Kingston DataTraveler Workspace (32GB)

The Kingston DataTraveler Workspace (32GB)$88.99 at Amazon looks like a high-capacity USB 3.0 beam drive, but it's added than bald storage. It offers Windows To Go, a portable, bootable adaptation of Windows 8 that lets you use an IT certified operating arrangement on one or abounding systems, giving advisers the abandon to assignment on the PC of their choice, or to move from one PC to addition and aback again, after missing a beat. Plus, it's all safe and secure, absolution your bodies assignment wherever they appear to be, on whatever PC they appear to accept admission to. It's your go-to band-aid for demography Windows on the alley after the aggregate of a laptop, authoritative it our Editors' Best for Windows To Go devices.

Design and Features
The DataTraveler Workspace looks like any added high-capacity beam drive, with a USB 3.0 adapter and a chunky, asperous architecture agnate to the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2 (32GB)$46.74 at Amazon, featuring the aforementioned absolute accommodation and a aberration on the aforementioned beefy artificial and metal construction. Larger capacities are additionally available, with 64GB versions accessible for acquirement ($170) and 128GB versions accessible for custom adjustment (Pricing varies by order).

Like the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2, the DataTraveler Workspace has a adequately defended cap to assure the USB bung from actuality damaged or dirtied, and it clips to the aback end of the drive during use. There is additionally a braiding bend for the drive, absolution you attach it to a braiding or keychain. Measuring 0.65 by 0.9 by 2.9 inches (HWD), you do run the accident of blocking off adjoining USB ports aback it's acquainted in, but this eight-ounce drive is exponentially added pocketable than any ultrabook or tablet.

Unlike added beam drives, the DataTraveler Workspace isn't authentic storage, but a carriageable operating system, and reads as a anchored NTFS drive. In practice, it's a baby solid-state drive (SSD), complete with an chip Sandforce SSD Controller and abutment for TRIM and S.M.A.R.T commands. It's additionally secure, alms abutment for BitLocker encryption and Trusted Cossack anti-malware and cossack aegis software. We ability accept admired to see some accouterments based admission aegis as well, a la the LOK-IT Defended Beam Drive or the Aegis Defended Key$66.99 at, but the aegis accessible should still be sufficient.

There is some accumulator amplitude accessible for installing programs and extenuative files—17.5GB on our 32GB analysis unit—but for absolute storage, you'll demand to backpack forth addition beam drive or carriageable adamantine drive. Designed for accumulated use, the drive came with a 64-bit adaptation of Windows 8 Enterprise, which can again be acclimated on any apparatus active Windows 7 or Windows 8. An added blow to accomplish the disposable drive a bit added resilient—if accidentally removed, you accept 60 abnormal to bung the drive aback in after accident any abstracts or abolition your assignment session. In the best term, Kingston additionally protects the drive with a two-year warranty.