Samsung Omnia Lite B7300

The Samsung Omnia Lite is a attractive buzz with a appropriate agency of features, but its ever complicated software and apathetic achievement accomplish it difficult to recommend.

Belying its bashful name, the Samsung Omnia Lite is a almost feature-rich handset that runs the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating arrangement and packs in abutment for HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS. It's additionally enticingly cheap.

The Omnia Lite doesn't accept the acceptable attending of a smartphone. It's not absolutely as advanced as best of the Windows Mobile and Android accessories we've apparent recently. Its narrower contour helps it feel added adequate in your duke than some of Samsung's added smartphones, such as the rather beefy Galaxy Spica. 

The anatomy agency does accommodation the 3-inch screen, however, as the affectation has a hardly abnormal 240 x 400-pixel resolution. The aftereffect is that, aback you authority the buzz angular to appearance a Web page, for example, it doesn't fit all that abundant of the folio assimilate the screen, so you end up accepting to do affluence of vertical scrolling.

User Interface
As with the added models in the Omnia range, the Lite uses Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system--in this instance adaptation 6.5. WinMo was adapted aftermost year to accomplish it hardly added finger-friendly, and there are some accurate features, such as an alleviate awning that doesn't crave you to absolutely alleviate the buzz in adjustment to appearance new emails or argument messages. It's still a continued way from actuality as convenient as Android or the iPhone's OS, however. 

Mindful of this, Samsung has slapped its own TouchWiz user interface over the top of Microsoft's offering. It provides three home screens that you can about-face amid by annexation your feel aback and alternating beyond the display. You can additionally annoyance and bead a ambit of widgets assimilate the home screens for alive displays of acclimate forecasts and Facebook updates, for example.

Having to run WinMo and TouchWiz accompanying seems to be hardly cutting for the handset's 624MHz Marvell processor and 256MB of RAM. It feels too apathetic as you move amid home screens or jump amid accessible apps.

The Lite's camera is additionally begin wanting. It has a adequately boilerplate 3.2-megapixel resolution and the apathetic autofocus takes a while to do its stuff, so you generally accept to accord with a diffuse lag amid acute the phone's camera button and it demography a snap. Outdoor shots don't attending too bad, as the camera delivers analytic natural-looking colors, but pictures taken central tend to attending noisy. 

Otherwise, though, the blueprint is rather good. There's 512MB of beam anamnesis for autumn files, and this can be additional appliance bargain microSD cards. The Lite additionally supports HSDPA and Wi-Fi for fast Web browsing, and there's GPS onboard, which works able-bodied with the Google Maps application. Battery activity isn't too bad either--you can apprehend to get about two days' use out of the buzz afore it needs a recharge.

The Omnia Lite's hodgepodge of Windows Mobile and TouchWiz is messy, and the handset feels abundant added apathetic than Samsung's contempo Android phones. Consequently, admitting its appropriate agency of features, abbreviate contour and almost low price, we acquisition it difficult to recommend.