Zorro Macsk iMac Touchscreen

This is a blow awning customized architecture for the iMac. It integrates affluent accent of gestures. With your fingers, you can calmly accomplish attractive but circuitous operations in Mac OS, and advice your iMac actualization it best performance. 

Now, let your fingers ball on the awning and accomplish your iMac alive! It's additionally a admirable "mask" to assure the screen, she has a bland activity apparent and bright appearance. Don't you demand to brighten your iMac up with such amazing thing?It's time to add the affectation and alpha to change! The Touchscreen for iMac 21.5", Support Mac OS Lion and Windows , and suport all gestures in Mac OS Lion.

Zorro Macsk enables you to comedy amateur like Angry Birds or World of Goo on a beyond display. With Zorro Macsk installed iMacs, the chump acquaintance of shops, hotels, restaurants, and clubs are enhanced. Zorro Macsk-enabled iMacs are accessible for agents and appointment workers back they do demonstrations.

Zorro Macsk-enabled iMacs are of abundant advice for clear designers. Zorro Macsk-enabled iMacs accommodate quick and accessible sales affairs and added in the Retail POS Market. Zorro Macsk-enabled iMacs are alarming for Midi Software users.