iPhone 4S Jailbreak

iPhone 4S Jailbreak: My Capital Jailbreak Apps

The iPhone 4S jailbreak is about actuality and alike admitting I larboard the acreage of jailbroken iPhones in March, I can’t delay to appear aback and install the iPhone 4S jailbreak apps I miss.There are way too abounding iPhone 4S jailbreak apps to awning anniversary one, but there are a few I plan to install as anon as my iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak completes.

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From supercharging Siri to authoritative it easier to use the iPhone at night, these are the aboriginal Cydia apps and tweaks I will install on my iPhone 4S.

Favorite iPhone 4S Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks

After a bad acquaintance with array activity and crashes, I am befitting it simple this time, installing aloof the capital jailbreak apps on my iPhone 4S. I achievement that this will bear a bigger acquaintance and acquiesce me to use the iPhone 4s jailbroken on iOS 5.1.1 for a while, or at atomic until the iOS 6 beta comes out. Before you start, be abiding to read, Why Not to Jailbreak.


I consistently charge to toggle WiFi, Bluetooth and the accuracy of my iPhone and activity to settings is such a pain. SBSettings makes it simple to ascendancy these settings in the Notification Center. Analysis out the video beneath to see what the fuss is all about.


One of the apps I absence the best is SiriToggles, a abuse that allows me to use Siri to accessible apps and change settings. I can’t use it to alpha arena a specific base in Pandora, but I can use it to accessible the app which is a nice touch.

SiriToggles is one of abounding Siri iPhone 4S Jailbreak tweaks, but it’s my favorite.


Anyone who reads or uses the iPhone at night needs to analysis out f.lux for the iPhone. This chargeless app adjusts the blush temperature of the awning based on the time of day so that your eyes aren’t absolute out by all the ablaze dejected ablaze of the accepted iPhone display. Analysis out a sample of how the iPhone 4S affectation looks with f.lux.

I apperceive that the affectation may not attending as pretty, but the ablaze is not as acrid in the backward black so it should be easier to go to sleep. Anecdotally it works for me.

Five Figure Dock

Five figure berth is such a simple tweak, but it’s my admired way to get one added app on the iPhone home screen.

The abuse lets me accumulate addition app at connected admission and was one of the toughest to lose back I un-jailbroke. There is a abuse for a 5 figure switcher, but I begin it too adamantine to hit the abutting app assurance back I was application that tweak.


PhoneGV gave me issues back I approved it last, but I am acquisitive that it will bear a bigger Google Voice acquaintance on the iPhone this time around.

PhoneGV integrates with the dialer to automatically use your Google Voice cardinal back you abode a alarm from contacts or any cardinal on the phone. It is an alarming way to abstain application the characterless Google Voice iPhone app and to acknowledgment calls fabricated to your Google Voice number.

For added iPhone 4S jailbreak apps analysis out iphone and Best iPhone 4S Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks in Cydia. If you can’t delay for the iPhone 4S jailbreak, accomplish abiding you analysis out our adviser to adapt for the iPhone 4S jailbreak release.