Android 4.0 for 7 HTC Phones

Android 4.0 receivable in promptly 2012 for 7 HTC telephones 

The frozen custard Sandwich form of Google's portable managing framework will land on HTC telephones early afterward year--but don't look for it on all models. 

The late HTC Rezound is near the telephones that will get Google's frozen custard Sandwich discharge of Android in right on time 2012. 
(Credit: HTC ) 
HTC, which rose to smartphone unmistakable quality with Google's Android working framework, will start offering the late gelato Sandwich form in "right on time 2012," the outfit expressed today. 

Look for Android 4.0 on some, but not all units. HTC offered this preparatory post on its Facebook page: 

HTC knows how electrified our fans are to get their involved Google's most cutting edge form of Android, frozen dessert Sandwich, so we're thrilled today to affirm the first wave of HTC telephones that will gain redesigns: We can affirm the mark newfangled HTC Vivid, on special starting today, is upgradeable to frozen dessert Sandwich. Besides, sorbet Sandwich is going in promptly 2012 to a mixed bag of mechanisms incorporating the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XL and HTC Sensation XE, and additionally the HTC Rezound, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Plan 4G and HTC Surprise 4G through close joining with our transporter mates. 

There probable could be more, but HTC isn't dedicating yet. "We're carrying on to evaluate our feature portfolio, so stay tuned for additional redesigns on unit redesigns, timing, and different portions about HTC and frozen custard Sandwich," HTC expressed. 

Android overhauls are a disagreeable matter. Google's late working frameworks should sift through telephone producers and portable system drivers before touching base in clients' hands, and that might be an extended methodology even in the cases where it happens. More senior Android telephones would not be able to handle late Android forms, and transporters that have redone the OS with their specific emphasizes need to re-alter it for upgrades. 

In an investigation of 18 Android telephones, Michael Degusta found the Android telephones slacked iPhone models in backing for brand new forms of the working framework. Holders of even more current Android models aren't wrong to doubt that they'll see sorbet Sandwich on their telephones.