Huawei Ascend W1 Review

The Ascend W1 is Huawei’s aboriginal smartphone to run Windows 8 and its entry-level bulk puts it in absolute antagonism with the Nokia Lumia 620. Its angular anatomy isn't that agitative at a aboriginal glance, but its bendable blow aback makes it actual adequate to hold. The rather dull accumulation of atramentous on our analysis sample wasn't decidedly inspiring, but the Ascend W1 is aswell accessible in dejected and pink, giving it some personality.

The Ascend W1 has a 4in awning with a 480x800 resolution and we were admiring with its all-embracing angel quality. Colours were actual ablaze and rich, and blacks were decidedly abysmal for an LCD screen. Compared to AMOLED screens, blacks were a little grey, but the screen's adverse levels were great, assuming an accomplished akin of detail in our top adverse analysis images. Account phone, or not, this absolutely is a superior screen.

We were decidedly afflicted with the Ascend W1's performance. Its dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM were altogether able of active the Windows Buzz 8 operating arrangement calmly and it completed our SunSpider JavaScript benchmarks in a cool fast 1,182ms. This is agency the buzz is as fast as abounding added big-ticket handsets.

We absolutely noticed the aberration while web browsing, as we were able to cede the BBC News home page in just seven seconds. It’s a little slower than we’d commonly apprehend from this blazon of SunSpider score, but it’s still absurd for a buzz this cheap. We had to zoom in to apprehend desktop versions of sites due to the analogously low resolution, but it coped able-bodied with apprehension argument and images up close, and we accomplished hardly any hasty movement or bleared argument while annexation about the page.

We admired application the keyboard, too. Numbers and symbols are on a abstracted screen, but anyone who’s acclimated the onscreen keyboard on a Windows 8 laptop or PC will acquisition it actual familiar. The keys yield up about bisected the screen, but any abate and they’d be too fiddly to tap accurately.

One affair missing from the Ascend W1 is a advanced ambit of chargeless apps. This is the capital disadvantage it has compared to a Nokia Lumia, which comes with a host of pre-installed apps address of Nokia. However, we are alpha to see added and added key apps accomplish their way assimilate Windows Buzz 8. It’s still not as absolute as Android or iOS, but the contempo additions of iPlayer and a beta adaptation of Spotify go some way in authoritative it a added adorable operating system. You’ll apparently charge to yield advantage of Ascend W1's microSD agenda aperture if you’re planning on downloading lots of apps, though, as its 4GB of centralized accumulator doesn’t accord you a huge bulk of additional room.

Where the Ascend W1 absolutely stands out is its array life. Its ample 1,950mAh array lasted 12 hours and 29 account in our video playback analysis with the awning set to bisected brightness, giving it about alert as abundant array activity as its Nokia rivals. This would be a abundant account for any phone, but it’s even bigger because the account price.

The phone's 5-megapixel camera was appropriately stunning. Our alfresco shots had affluence of detail and images looked aciculate and well-exposed with actual few signs of pixel-blurring. Colours were a little drab, but they were abundant brighter and active than added cameras we’ve seen, even if it wasn’t decidedly ablaze outside. Our calm shots were just as good. There was a little added babble present in anniversary photo, but it coped actual able-bodied in low light, capturing images acutely and with lots of brittle detail.

It’s one of the bigger cameras we’ve apparent at this price, but its video capabilities were a little added disappointing. It had agitation absorption on altar if in low light, with the auto-focus hunting a lot. In our still activity scene, our affective alternation and spinning admirers became jerky, and we had some aberrant ablaze ghosting on the image, a lot of acceptable acquired by the LED lights in the admirers absorption internally off the lens.

The Huawei Ascend W1 is a abundant Windows phone. It may not accept the apps or adorable body superior of the Nokia Lumia 620, but it’s a abundant faster, best abiding buzz at an even added affordable price. It’s ablaze amount and it wins a adapted Account Buy award.