes Java software that you want to install after you buy the phone, except for a Digital Audio Player included which is used for playing music. The WebAccess category, just like it says, gives users access to the Internet through different access points which can be set in advance or installed by the network operator. You can choose which access point to be used by default when you want to connect to the Internet through the Web Session option.

The integrated browser is simply horrible and I strongly suggest you to install Opera mini if you really want to surf the Web. The Multimedia category will give you access to the Sounds (also used as music player), Pictures and Videos folder. Moreover you can select one of the 3 themes embedded or you can access the camera or video camera. Connection offers users 3 connectivity options: Bluetooth link, USB Settings and MOTOSYNC. 

The last of the 9 main categories, Settings is the largest and you can do most of the important stuff from here. There are 12 subcategories: Personalise (customize main menu, display and voice dial), Ring Styles, Call Divert, In-Call Setup (Call Waiting, Fax, Caller ID, Answer Options), Initial Setup (Time and Date setting, Speed Dial, Auto Redial, Backlight, Language, Text Marquee, Scroll, Display Timeout, Brightness, DTMF, Master Reset and Master Clear), Phone Status, Headset, Car Settings, Airplane Mode, Network, Security and Java Settings.

Motorola KRZR K1 doesn't feature an operating system but includes Java MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.1, with 900 KB free memory. That will enable users to install third party Java applications in that small memory limit (900 KB). As Motorola doesn't include in the package any software you can use P2k file manager when you synchronize your phone through an USB connection. And if you want more you can "hack" your phone with the help of a Seem bit editor. I strongly recommend that you don't touch your phone's software unless you read some documentation and then ... more documentation. How can you do that? Hmmm ... Google it:) Screenshots were taken using MSnap after synchronizing the phone with the PC.


Some of the new features included in the handset, EDGE and Bluetooth 2.0 are both having functionality problems. If you decide to buy this phone because of its competitive price, you can start to save some money for the data transfer package as the sales package doesn't include a data transfer cable or any related software. Until you buy yourself a miniUSB cable and the necessary software you will be limited to Bluetooth connection, which by the way hasn't managed to "overcome" the 25kbps data transfer speed. After you get a miniUSB cable you will need the Motorola USB drivers and the P2k file manager if you want to transfer music files or pictures with ease.

I have used the browsing feature with the GPRS connectivity but the integrated browser didn't display all the pages, so I installed Opera mini which worked like a charm. But don't expect too much from it, as the small display will drive you crazy. The GPRS connection was the only one tested and you can see from the results in the screenshots that is working in parameters.

The quad band (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) network compatible handset has a good signal reception, but unfortunately the sound is too "low" and you'll surely have troubles hearing the other caller when in noisy areas.

Processor and Memory

KRZR K1 features a "weak" ARM7 family processor which runs at 67 Mhz speed. The phone also embeds 20 MB internal memory and a microSD slot card for memory expansion, which is located right above the SIM. Also bear in mind that because of the low Java memory accessible (900 KB) you won't be able to run any Java compatible applications while USB connection is active. You'll also experience big time lags when navigating through the various commands of the menu, because of the low speed processor.


As we didn't receive any headphones with the phone, because the sales package doesn't include any (doh) we couldn't make any sound tests. Anyway we have used the external speaker of the phone to listen to some music and the sound was pretty low. Low sound means no distortions but just like its predecessor we couldn't hear any bass at all � it's all highs baby. Even if Motorola included two music players, both are mediocre and offer little to "comfort" the music lovers. Technically the phone supports Midi, MP3, AAC, AAC+ formats and the Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology for headsets.


The terminal features a 700 mAh Li-Ion battery which by Motorola's statement should last about 300 hours in standby mode and almost 6 hours in talk time mode. The brightness of the display is a major power consumption so I suggest you keep it at level 2 or 3. If you do that and don't talk more than 10 minutes per day your battery will last about 6-7 days. Even without the SIM the phone didn't last 300 hours (that's more than 12 days). The plain truth is that you can't talk more than 3.5 hours without recharging the battery.

Motorola RIZR Z8

Motorola RIZR Z8 has been quietly launched by the US-based company in September 2007, just after it was showcased at 3GSM Congress in Barcelona in February. Initially named Motorola RIZER Z8 or MOTORIZR Z8, the device has been thrown on the mobile market with an easier to remember name RIZR Z8. This is the first Motorola handset available on the market that features Symbian operating system, so you might consider it a prototype. Even so, being the first of its kind should have made the manufacturer test it thoroughly, as the slider seem to have serious software issues. 
The weird (in a good way) design and the RAZR-like keypad layout convinced many fans of the brand to buy it without even thinking. Unfortunately, only after using it a couple of days they realized that the phone is full of bugs and the Symbian OS has been defectively ported on the device. Most of them replaced it with other models, or even other brands, but the main blow was given by Vodafone UK, which secretly decided to withdraw the whole lot of Motorola's RIZR Z8 from the market because of the high number of returns.

Announced in February 2007 at the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona, Motorola RIZR Z8 has been made available on the market in September 2007. At the moment, anyone interested in buying Motorola's slider must pay between USD 500-600$, depending on the location.


Also named the 'kicker slider', Motorola RIZR Z8 features one the weirdest designs that you could ever see to a slider handset. In fact I believe that the name 'curved slider' would've been more appropriate, as the handset looks very much like a 'banana phone'. If you still don't know what's a 'banana phone', just remember what phone Keanu Reeves uses in first part of the Matrix trilogy or simply check out our pictures. Overall, Motorola's Z8 looks pretty cool, different from most sliders. It is made of rubberized compound which makes it very stable when is put on different different kinds of surfaces (glass, wood, plastic). The phone looks sturdy, ergonomic (109 x 50 x 15 mm) and average in weight (112 grams including battery).

