Android or Windows Phone

Android or Windows Phone: What's best on a mobile phone?

Should I accept Windows Buzz or Android? Smartphone affairs advice.

Should you accept a Windows Buzz or an Android smartphone? We can't acknowledgment that for you, but we can point out some of what's good, and what is bad about both Windows Buzz and Android. Our adviser to two of the best smartphone alternatives to iPhone.

During the contempo barrage of the new iPhones lots of PC Advisor readers asked us which of the alternatives is best. There's BlackBerry of course, which offers abundant server ancillary abutment and business functionality. But the assumption catechism seems to be: Android or Windows Phone? It's not a catechism we can acknowledgment for everyone.

Both Android and Windows Buzz 8 action broadly agnate functionality.

They appear in a advanced array of handsets at a array of amount credibility - with the superior to match. If you are in the bazaar for an iPhone another and you ambition to abstain BlackBerry, for whatever reason, you are best brash to absorb as abundant time as you can with a array of handsets on anniversary platform. There is acceptable a Windows- and an Android buzz for everyone. It's just a catechism of award the appropriate one for you.

Rather than giving a specific adjudication to a catechism that absolutely can't be answered, actuality we accord accepted admonition on the pros and cons of Windows Buzz vs Android. See also: Android vs iPhone vs Windows Buzz vs BlackBerry - what's the best adaptable platform?

Android or Windows Phone: what's abundant about Android

As the a lot of accepted adaptable OS on the planet, Android offers an aberrant ambit of handsets at a array of amount points. There's an Android to clothing every wallet.

As a aftereffect abutment for Android from software developers and media owners is additional alone to one: iOS. You can acquisition every app you could possibly admiration in Google Play, and you can acquirement music and movies from a array of sources.

Android offers a akin of customisation to both end user and accouterments manufacturer. Not all Androids are the same, far from it. But the arduous acceptance of Android accessories agency that there are lots of accordant third-party accessories and accessories for Android.

Most importantly, afterwards all this time the Android acquaintance is now good. Like all aloft adaptable OSes Android is attractive and intuitive, at atomic in the added contempo flavours. See also: 11 best smartphones: The best buzz you can buy in 2013?

Android or Windows Phone: what's bad about Android

That arduous array of handsets is not consistently a acceptable thing. You can acquisition a artefact at every price, but you may not ambition to acquirement and use the cheapest Android phones, and you are not affirmed amount at a college price. The ambit of phones from altered manufacturers aswell agency that accessories and cases may not be compatible.

And it's not just hardware. Because Android is accessible accouterments makers aren't affected - or even incentivised - to accumulate their handsets up to date with the latest version. As a aftereffect phones are accessible with a amazing array of operating systems on them. Throw in the actuality that manufacturers such as Sansung and HTC address their own versions of Android to accord their handsets a altered flavour.

This leads to a array of superior of exerience - Android is far from a curated end-to-end experience. It agency not all apps plan on all phones, far from it. And not all Android phones even action admission to Google Play.

Not that this is consistently a bad thing. Some Android apps are terrible. And the best of media outlets can be confusing. Best and array aren't consistently to be desired, and accouterments makers will generally advance you in the administration of their own media- and apps stores. They may not accept your best interests at heart.

And even if you are an accomplished Android user, you may not accept acclimated the adaptation of Android you are getting. There is no unified experience. Finally, there is a perceived aegis accident with Android. Admission to Google Play is almost able for Android developers, so you can't consistently be abiding that the app you are downloading is legitimate. See also: Group test: what's the best Android phone?

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Android or Windows Phone: what's abundant about Windows Buzz 8

Windows Buzz 8 is a curated end-to-end experience. It's abundant afterpiece to iPhone, and BlackBerry than to Android in that respect. And it works able-bodied and looks good.

Indeed, in the case of Microsoft-owned Nokia phones, the accouterments and software is all fabricated by the aforementioned people. So you can be abiding that if you acquirement a Windows Buzz 8 handset it will all plan able-bodied calm - even if it is fabricated by a third-party such as HTC.

This has knock-on effects: there is no software-based aegis blackmail agent that we apperceive of in the Windows Buzz world. And although there is just one OS for all devices, these canicule there is a acceptable array of amount credibility in the Widnows world. You can aces up the Lumia 520 for beneath than ВЈ100, for instance. That's abundant for a superior smartphone.

Finally, for businesses Windows Buzz is like BlackBerry: your arrangement admin can administrate a agile of Windows Phones from the assurance of his server room. That agency abstracts aegis is a accomplished lot better. See all smartphone affairs advice.

Android or Windows Phone: what's bad about Windows Phone

First, you'll agenda that we've removed the '8' from the attack above. That's because users of Windows Buzz handsets with an operating arrangement earlier than Windows Buzz 8 will never be adapted above Windows Buzz 7.8. And that agency abhorrence with new apps. That may not affect your purchasing accommodation now, as you will buy a Windows Buzz 8 device. But it is account address in mind: although Microsoft says it will amend Windows Buzz 8 devices, you accept no redress if it chooses not to.

Also Windows Buzz 8 is altered to Android (and iPhone). Like BlackBerry it works in a altered way to the two a lot of accepted adaptable platforms. Humans who like Windows Buzz tend to adulation it, but adapt for a acquirement s curve.

The alone added downside that we can anticipate of is the down ancillary of getting allotment of a baby amateur in a ample market. All Windows Buzz 8 handsets plan well, but they all action abundant the aforementioned experience, accord or yield a awning admeasurement or camera spec. There's aswell a perceived abridgement of media and apps in the Windows world. Microsoft will acquaint you that all the aloft apps humans use is accounted for, but in my acquaintance that's not absolutely the case. And some of the apps that are there are not official, getting fabricated by third-party software makers. See also: best Windows Buzz of 2013.