Best Tablets Brands 2013

In old times who would have ever thought that the entire functions and features of computer can be sink in portable Tablets. This is possible just because of the continuous development of science and technology. The popularity of Tablets is increasing day by day like a fire in a jungle. Nowadays they are available in various sizes colors each has its own unique and bold features. Customers have also the privilege of looking for variety as there are many top-notch brands that offers an extensive collection of tablets. However sometimes it becomes a little bit difficult for them to select the best brand. To overcome those specific problems we have compiled a list of top Tablet brands so that one can easily draw a line between the good and the very best.


Apple is one of the top brands that carry a vast range of electronics items. It has produced some of the exceptional portable devices over the last few years including tablets. The Apple tablets are the most outstanding tablets with an enormous power and display competences. Freshly Apple tossed its second class of tablets named iPad mini. These tablets are superb in every aspect such as viewing full high definitions movies, recording videos, wide application library and many others.


It is also the premium brand that hardly needs a second introduction. It has launched some of the best tablets models for its customers. These tablets run on two operating systems i.e., android and Microsoft windows. The tablets of Samsung are known for its high performance and reliability. The brand is fully dedicated to produce the masterpieces of tablets in upcoming time.


It has also taken some bold steps in the race of producing high quality and effective tablets. The most popular tablet of Asus is Nexus seven which is full with remarkable features. The best about this tablet is it is available at much discounted prices so that customers can enjoy the thrill of this tablet without breaking their bank. Furthermore if you are on a hunt for something special than try the Asus Transformer tablets the price of these tablets are slightly on a higher side but the quality and compatibility is unmatchable. They have detachable keyboard and good battery life.


Like the other leading brands, Dell is not that much behind they have manufactured truly sensational tablets in recent times. They are pretty more motivated on windows 8RT platform. Dell tablets retain vast gorgeous screens with hardcore hardware mechanisms. To the some extent the prices of these tablets may be higher as compare to other companies but their designs and performance worth some money spending.


HP is also one of the Tablet Brands and is engineering the greatest revolutionizing tablets running exclusively on windows 8RT platform. They have enormous power and numerous connectivity options, supporting extensive range of external devices. HP has also manufactured an android tablet, named as HP Slate that provides excellent performance. HP envy x2 and HP Slate are the best tablets in terms of performance and appearances.