The only trouble I had when first using it was the fact that I didn't know where to put the SIM card. The phone has an awkward mechanism that opens very hard, especially if you have sweaty fingers. In fact, you can't open the back plastic cover under the camera, unless your hands are dry, as the plug's surface is perfectly smooth. Fortunately, the microSD slot card hasn't been placed in the same compartment, otherwise it would've been a pain to pull it out too frequently. Anyway, the slider features the SIM card hot-swap ability, which enables the user to change the SIM card without powering off the device. 
The handset still requires reboot, but the fact that you're not forced to pull out the battery to change the SIM card is more than welcomed. The front part of the slider is entirely covered by a thick glass that protects the screen and external keypad. This is probably the main reason why the external keys are so hard to press. Upside the large display, one can notice the Motorola logo, a very small light sensor, the in-call speaker and the secondary VGA videocall camera.

Under the screen you'll hardly notice a small thumb-grip, which seems to be used for sliding up the handset. This would've reduced drastically the number of fingerprints on the screen, but the little thumb-grip fails its purpose as it's very unhandy to use. The external keys are used to navigate the menu without sliding up the phone, but they are hard to use. Either because they're covered by a slim protective glass or they're simply low responsive. The 5-way navigational key is a little bit better because it has the advantage of size and is a little bit easier to press it. Under the keypad, Motorola placed a very big external speakerphone placed under a grid-like layout.

The right side of the slider includes a special button that opens up the Gallery, a camera button and a miniUSB port covered by a rubber stripe. On the left side you can notice the microSD slot card, the dual volume key and the smart-key. The back of the phone embeds a 2 Megapixel camera with flash. Also you should be aware that the smooth plug on the left of the camera can be pulled out to reveal the SIM card slot. Opposite you'll be able to pull out the whole right hood so you can have access to the battery; no troubles in getting this out.

Sliding it up will truly reveal the 'WOW factor' of the phone, as it awkwardly bends to fit the human face. The internal keypad is even harder to use than the external one. The spaces between the keys have been marked by plastic grips, while the keys themselves have been also made from the same plastic alloy. Because the phone bends when slided up, the main keypad compartment has a concave form factor. Apart from the fact that the keypad is low responsive and very hard to press, the concave form makes it even harder to use. Don't get me wrong, the phone's design is really interesting, but the choices made by Motorola are not that user-friendly as hoped. Anyway, one of the positive things about it is the green backlighting, which makes the phone look very refreshing and exotic. Overall, the phone looks simple, but stylish just the way a man would want to be. Most certainly men are the main target of the phone, especially because of the bulky design and the weird form.

Display and Camera

Motorola RIZR Z8 embeds one of the best TFT (240 x 320 pixels) displays found on the market, which is also the first to feature 16M colors support. It might look strange, but Motorola hasn't been able to include such a powerful display onto older models and Z8 is the first to get this kind of screen. And this is not all, the slider is also equipped with a built-in accelerator 2D/3D graphics PowerVR, which greatly improves any gaming experience. Benchmarks revealed results that are almost on par with Nokia's E90, that features a much larger display (800 x 352 pixels), but the same number of colors support � 16 Million. The quality of the image is astonishing, colors are very well defined making the contrast extremely vivid. The only thing I didn't like was the brightness of the screen, which is a little bit lower than normal, especially outdoors (even with the settings at max).

The 2 Megapixel camera found on the back of the slider features flash and 8x digital zoom, but lacks any autofocus capabilities. The flash may look small, but is powerful enough to enable the user to get the best from a night picture. The module can be started by simply pressing the Camera small green button found on the right side of the slider.

Unfortunately, the preview of the picture cannot be seen in full screen (don't know why), but you'll get used to it in the end. If you don't slide up the phone and keep it closed, when you press the camera button you'll be using the main camera on the back of the slider. The moment you slide up the device you'll be able to make snapshots by using the secondary VGA camera � mainly used for videocalls. There's a unusual (for a 2 Megapixel camera) large number of predefined settings that the user can benefit from. Starting with the White balance (Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Flash), Effects (Black & White, Negative, Sepia, Solarize), various Modes (Indoor, Outdoor, Sports, Portrait, Night, Backlight) and Sharpness, all offer different stances of the snapshots a user wants to get.

As seen in the sample pictures, quality is above average, almost very good for a 2 Megapixel camera. Still, the module camera is a little bit sluggish, which means that it takes a longer time to process the picture you've just taken. It is also highly dependent on light conditions and tends to lack sharpness and sometimes it will blur the objective.

Menu and Software

Motorola RIZR Z8 is based on Symbian v9.2 operating system featuring UIQ 3.1. Unfortunately, those already familiarized with the above mentioned OS will find that Z8 doesn't look the same at all. On the contrary, initially developed to be used with a touch-screen, Z8's operating system and interface is one of the hardest to understand and handle. The main screen can be fitted with different plug-ins, which enable quick access to various functions of the phone (Calls, Emails, Messages, Calendar, Profiles, Music player).

The main menu can be accessed from the Home key on the external keypad and looks very much like a usual Nokia handset featuring Symbian OS. The difference is that most of the applications you decide to install will go right here and not in any predefined folder like Applications or Games. Still, Motorola offered users the possibility of creating folders directly in the Main menu of the phone, so they can insert any software they already installed. The slider features a bunch of useful applications specific to any Symbian OS handset. 

