Touching tactile mobile phone

Touching tactile mobile phone concept by Peter Lau designed specifically for blind people

We all go on cribbing about our touchscreen smartphones with a very user friendly interface but people who are blind can’t even think of using them, simply because they don’t have any other means of operating the phone. Keeping this in mind an intuitive designer Peter Lau has come up with the design of a tactile mobile phone for the blind, visually impaired, elederly users and sighted users which is good news for people with such unfortunate disability. Called as Touching, this concept mobile phone works on claw and fingertip action to initiate various functions like dialing numbers or searching through the phonebook for specific contacts. 

This ergonomic user experience comprises fourteen functional button that are easily locatable with finger tips or hand and for ease of use the main button are located in a grip for fast navigation with thumb. Although there is no outgoing SMS function right now but one can send SMS by recognizing the voice message and then translating it to send the message. On top of that the mobile phone has voice recording, MP3 playback, NFC (Near Field Communication) and wireless power recharging capabilities.

The unique geometric concaved faceted surface which makes tactile interaction possible is perfect for blind people for whom smartphones with smooth touchscreen surface is impractical. The three dimensional surface of phone surface has easy to remember key layout like send on front. To connect to and end calls there is a scroll button on the back side of mobile phone which makes it even easier for the blind to operate a mobile phone. Not only can one make calls with this concept mobile device but one can also play car racing game by following the voice instructions and moving the scroll wheel in either direction to change course.