Samsung Acclaim

Though the big four civic carriers accept enjoyed assorted Android phones for some time now, abate bounded carriers accept been missing out. That ends with the Samsung Acclaim, the first-ever Android handset accessible for U.S. Cellular. Surprisingly, the Acclaim is no second-rate smartphone, though; it comes with OS 2.1 out of the Bordeaux and we begin its achievement to be accelerated and reliable. The Samsung Acclaim is accessible for about $100, which we anticipate is affordable.


Compared with the contempo Samsung Galaxy S models, the Acclaim ability assume rather dowdy. On its own, however, the Acclaim has a simple common appeal. It measures 4.49 inches continued by 2.32 inches advanced by 0.6 inch thick, and it has arced corners and a angled button breadth with argent adorning its sides; its attending is not clashing added Samsung touch-screen handsets. The Acclaim is captivated in a harder bright artificial shell, and weighs a adequate 4.59 ounces.

By far the brilliant of the appearance if it comes to the Acclaim's architecture is its 3.2-inch HVGA display. It's not as active as the AMOLED displays we've seen, but for a $100 phone, it looks fantastic. Thanks to its capacitive screen, we begin the affectation to be actual responsive, additional there's pinch-to-zoom support. You can aswell toggle the accelerometer to bang in whenever you authority the buzz sideways, which is advantageous for applications like the browser. The Acclaim aswell has a adjacency sensor.

As an another to the blow screen, the Acclaim aswell has a aboveboard baddest key that doubles as an optical trackpad beneath the display. It provides a nice way to annal through Web pages after accepting to annoyance your feel beyond the screen. Surrounding the optical pad are the accepted Android hot keys to the pop-up menu, home, back, and search. The controls are laid out in a aboveboard rather than the added archetypal individual line. It acquainted roomier, which led to beneath adventitious presses.

The Samsung Acclaim has a abounding QWERTY keyboard.

When you accelerate the phone's affectation to the right, you'll acquisition a abounding QWERTY keyboard. The sliding apparatus is absolutely bland and locks deeply into place. The keyboard is ample enough, but we acquainted the keys were a bit too flat, with not abundant curve amid them. Still, the keys had a appropriate feel if pushed, and we managed to blazon out argument with few mistakes. The Acclaim aswell provides an onscreen keyboard if you would rather not use the concrete one.

The Samsung Acclaim has a 3-megapixel camera and LED beam on the back.

On the larboard aback are the aggregate rocker and a microSD agenda slot; the charger jack and camera key are on the right. On the top is the awning lock key and a 3.5mm angle jack, and there's a camera lens and LED beam on the back.