Agenda is one of these applications, which is in fact the Calendar application found in most handsets, only that this one is more complex. All data can be synchronized and transferred to PC through the miniUSB cable connection. There's also a To-do list application, World time, Alarm (only 3 possible), Calculator (basic), Jotter (a simple notepad that enables user to make and read .txt files), File manager and Opera 8.65 browser for Symbian. There's no Word/Excel application included and most likely you won't find 3rd party software to work with the Z8. This seems to be the real issue with the slider. Not only that you'll find much less software supported by the included Symbian UIQ OS than let's say Windows Mobile of Symbian S60 OS, but you'll also be disappointed by the fact that only a few of these can be installed on the device. Why's that? It seems that most of the supported applications are either too old or simply cannot pass the security system check. This is a serious problem and makes the phone rather unhandy and inefficient.


Despite the fact that Z8 has been tagged as a mid-tier handset, Motorola embedded 3G and HSDPA technologies, which are mostly specific to high-end handsets. The only thing that is missing might be the WLAN connectivity, but that is not really necessary as the phone is not that user friendly. Anyway, tests revealed a little bit of sluggishness in data transfer speed: 329 Kbit/s download and 50 Kbit/s upload for HSDPA, 60 Kbit/s download and 18 Kbit/s upload for EDGE.

No impressive at all, but at least the Opera 8.65 browser offers users great speed when surfing the Internet. The Web-browser can format the page of any site across the width of the screen, but can also display the image on landscape or full screen. Users will also be able to save any website to favorites (directly in the phone's memory), switch off the image displaying or the Java scripts. The slider also features Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP support (96 KB/s upload and 103 KB/s download).

In terms of messaging, the phone accepts standard text messages, MMS, flash and sound messages, as well as emails. The message client supports the usual POP3, SMTP and IMAP4 protocols.

The tri-band (GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900) network compatible slider has one of the best GSM signal reception, but somewhat poor 3G/HSDPA signal reception. Unfortunately I have experienced 'Network busy' alert messages pretty frequently, when trying to call someone. This didn't happened with other phones that I had, so I don't believe it was a problem with the mobile operator's network. The sound's clarity is above average thanks to the CrystalTalk technology incorporated, and loud enough. Nevertheless, the vibration is somewhat mediocre in intensity and cannot be set to higher levels. That will surely make you miss a lot of calls if you set the phone on Silent.

Processor and Memory

The 'kicker slider' is powered by an OMAP 2420 ARM11 processor. The frequency of the CPU is 332 MHz. This is the same powerful CPU that has been embedded into Nokia's E90 model. That only means fast browsing, but also smooth multimedia and gaming experience. Don't be too happy yet. The slider seems to keep opened all the applications that have been used. If you press the Menu key on the external keypad a small window will appear that will list all the applications running in the background. Unfortunately, you don't have the option to close any of these. As a consequence the handset will start to lag more and more until you decide to restart it.

Space storage won't be an issue for Motorola RIZR as the phone comes with 80MB internal memory, but can be upgraded up to 32GB (microSD). Even if we don't have that kind of microSD cards, it's nice that the handset has been prepared for the future.


The integrated music player supports a wide range of formats such as: AMR NB, XMF, MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC Enhanced and MIDI. It can be minimized and ran in the background while you access other applications or functions of the phone. There are few settings that can be used: Play Mode (Normal, Loop Curr, Loop All, Shuffle) and Audio Routing (select speaker and/or headphones). There's also an interesting feature of the player � a widget on the home screen showing the properties of the track and playing status.

The vibes quality is average, just like the music player interface. There's nothing surprising with this so called 'multimedia monster'. I believe it has been called that way because the phone comes with 'The Bourne Identity' movie stored on a 512 MB microSD card. The Mobiclip Player which is used to watch the movie is pretty useless when you want to see other clips. The only solution to these problems would the installation of a wide range of codecs. Still, the small display doesn't offer too much of a 'multimedia experience' compared with the latest Nokia N95 8GB, which also comes with 'Spider Man 3' movie.


The 1100 mAh Li-Ion battery is a little bit disappointing. Even if it has an officially stated life expectancy of 380 hours in standby and 5 hours in talk time mode, in truth it failed to attain more than 3 hours of continuous talk. Unfortunately it takes at least 3 hours to fully recharge the battery and that is only if you use the charger that comes with the phone and not the miniUSB cable. The latter will pretty much double the time period.


Motorola RIZR Z8 could've been a great success if the US-based handset manufacturer had more feedback from its fans. The only thing that I believe it's worth buying the phone is the weird look. The phone's ergonomics is no less than excellent, pity that everything stops here.

Motorola Moto Q

The Motorola Q certainly knows how to make an impression. Ever since its introduction almost a year ago, this smart phone has generated a lot of buzz for its ultrathin form factor. Of course, Motorola generated a lot of the hype itself by touting the Q as the "thinnest QWERTY device in the world." And now after a number of delays, the Q finally is here, and thankfully, it delivers in performance and style. It offers good call quality, an outstanding multimedia experience, and the tools to keep business users productive on the go, such as Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition, EV-DO, and e-mail support. For the ultimate road warriors who need full functionality for editing documents from the road, however, they may want to opt for a Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone, such as the Palm Treo 700w. 

That said, however, it'll be hard to resist the Q's sexy packaging. Is this a good marketing strategy by Motorola? Definitely. For now, the Moto Q will be sold exclusively through Verizon Wireless for a fair price of $199.99, along with a two-year contract and a $100 instant rebate. Verizon's BroadbandAccess service plans start at $79.99 for 450 anytime minutes with unlimited data usage. Motorola said it would start GSM/UMTS trials by the end of the year.

