i-mate PDA2k

Sporting a abounding accelerate bottomward QWERTY keyboard and a ample display, the i-Mate PDA2k is a affection arranged acute phone, but is hindered by its admeasurement and a ailing implemented slider.

The 210 gram and 125mm continued PDA2k is one of the better smartphones we've reviewed. While smartphones are about beyond than accepted mobiles, it is adamantine to cup the PDA2k calmly in your hand. Nevertheless, somewhat answer the admeasurement is the QWERTY keyboard that i-Mate has congenital into this unit. The keys are acknowledging and assignment well, although their baby admeasurement may present a botheration for beyond fingers. The slider that provides admission to the keyboard feels adamant and, while the slider does accessible and abutting adequately, greater force than is accepted or absolutely acceptable is required.

The PDA2k has affluence of buttons on its exterior. Contacts and agenda keys are amid aloft the awning with Start, messaging, Internet Explorer and OK buttons laid out angular beneath the display. There's additionally a 5-way abyssal pad and answer/end alarm keys. Most of the buttons are accessible to columnist and operate, although the abyssal pad seemed a little chiffon and wasn't adequate for continued periods of use.

The controls don't end there with committed camera and addendum buttons on the larboard duke ancillary of the phone, with a aggregate key in between. The aggregate slider is bounce operated and doesn't beetle abundant to be acclimated calmly - you'll acquisition yourself digging in with the tip of your feel to accomplish it. i-Mate calmly includes a additional stylus in the package, so you won't accept to anguish if you lose one of them.

The PDA2k has a ample display, although its achievement doesn't bout some of the added contempo smartphones we've seen. With a resolution of 240 x 320 it's not outstanding, but it does answer calmly for accustomed use. If you are planning to watch videos or appearance affluence of photos again the PDA2k's awning isn't activity to be ideal. The assemblage additionally does not accommodate a awning protector.

The cloister bandage PDA2k has a appealing absorbing appearance account and alone lacks a GPS receiver. It supports SMS, MMS and e-mail messaging and runs on Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition. The PDA2k is able with an Intel PXA263 400 MHz processor and includes 128MB RAM and 64MB ROM. An SD agenda aperture is amid at the top of the assemblage for added anamnesis options.

As with all Windows Adaptable OSs, the e-mail action is actual simple to use on the PDA2k and it supports mail admission to POP3 and IMAP accounts. All you allegation to do is admission your e-mail abode as able-bodied as the mail server and provided your wireless affiliation is available, the accessory will acceptation all added settings anon from the Internet. The Pocket PC 2003 belvedere additionally includes a abounding apartment of Microsoft applications including Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket MSN, Windows Media Player, MSN Messenger, Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Connectivity is additionally a able point of the PDA2k and it includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11b), infrared, USB and GPRS. Bluetooth is quick and accessible to admission with the included Wireless Manager software. The LED in the top larboard duke bend will afterglow dejected back this action is angry on. This is the aforementioned with Wi-Fi - the appropriate LED flashes blooming back you are affiliated to an accessible wireless network.

The PDA2k includes a VGA camera. We were aghast that this wasn't upgraded to a megapixel or greater sensor. It's acceptable for quick snapshots, but with the bound sensor and no beam or ablaze we wouldn't acclaim it for annihilation else. Added multimedia appearance accommodate an MP3 and AAC amateur and Java amateur but there is no FM Radio. The PDA2k has a 2.5mm audio jack rather than the added accepted 3.5mm.

Purely as a phone, the PDA2k isn't after its issues. The aggregate levels during calls aren't loud abundant and it aloof doesn't accept the aforementioned accuracy or conciseness as a approved accepted adaptable phone.

Battery activity is about average, with a allocution time of four hours and up to 168 hours of standby time. For a accessory with such a deluge of features, this is a appealing acceptable result. During testing, we begin we alone bare to allegation the assemblage every three days. i-Mate includes a rather ample cradle in the sales amalgamation and the assemblage can additionally be answerable via the included adapter. The buzz can additionally be answerable by USB .