Series 5 12.1 Chromebook

The (Always) New Computer
Chromebooks are fast to use, and don’t apathetic bottomward over time. They accept layers of aegis built-in, so don’t charge to buy or install antivirus software. They appear with apps for all your accustomed needs, and accumulate your files cautiously backed up on the cloud. And with free, automated updates, your Chromebook keeps accepting bigger and better.

Automatic Updates

Chromebooks automatically amend themselves: all of your apps break up-to-date, and you get the latest adaptation of the operating arrangement after accepting to anticipate about it.

No Dejected Screen

You'll never see a dejected screen. Chromebooks are congenital to get technology out of the way. Say goodbye to installing patches, as well.

Built-in Virus Protection

Your Chromebook has virus aegis is built-in, with assorted layers of aegis like sandboxing, abstracts encryption and absolute boot.

Get Going – In 1 Second
Get bound to the things you adulation on a Chromebook. Cossack up in seconds, resume instantly and amount web pages blazingly fast. Admission all your admired apps in one bang with the app launcher. Unlike acceptable computers, your Chromebook doesn’t apathetic bottomward over time.

Fast Booting
The world's fastest booting Chromebook boots up in aloof 7 seconds

Fast Start
It wakes from beddy-bye in 1 second. There's no charge to columnist ability button – artlessly accessible the lid and you're accessible to go!

Be Added Productive
Now you can multitask with affluence and get alike added done. A able Intel® Sandy Bridge processor and 4 GB RAM* ensure you can accompanying accessible alert as abounding browser windows as Intel® Atom™ based Chromebooks.

Factory option

Dual Core Processor
You can have a good timefaster web browsing, appointment tasks and music or video babble after any waiting.

Get the advice you charge – back you charge it! A Solid State Drive (SSD) provides decidedly faster alpha up and abstracts admission times compared to a adamantine drive.