Would there have been so much hype about the Motorola Q if it didn't rock such a sleek design? Probably not. The Q's form factor is a huge--if not the main--drawing point of the device. Modeled after the Motorola Razr V3, the Q measures a slim 4.57 by 2.52 by 0.47 inches and is actually thinner than the Razr. It easily slips into a shirt or a pants pocket, and ladies, the Q certainly won't demand too much space in your purse. The overall construction is solid, and it feels good in the hands, but if you haven't used this type of convergence device before, you might have to go through a period of adjustment to get used to the extra width, as well as holding it up to your ear as a phone.

The Motorola Q's screen is a sight to behold. It measures 2.5 inches diagonally and displays 65,536 hues at a 320x240-pixel resolution. The color output and resolution match those of the Cingular 2125 and the T-Mobile SDA, but the extra screen real estate makes it that much more impressive; colors pop, and text and images are defined and sharp. The display is even readable in direct sunlight. You can customize the home screen with a number of preinstalled background images, or you can upload your own. You also have options for changing the backlight time, the color theme, and the font size. Be aware, however, that the Q doesn't have a touch screen, and the display's landscape orientation takes a bit of acclimation. More scrolling is involved when viewing Web pages and documents, but we grew accustomed to it after a few tries. The screen's tendency to hold a lot of smudges and fingerprints irked us, however, so we had to clean it constantly. Even worse, Verizon doesn't package the device with a protective case or a screen chammy, so those would be worthy investments.
The Moto Q features a sleek, functional QWERTY keyboard, as well as navigation controls.
Because the Motorola Q lacks a touch screen, you must use a set of controls below the display and along the right spine to navigate through the menus and to launch apps. First, below the screen, there are two soft keys, the Send and End buttons for phone calls, a Home shortcut, a Back key, and a five-way navigation toggle. Taking more design cues from the Razr, the Q has a sleek layout for its keys, but since they're set flush with the phone's surface, you'll want to make sure to press each button firmly to register the action. Easier to use are the scrollwheel (pushing in the jog dial will act as a Select button) and a Back key on the right side--very reminiscent of controls on a BlackBerry.

The integrated QWERTY keyboard went through a couple of iterations during the Motorola Q's design period, but we're pretty happy with the results. The bubbly keys have a rubbery feel to them, so they're incredibly tactile. And whereas the Treo's keyboard feels a bit cramped, the Q's has a spacious layout. Motorola also incorporates a camera and a speakerphone-activation button into the keyboard; both are located on the bottom-right side, just to the right of the spacebar. Our only complaint would be that the backlighting is dim for typing in darker environments.

The Moto Q has a 1.3-megapixel camera with flash and a 6X zoom.
The back of the Motorola Q houses the camera lens, the flash, and the stereo speakers. The battery is removable, and an extended cell is available for purchase, although it will add just 0.1 inch of bulk. On the left spine, you'll find the infrared port, a mini USB port, and a Mini SD card slot. One minor note about the last item: It's protected by an attached cover, but the rubber is pretty inflexible, so it took us a few attempts at prying it open. It might help to have nails or to use some kind of edge to uncover the expansion slot. Finally, a 2.5mm headset jack is located on top of the device.

Disappointingly, Verizon is stingy with the included accessories. The Motorola Q comes packaged with only a power adapter, a USB cable, a holster, installation CDs, and user guides. Optional accessories, such as a desktop cradle, Bluetooth stereo headphones, and GPS receivers, are available for purchase through Motorola and third-party providers.

The Motorola Q's features aren't as revolutionary as its design. That's not to say the Q lacks functionality, but it doesn't offer anything that the other Windows Mobile smart phones don't have. As we mentioned earlier, the Moto Q runs Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition, which means you won't get the full Mobile Office Suite--no Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, or PowerPoint Mobile. Instead, the Q comes preloaded with Picsel Viewer so that you can view but not edit said files; the app also lets you open PDFs. The device has 128MB of flash memory and 64MB of RAM, with roughly 60MB of user-accessible memory. If you plan on carrying a lot of work documents or multimedia files, do yourself a favor and get a Micro SD card, as none are included in the box.

Motorola RAZR2 V8

In summary: The actual RAZR 3 V8 will be perhaps thinner compared to the first RAZR, and also utilizes premium components in the design to be able to up-date the search. Novel characteristics for example an external touch screen intended for playing songs, and also CrystalTalk technology intended for boosted phone lucidity ensure it is well worth trying. The actual camera will be typical, however the ipod will be beneficial, the actual ram will be beneficial, battery pack lifestyle will be tolerable plus the cell phone provides a beneficial all-round mixture of type and also operation.

Evaluation: September 2007.

After 36 months, the main Motorola RAZR is still inside outlets, and that is the extraordinary achievements inside cell market. The actual RAZR created various follow-ups, which includes numerous 3G telephones, although at this point a brand new motorola milestone has been reached with the kick off of the RAZR 3 V8. The actual V8 will be perhaps finer compared to the first RAZR, at only 11. 9mm thicker, and when started out it really is remarkably thin. Still it really is bulkier compared to the first, which provides this a really considerable feel. Area of the cause of the actual heaviness will be the employment of stainless steel inside covering. The phone likewise utilizes premium components for example opera and also chemically solidified cup. Eventhough it looks just like the RAZR, this can feel more upmarket, including Nokia's premium 8800 Sirocco. The actual keypad will be larger than that will of the first RAZR, plus the recommendations are more tactile as well.

