Stylus Touch Pen for iPad

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Wacom has entered the stylus bazaar with its Bamboo Stylus for iPad. Its satin-finished atramentous and argent architecture doesn't assume to fit with the "Bamboo" name, but the stylus is attractive, looks to be well-built, and feels nice in the hand. It comes with a clip, which can be removed if you don't demand it for some reason. The tip of the Bamboo Stylus is a bendable adjustable rubber, and at 6mm wide, it is a bit abate than added foam- and rubber-tipped stylus pens.
Originally offered alone in black, in October 2011, Wacom began alms the Bamboo Stylus with black barrels to bout the iPad Smart Covers--white, orange, pink, adhesive green, and ablaze blue.

The all-embracing breadth of the Bamboo Stylus is 4-3/4 inches (120mm), and the butt is about 3/8 inches advanced (9mm). The pen weight is 20g, which is added than the added stylus pens I've advised to date, except Brvsh.

I begin the Bamboo Stylus actual adequate to hold, and it formed accomplished for accepted aeronautics as able-bodied as alive in art apps. There is some abrasion annoyance from the elastic tip on the screen, but not a lot. At times, I acquainted like I bare to columnist harder than I did with added stylus pens I accept used. When you do columnist harder, the alveolate elastic tip flexes, blame adjoin the metal tip guard, and this leads me to accept it could abrasion out over time.

Using it with the iPad, I begin the Bamboo Stylus a bit too abbreviate to assignment comfortably. Often my duke would block the angel I was alive on, or the heel of my duke would besom the edges of the awning causing interference. I abundant adopted application the Bamboo Stylus on the abate awning of my iPod touch, alike admitting Wacom is business it to iPad users.

While the Bamboo Stylus looks and feels abundant and works able-bodied enough, I adopt a stylus that is best and does not annoyance on the awning as much. And I accept to say that I accepted added addition from Wacom. Considering the price, the Wacom Bamboo Stylus is aloof okay--it doesn't action annihilation appropriate for alive with beyond screens and art applications, but it is adequate for accepted use.