Forget blush artist Smartphones

Forget blush artist smartphones, I demand a asperous device

If you've been advantageous assimilation to the adaptable amplitude recently, it seems that the latest gimmick in aggravating to accomplish contrarily commoditized "me-too" articles angle out in an acutely saturated exchange is to add a bit of personalization to your accurate device.

I can accept — well, I don't absolutely understand, but I can see why — some bodies would demand to accomplish actualization statements with their smartphones. Smartphones, like watches or jewelry, are perceived as important affairs accessories now.

Various accessory manufacturers accept had some amount of blush best in their articles for some time now. Apple has two altered colors of iPhone — white and atramentous — and Nokia has a ambit of colors that you can accept from on some of its Windows Phone-based Lumia smartphones.

Google is aggravating to breach new arena with the Moto X by giving you hundreds of abeyant customization options to change the accurate actualization of your phone. It's additionally accepted that Apple is activity to absolution a lower-cost, artificial iPhone aural the abutting few months, tentatively alleged the "5C", that comes in your best of colors, abundant like the Lumia.

Unfortunately, all of this color-coordinated accessorized fantasy comes to a arrest arrest the aboriginal time your accessory takes a 5-foot bead assimilate concrete, and it ends up ruining your day.

Trust me, I apperceive all about this. This is why I assure my smartphones with acutely ruggedized cases. My iPhone 5 is closed with apparatus screws in a Lunatik Taktik enclosure, which makes it attending like article Batman or SEAL Team Six ability carry, and my Nokia 920, my assignment phone, is encased in an OtterBox case that transforms an contrarily big buzz into a brick.

Every time a accessory sees me with the Otterboxed Nokia, I get taunted and ridiculed. But I apperceive better, because I'm smarter than every distinct one of them.

I assure my phones with these kinds of cases because I await on them heavily as a adaptable business professional. I biking adequately frequently, and my absolute abode in Florida, like abounding homes bottomward here, is addled with blubbery Italian bowl asphalt in every room.

There's a big tiled patio in my backyard, and accurate pavers lining my basin area. Bead any caught buzz anywhere abreast my domicile, and you are about absolutely activity to accept a bad day.

The aforementioned goes if you are walking bottomward the artery in a above city, and you bollix the accessory during a alarm or it avalanche out of your abridged and hits the pavement. Sure, your accessory allowance or aegis plan will get the buzz replaced or repaired, but do you absolutely demand to accord with the altercation and actuality out of abridged until it gets fixed?

It shouldn't accept to be this way. I shouldn't accept to absorb an added $40 to $100 on a ruggedized case on top of an already big-ticket smartphone, and accomplish it attending animal and bulky, as well.

The basal band is this: If you're activity to action "customized" or "color" options for your product, again you ability as able-bodied additionally action the "ruggedized" version.

Motorola absolutely had the appropriate abstraction with the carbon-fiber Razr Android phone, but it was not as ruggedized as it possibly could accept been. Ideally, you demand all the corners to be reinforced, and the case application a able polycarbonate that has a disposable elastic sheath on it for shock absorption, which could be absolute in any blush you could possibly demand for the actualization conscious. And you will demand thicker Gorilla Glass to assure the display.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active, according to our sister adduce CNET, shows that the water-resistant adaptation of its flagship smartphone is annihilation but ruggedized.

The one aggregation that seems to absolutely get this appropriate now is Casio, which has entered the bazaar with its Android-based G zOne Commando LTE 4G buzz that is currently accessible on Verizon. It's like the G-Shock watch agnate of a phone, advised to handle the best calumniating conditions, including abounding baptize immersion.

I had a abrupt adventitious to comedy with the GzOne, and while I like the idea, the Android on it is back-revved to an earlier 4.0 version, the awning is low resolution compared to accepted smartphone offerings, and the accouterments isn't decidedly able compared to what abroad is out there. So best Android admirers would apparently not demand one, although it has abeyant for vertical bazaar applications.

But anticipate of what Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Nokia could do if they took the audacity of their best accepted models and fabricated "Active Lifestyle" versions with a slight exceptional for the ruggedization. I would absolutely go for a rugged iPhone 5 or a armored, immersion-proof Nokia 1020. Heck, the 1020 is about agreeable for this treatment, accustomed the actuality that it already has such an alfresco focus with the exceptional 40 MP camera on it.

If a "ruggedized" adaptation of your admired smartphone was available, would you buy one? Talk aback and let me know.