Though the RAZR2 seriously isn't purely an improved RAZR cell phone : this is a very distinctive product, even as will certainly make clear. The most striking options that come with the actual RAZR2 will be how big the external display screen. It is an ultra-high image resolution 3 half inch exhibit, which makes it the best external exhibit in the type : quite possibly in any cell phone. It's also the touch screen, thus, making this cell phone the initial of the form. 

The actual touch screen regulates seem for the external display screen, much like the LG Prada or perhaps the actual iphone, and they are context-sensitive. By way of example, when the ipod will be for the touch screen enable you to choose songs, for example, and thus the unit can be employed like a advertising participant despite having the actual clamshell shut. Different operation can be acquired through the external display screen, for example studying and also replying to be able to texts. That is a definitely nice strategy. When not used like a touch screen, the actual external exhibit exhibits information for example the date and also time, or perhaps newly arriving message or calls.

The actual V8 can also be the initial retail accessible Linux-based cell phone. Linux can be an operating system officially used on computers (especially webservers and also workstations) and so putting this over a cellphone is not a distinct shift. On the other hand, the end result is usually a rapidly, reactive method that will supports multitasking effectively (so you'll be able to engage in songs even though utilizing various other cell phone operates, intended for example). The phone has a minor propensity to be able to deep freeze, although a smaller amount in comparison with Symbian telephones.

Yet another completely new attribute inside V8 will be Motorola's completely new CrystalTalk technology. That is a mixture of hardware and also application changes that hopefully will boost words lucidity and also decrease track record sounds. Can it do the job? In short, without a doubt. The actual V8 offers phone lucidity that will bests earlier many years of Motorolas and also positions this in place generally there with the very best coming from Nokia, Samsung or perhaps Sony Ericsson.

The actual advertising participant set up inside RAZR2 will be House windows Media Player® 11, which in turn is a good ipod, together with large help intended for practically all songs forms. It is possible to build and also manage playlists from your cell phone, and also synchronisation using a PC is easy. It is a disgrace there is no r / c however, as well as the bundled earbuds usually are not the best being offered. The actual ram accessible will be sometimes 512 Mbytes or perhaps 3 Gbytes, depending on which in turn variation of the V8 you decide. It may not be expandable, and so we would suggest that you decide the two Gbyte variation, while you won't have the capacity to alter your thoughts afterwards!
  • The actual RAZR2 has the camera and also online video recorder, although at only 3. 0 megapixels with out adobe flash the actual camera is in very best typical.
  • The actual V8 supports Wireless cellular connectivity (version 2) together with help intended for Wireless headsets, plus microUSB 3. 0 connectivity, offering rapidly information cable connections using a PC.
  • Electric battery lifestyle will be tolerable, however the huge LCD shows perform have a tendency to eat power. Based on how much you make use of the unit, you'll likely receive concerning 1 and also 3 days' utilize concerning prices.
Summing in place, the actual RAZR2 V8 is usually a definitely intriguing cell phone : far more than simply the slimmed-down V3. The actual external touch screen is usually a definitely nice strategy, the actual CrystalTalk attribute is successful, plus the advertising participant is great. Connectivity will be beneficial so will be ram (provided that you just choose the 3 Gbyte version). Simply the actual battery pack lifestyle allows this along.

Features of the actual Motorola RAZR2 V8 include things like:
  • 3. 0 megapixel camera together with 8x electronic focus
  • Video camera (176x144 pixels, 15 frames/second, MPEG4 format)
  • Internal exhibit: 262, 000 hues, 320 back button 240 pixels (2. 3 inches)
  • Additional exhibit: 262, 000 hues, 320 back button 240 pixels (2 inches)
  • Ipod (MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, AAC Superior, WAV, AMR NB, XMF, MIDI formats)
  • Hands-free audio
  • CrystalTalk
  • Automated reply (headset or perhaps auto kit needed)
  • Presenter separate title dialling
  • Meeting contacting
  • Words recorder
  • Messaging: TXT, EMS, MMS, e mail (POP3/IMAP4/SMTP)
  • Pre-loaded games
  • Mystery caller no . together with impression
  • WAP, GPRS Course 12, ADVANTAGE
  • Opera web browser
  • Loan calculator, Alarm clock, Background, Screensaver
  • Storage: sixty-four Mbytes RAM furthermore 512 Mbyte more ram (2 Gbyte optional)
  • Connectivity: Wireless 3. 0, UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS 3. 0
  • Quadband
  • Pounds: 117g
  • Sizing: 103 back button 53 back button 11. 9 mm
  • Talktime: 470 min's
  • Electric battery standby: 330 several hours
  • Tunes playback: 11 several hours.

Moto ROKR E8

Once we very first played with any pre-release Motorola ROKR E8 earlier this holiday season, cellphones using haptic suggestions effect settings in addition to effect screens hadn't consumed the planet by tornado. Quickly ahead to help currently, in addition to we have now any number of Samsung telephones like the Samsung Impulse, Samsung Omnia in addition to Samsung Glyde using haptic effect screens, along with the LG Vu in addition to Dare a few. Your Motorola ROKR E8 swallows a diverse in addition to much cooler tactic using localized exterior haptics to the links (only the location underneath the personal option vibrates rather than the complete phone). Your ROKR can be a music-centric cell phone using Motorola's signature solid party in addition to voice top quality, and it has head-turning visual appearance. It's actually a stable music cell phone using only two gigs of inner storage space along with a microSD greeting card extension slot machine game, an ordinary 3. 5mm music audio tracks jack in addition to Bluetooth A2DP music support. Your phone's design and style is actually spectacular in addition to people questioned concerning this where ever most of us travelled.

