iPhone 5

iPhone 5: 15 most-wanted features

First, an acknowledgment to those who've apprehend this commodity afore in its assorted iterations, you apparently accept a bad case of deja vu. Truth be told, I originally appear this cavalcade anon afterwards the iPhone 4 came out aback in June 2010, which is why you see a lot of anachronous comments -- but they are fun to read.

Hopefully, this will be the aftermost update, but you never know, because how continued this accomplished waiting-for-iPhone-5 adventure has gone on. As those of you who've apprehend beforehand versions of this cavalcade are aware, with the absolution of the iPhone 4S, Apple did accommodate some appearance I was acquisitive would be in the iPhone 5, so the account is now shorter; it's been adopted from 20 bottomward to 15 features.

By accepted demand, in this amend I swapped in "Industry-standard micro-USB connector" and alone "Removable battery," because, well, we apperceive Apple we'll never do a disposable battery. Also, back Apple has accepted that FaceTime over cellular will be enabled with the absolution of iOS 6, I added that advice to the text.

As a reminder, the 15 items in the account are ordered from atomic important to best in a about-face countdown. I've additionally included what I anticipate are the allowance of Apple absolutely implementing anniversary request. As always, feel chargeless to accede or disagree with me and accomplish your own suggestions (and to column your own ordered ambition list).