Microsoft Mobile Office bases with Android

Microsoft covers its adaptable Office bases with Android, buys time

Microsoft's barrage of Office Adaptable for Android aloof a few weeks afterwards the iPhone adaptation allegorize how the software behemothic is gradually advancing about to the absoluteness that it may not be the big dog on post-PC platforms.

In the end, Microsoft Office Adaptable for Android and iPhone are nice hedges should Windows Phone and Windows 8 abort to accumulate cogent adaptable share. Mary Jo Foley acclaimed that Microsoft has a roadmap for stronger amount Office apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, but appears to be giving those articles some time possibly for the Windows adaptable ecosystem to advance further.

The Android and iPhone versions of Office are tethered to an Office 365 annual and optimized for Word, Excel and PowerPoint editing. Selling Office absolute on those platforms would be a bigger move.

But here's the catch. Microsoft wants the best Office acquaintance on its adaptable platforms, but needs added share. If Microsoft's adaptable efforts on smartphones and tablets abort to advance accumulation Office 365 subscriptions isn't a bad alleviation prize.

What will be absorbing to watch is the acceptance of Office Adaptable for Android and iPhone. Will Microsoft accumulate new billow Office subscriptions or abundantly baby to absolute customers?

Bottom line: Microsoft is a software bell-ringer and can still accomplish endless of money with Office on any platform. The best bet for Microsoft is to advance its bets around.


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