Your Motorola ROKR E8 can be a quad band GSM cell phone using ADVANTAGE intended for facts. T-Mobile could be the only YOU provider featuring the idea, in addition to including brand new feature telephones about T-Mobile, your ROKR E8 provides support intended for T-Mobile myFaves.


There is no question how the Motorola ROKR E8 appears to be awesome. It isn't since sinuous since a few Nokia manner telephones we've viewed, however it has a modern-art including slab glimpse which has a feeling of 3 dimensional movement. The spine on the cell phone has a smooth effect exterior although other E8 is actually keyboard black color, easy in addition to slick. Your 2" QVGA exhibit sits inside panorama orientation and is particularly brilliant in addition to vibrant using 262k colors. Your ROKR E8 provides effect very sensitive settings using haptic vibration. You receive the many regular cell phone food list important factors, d-pad (all effect control of course) as well as a FastScroll controls wrap around the d-pad at 270 diplomas. Your effect settings tend to be simple to use apart from your FastScroll inside cell phone manner that is also rapidly to provide you with specific control. You need to use your d-pad however as an option to scroll in all 5 guidelines. Your FastScroll controls functions an excellent option for music playback control-- a lot more about of which after. Part links include a level rocker, video camera launcher, charging/accessory vent in addition to crucial lock/power about crucial. Your 3. 5mm music audio tracks jack sits in addition to the device, and also the only two megapixel video camera and also the exceptional rear-speaker continue to exist the spine on the E8. Your microSD greeting card and also the SIM greeting card each reside underneath the battery power doorway, in addition to you must remove the battery power gain access to sometimes.

Tunes settings appear if your ipod is actually operating.

However powering your rather experience, your ROKR E8 works on the awesome UI technologies called ModeShifting. The product offers a diverse set of effect settings according to framework. Your links are actually virtual--drawn onto the device in lieu of staying conventional components links, consequently Moto received your independence to position in addition to remove links because they found healthy, with regards to the undertaking taking place. 

You'll get the standard range important factors, phone settings, and other food list effect settings as soon as in the main/phone manner. However whenever you switch on music, the many range important factors and other food list effect settings go away absolutely. As a substitute you'll get your music playback effect important factors such as shuffle, replicate, play/pause, and so forth., morphing the device in to a ipod. The same thing occurs whenever you launch your video camera: you will note glide in/out effect settings, photo/video taking toggle control in addition to photography touch-ups effect settings. We now have viewed effect very sensitive settings about many feature telephones like the LG Chocolate yet none using this sort of imaginative integration between effect settings and also the software for the cell phone. See the ModeShift feature doing his thing within our movie under.

Telephone calls in addition to Instruments

Your Motorola ROKR E8 can be a GSM quad band planet cell phone that is which is available from T-Mobile the united states. Like quite a few Motorola telephones, your ROKR E8 provides great indication energy in addition to almost never lowers any pub actually inside massive developing inside T-Mobile's great protection regions. Your voice top quality can be excellent through both the earpiece and also the built-in speakers. We analyzed many Bluetooth headphones while using the ROKR E8, plus it worked well effectively using them. Your voice over the Plantronics Breakthrough discovery 925 ended up being clear in addition to level ended up being great. Your DSP worked well proficiently at blocking out street noises in addition to track record noises. The product range between E8 and also the Plantronics gotten to 10-15 ft prior to most of us read audio tracks wreckage. Your voice top quality ended up being a little bit a lesser amount of clear but in addition really great by means of your Jawbone II Bluetooth headset.


Your Motorola ROKR E8 provides basic cell phone instruments including any cell phone publication, calendar, messages, data file director, noisy alarms, car finance calculator, planet time, undertaking listing, notes in addition to voice notes. The product has a minor lag inside establishing software, shortly delays yet simply just prolonged adequate that you observe the idea. Game titles function smoothly for the E8. We located the device extremely satisfying to make use of as soon as operating most software in addition to most of us were being happy using Java video game titles functionality. The thing most of us didn't take care of ended up being your setup to the Call Post crucial as soon as myFaves is actually for the maximized environment. Of all telephones, your environment friendly Call Post crucial commonly sales opportunities that you phone firewood, redial and set off any phone. However the E8's Call Post crucial is actually devoted only to your myFaves setup. 

If you want to look up any earlier dialed quantities, to help redial the last range, and so forth. you have got to go to Call Wood underneath the Main Selection. Due to the fact you may use the house tv screen on the ROKR E8 to provide in addition to control your T-Mobile myFaves, setting the call Post crucial to provide myFaves isn't just redundant but in addition will perplexed most users. The good thing is, you possibly can alter your myFaves exhibit environment to help "minimized", and also the phone deliver crucial then really does what you'd probably assume the idea to try and do.

Your ROKR E8 additionally can handle TXT, MMS, e-mail in addition to web-based I WILL BE. Motorola's Symphony internet browser can certainly exhibit complete HTML web pages using most structure in addition to graphics unchanged. Merely a few Javascript provided your cell phone browser difficulties. Your cell phone browser rate is actually quality about ADVANTAGE.

