Windows Phone 8XT by HTC Reviews

With the HTC 8XT, Sprint sees its aboriginal Windows Buzz 8 device. For Windows Buzz lovers, it's a acceptable affair because the HTC 8XT is a solid buzz priced accurately at just $99.99 with a two-year contract. The smartphone's abbreviate architecture and ablaze weight are elements that we admired about its predecessor, the HTC 8X. Now Sprint barter get to adore that anatomy agency with all the appurtenances from Windows Buzz 8.

One affair HTC consistently seems to get is acceptable architecture and abundant best in materials. This smartphone's body superior is accomplished because its advised audience. For a mid-range and affordable smartphone, we absolutely fell in adulation with the body and form. It wasn't too continued ago that a smartphone in the $100 ambit would aswell beggarly a huge cede in body quality. Thankfully, that is no best the trend.

For admirers of variety, we accept some bad news: the smartphone comes in alone one blush for Sprint, and that's California blue. It's a actual abysmal dejected that about looks purple, so if that's a huge turn-off, there aren't added options.

Despite getting what we'd accede a mid-range smartphone, HTC managed to backpack a few nice appearance into the 8XT. You may already be accustomed with HTC's accord with Beats Audio, so the 8XT gets that treatment, too. It aswell appearance BoomSound, which can be begin on the HTC One. The two front-facing speakers anniversary accept their own amp, so you'll get appropriate complete and aggregate if you're alert to music through the speakers.

For specs nerds, this Windows Buzz 8 smartphone has a 4.3" affectation covered with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. It's 800 x 480, so don't apprehend acid graphics, but it's acceptable enough. Under the awning there is a Qualcomm 1.4GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. The array is 1,800 mAh, which seems baby compared to what's on the bazaar today, but it got us through the day just accomplished with abstinent use.


You'll acquisition a solid 8MP camera on the aback of the accessory with a baby LED flash. Up front, there is a 1.6MP camera for selfies and video calling.

Below the display, you'll acquisition the back, home and seek buttons that care to be accustomed to Windows Buzz 8 users. At the abject of the phone, there is a micro-USB anchorage for charging and syncing, and a baby microphone. On the appropriate bend of the device, there is a aggregate rocker and a committed camera key. The larboard bend of the accessory is apple-pie and button-free. Up top, there is a sleep/wake/power button and a 3.5mm angle jack.

The way the accessory is contoured makes the edges feel abbreviate and sharp, and it gives the smartphone an all-embracing feel of getting actual thin. Its ambit measures 5.2" x 2.6" x 0.39", so it does accept a actual baby profile, and it feels like it doesn't counterbalance a affair at just 4.23 ounces. HTC absolutely knows how to accomplish accomplished hardware.

We see this as getting the ideal smartphone for those who don't charge all the accretion and whistles and ability of Windows Buzz 8 smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 1020. The actuality that it's alone priced at $100 and has LTE capabilities makes it a bargain. Of course, Sprint's LTE arrangement isn't as ample as AT&T's or Verizon's, but it's appealing active area available.

The alone bang we can absolutely accord adjoin the HTC 8XT is Windows Buzz 8. Sure, we gave the belvedere appropriate marks in our review, and it's an OS that gets the job done, but adjoin Android and iOS there absolutely is no comparison.

To be clear, we don't abhorrence Windows Buzz 8, but its ecosystem is disturbing adjoin Android and iOS. Apps like Instagram, Google Voice and added big names are hardly missing from the platform. Instead, you acquisition apps that accept backwards means of accessing those services, or third-party apps and solutions that aren't about as acceptable as built-in ones.

But if you're not big on apps, and you use your smartphone mostly to shoot photos, analysis e-mail, browse the web, use maps and blaze off argument messages, you will not apperception WP8.