HP Envy x2

HP Envy x2 video review: Acceptable laptop, abundant tablet

The HP Envy x2 is a glassy laptop with a advertisement awning that becomes a acceptable Windows 8 tablet. The Atom processor won't win any acceleration awards but does a acceptable job powering through archetypal laptop tasks.

In this video, the book is apparent in detail. The attenuate aluminum book is as ablaze as can be with the 11.6-inch display. The Envy x2 comes with a laptop berth that is additionally shown.

Hardware specs:

OS: Windows 8
CPU: Intel Atom 1.8 GHz
Memory/storage: 2GB/64GB
Ports: 2x USB 2.0; HDMI
Audio: Beats Audio
Cameras: 1080p webcam (front); 8MP (rear)
Connectivity: wi-fi; Bluetooth
Battery life: 8 hours tablet; 14+ hours with keyboard berth (has additional battery)
Display: 11.6 inches, 1366x768
Weight: 1.5 lbs tablet, 3 lbs with keyboard dock.