Good ole' Upon

When you're prepared to transfer your own manner, your Moto ROKR E8 is actually primed being your own ipod in addition to Fm radio. Your at times frustrating FastScroll controls actually works effectively in the ipod, giving a iPod-like control knowledge. While using range important factors concealed in addition to music playback effect settings completely move, your ROKR E8 appears to be in addition to seems like a passionate Music. Your haptic suggestions is successful and also the 3. 5mm music audio tracks jack in addition to the device is a wonderful extra. Blend most of these using only two gigs of inner recollection along with a microSD greeting card slot machine game to help retail store music, in addition to you will have a highly effective ipod in addition to any cell phone. The good thing is Motorola in addition to T-Mobile include a 1 gig microSD greeting card to begin people off and also the negative news could be the microSD greeting card isn't very hot swappable. Your ipod can handle many significant platforms including AUDIO, AAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+, WMA, WAV, AMR-NB, Actual Music (RA) v10 possesses common music playback functions including playlist, shuffle, replicate plus much more.

How does the device seem as soon as enjoying music? Your Motorola ROKR E8 provides actually exceptional speakers plus it sounds even better over the 3. 5mm music audio tracks jack using music earphones, in addition to through Bluetooth music headset by means of A2DP. We have been pleased to find out modern music-centric telephones on its way which has a 3. 5mm regular music audio tracks jack. Your audio tracks is actually fresh in addition to loud over the 3. 5mm audio tracks jack for the E8, in addition to music tracks appeared great using nice striper in addition to route break up. Your Motorola also has any Fm radio of which sounds great in addition to becomes a lot of gas stops. 

You will need to select in a very regular 3. 5mm audio tracks headset to make use of your Fm radio, because headset's wire acts as the antenna (a sent music headset is actually included). Also you can shift the radio audio tracks from your headset to help phone's presenter to talk about using friends. If you want to pay attention to music wirelessly, your ROKR E8 provides Bluetooth A2DP in addition to AVRCP users to help be practical. We analyzed your E8 while using the Samsung SBH500, and also the music appeared fabulous through of which Bluetooth music headset. Another music-centric feature is actually Song IDENTIFICATION: set the device next to any music resource therefore it can certainly pay attention to some music, and also the cell phone will distinguish your music. Your ROKR E8 incorporates Song IDENTIFICATION centric by Shazam Amusement plus it provides besides your monitor label, but in addition your designer in addition to record details.


Your Moto ROKR E8 has a built-in only two megapixel video camera using 8x electronic digital glide that may additionally history movie. Your video camera usually takes nonetheless images at 1600 a 1200, 1280 a 960, 320 a 240 in addition to one hundred sixty a 120 answers, and also the graphics tend to be great by only two megapixel video camera cell phone standards. Your ROKR E8 video camera usually takes pictures as effective as those people consumed while using the iPhone's only two megapixel video camera, plus it catches great colors in addition to surface. Your graphics present minor unnatural sharpening, yet on the whole your nonetheless graphics will be great. Your video camera cell phone presents whitened sense of balance, consequence adjustments in addition to can handle multishot in addition to home timer settings. Your video camera also can history movie using audio tracks at sometimes 144 a 176 or even ninety-six a 128 image resolution. You'll be able to fixed movie top quality in addition to movie size (two MMS adjustments in addition to utmost size setting). Your movie top quality is actually quality devoid of apparent figure shedding or even blockiness.

Remarkable Battery pack Life

Without having 3G or even GPS DEVICE, most of us assume great battery power runtimes by feature telephones. Despite the presence of of which expectancy at heart, most of us were being stunned with the Motorola ROKR E8's runtimes. Your 930 mAh rechargeable battery power (model range BK60) provided all of us in excess of 7 a long time of speak period in addition to regarding two weeks of standby period. In today's power starving cellphone planet, most of these quantities should be very appealing to users who definitely are typically from asking for gas stops. Your battery power is actually person replaceable, and many users will do very good with no additional battery power (we do not get to convey that extremely often).


Your ROKR E8 can be a stable cell phone using great party in addition to audio tracks top quality, never ever shedding any phone. Your music knowledge is actually reasonably competitive using additional music telephones for example the Nokia 5310 and also the LG Chocolate 3. The lack of 3G in addition to similar companies such as internet movie (a los angeles Verizon Versus TOSS, Dash TELLY in addition to AT&T's CV), not any music retail store in addition to GPS DEVICE would be the downfalls to the ROKR E8 if you're contemplating insurers in addition to T-Mobile.

Master: Incredibly modern in addition to modern design and style using impressive ModeShift technologies. Your effect settings work nicely in most cell phone settings in addition to software. Very good audio tracks possesses wonderful battery power existence.

Disadvantage: Cellular phone lags occasionally. MicroSD greeting card isn't hot-swappable. Simply no 3G.

Display: 2" QVGA 262K colour TFT tv screen. Landscaping orientation. Quality: 240 a 320 pixels.

Battery pack: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery power, 930 mAh, person replaceable. Claimed speak period: as much as 7. 5 a long time. Claimed standby period: as much as 12. 5 days.

Overall performance: 2GB inner recollection. Cellular phone publication can certainly retail store 1000 items.

Dimensions: 5. 5 a only two. 1 a 0. 5 inches. Fat: 3. 5 oz ..

Cellular phone: Quad band GSM planet cell phone. 850/900/1800/1900MHz. GPRS/EDGE course 12 intended for facts.

Digicam: only two megapixel using as much as 8x electronic digital glide. Helps multi-shot feature. Still graphic answers: 1600 a 1200, 1280 a 960, 320 a 240 in addition to one hundred sixty a 120. May take movie using audio tracks.

Music: Helps MegaTones, HFi Ringtones in addition to AUDIO music colors. Music note of to help participate in music inside MIDI, AUDIO, AAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+, WMA, WAV, AMR-NB, Actual Music (RA) v10 platforms. Fm radio. 3. 5 mm music audio tracks jack. Could history voice memo. Helps vibration inform.

Social networking: Bluetooth v2. 0. HARDWARE only two. 0.

Software package: Helps myFaves. HTML cell phone browser in addition to Web-based I WILL BE up to speed. Messaging in addition to e-mail support. Music built-in. Helps Java video game titles. PIM instruments incorporate cell phone publication, calendar, messages, data file director, noisy alarms, car finance calculator, planet time, undertaking listing, notes in addition to voice notes.

Growth: 1 microSD greeting card slot machine game. Helps SDHC playing cards.

Within the Box: Your Moto ROKR E8 cell phone using regular battery power, HVAC charger, HARDWARE cable, sent music headset, 1GB microSD greeting card using SD adapter, carrying case in addition to imprinted manual.

Motorola RAZR2 V9

Far from currently being an additional update, the particular sequel for the V3 is often a complete different style of RAZR, with rounder tips, bright areas and -- for some reason -- a thin silhouette.

Motorola's RAZR, as well as V3, came out throughout delayed 2004, and possesses due to the fact features found their means in the shaking arms involving around 100 mil proprietors -- including everybody's most liked hedonistic jailbird, Paris, france Hilton.

Inside the several years since RAZR's release, Motorola features released a string involving V3 variations, like V3i (and their garish older Dolce & Gabbana cousin), the particular V3x and also the HSDPA V3xx. Though every featured a a little bit improved requirements listing, the particular sameness with the kind factor and deficit of interface improvements produced you ask yourself in the event Motorola has been resting upon their style laurels.

Get into the particular RAZR2. Far from currently being an additional update, the particular sequel is often a complete different style of RAZR, with rounder tips, bright areas and -- for some reason -- a thin silhouette.

There are three models from the RAZR line-up: the particular GSM V8, the particular HSDPA V9 and also the CDMA V9m. Though the Shanghai release event set the particular V8 heart phase, Sydney are going to be emphasizing the particular V9. The phone is actually in the beginning obtainable in dull upon Telstra's Next G network.

Simply just if we had been getting infamous tired of the particular V3 style -- which often appears out dated and blocky from the wake involving super-sleek models coming from some other mobile phone creators -- Moto features ponied the goods while using the V9. The overall look is actually much more sleek and sassy -- long gone may be the large ball in the base with the keypad, and two millimetres are skimmed on the level. The joint has additionally been recently smoothed decrease, shined in place and designed in a great oval, making it suit much better against the keypad and major exhibit.

The 320 x 240-pixel exterior exhibit is really a lot bigger at two inches wide -- that's only 0. a couple of of your inches scaled-down versus major screen -- and features three touch-sensitive tunes keys in the bottoom. We have now witnessed these types of song-focused hint keys upon cell phones like the Samsung A701 and Motorola's unique MAXX V6. Even so, the particular RAZR2 activities a awesome improve -- haptics technology may be employed to present a vibration reaction every time a crucial is actually hard pressed. That itty bitty thrill will you need to individuals who have been recently aggravated while the particular intangibility involving hint interfaces.

The V9 activities a bright firefox layer, and however it will catch the attention of fingerprints, the particular areas aren't quite the particular smudge village available on cell phones like the LG Shine.

Even though the V9 has been a great easily fit into your side, those that have tiny arms may fight to cover their own digits around the mobile phone. In 53 millimetres over, it does not take very same breadth as the primary RAZR.

Points have also received much better with this report; the particular growing old interface may be given a great modernize, with a Linux/Java-based os enabling add-on software.

The 2-megapixel, flash-free camera is actually a let-down given the particular litany involving 3-megapixel-plus cell phones around.

The next G V9 includes a BigPond-branded music player, that offers a primary url to the particular BigPond tunes shop. It isn't really as extravagant as the people we now have witnessed upon Samsung and Nokia cell phones recently, however the essential interface is often a easy for getting your face around.

Our V9 came with a 512MB microSD card, which often tacks upon very well for the 45MB involving built-in living space.

Connection-wise, you have got Bluetooth (A2DP) and UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS to be able to handle. A very important factor to remember: the particular mini-USB port that will dished up being an all-purpose connection upon past RAZRs may be nixed in favour of a tiny UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS plug, consequently do not trust in utilizing previous chargers and wires while using the V9.

Most of us liked the particular super-fast interface -- tasks that will helpful to have you twiddling your thumbs (such as trashing a folder brimming with high-res photos) had been done and dusted in no time. There seemed to be in addition no wording lag in the course of fast-fingered messaging.

Pictures obtained in daytime had been apparent and radiant, but night-time images fared poorly as a result of deficit of expensive.

WAP web pages and Telstra's website searched good on the V9's web browser, but typical HTML web pages got trouble aligning for the constraint with the exhibit. Inside the web browser personal preferences you'll be able to choose whether to install the particular web page to be able to screen as well as definitely not, consequently toggle based on your preference.

Even though the particular velocity with the interface features enhanced, the particular menus design may be the very same, and it may be difficult to find tips on how to change controls as well as access capabilities. For instance, the particular music player -- that may realistically become found underneath "Multimedia" as well as as a menus choice -- is actually invisible one of several Coffee games from the "Games & Apps" group.

Following the procession involving clonish V3 variants during the last couple of years, the modern RAZR is often a pleasing sequel, and will rejuvenate desire for what's today a quality team for Motorola. The original RAZR's achievement has been typically due to the fact it searched totally different to be able to other cell phones cluttering this market; whippet-thin clamshells are actually readily available, however the RAZR2 ought to even now capture the particular minds of these which fell for that V3 as well as tempting newbies.