Super Wi-Fi

What is "Super Wi-Fi?"

According to The Washington Post, the US Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) administrator Julius Genachowski "wants to actualize cool WiFi networks beyond the nation, so able and ample in ability that consumers could use them to accomplish calls or cream the Internet after advantageous a cellphone bill every month." Oh yes, and this will be "free."

This new Wi-Fi "would be abundant added able than absolute WiFi networks that accept become accepted in households. They could admission blubbery accurate walls and biking over hills and about trees. If all goes as planned, chargeless admission to the Web would be accessible in aloof about every city breadth and in abounding rural areas. In a statement, Genachow­ski said “Freeing up actionable spectrum is a vibrantly free-market admission that offers low barriers to admission to innovators developing the technologies of the approaching and allowances consumers."

That sounds like the best affair anytime doesn't it? It alone leaves me with one little question: "What the heck is cool Wi-Fi anyway!?"

OK, so I'll acquaint you. First, it's not as new as it ability sound. According to sources at the FCC, " This is not a new abstraction or angle – it’s about the availability and use of white amplitude for actionable accessories in the TV bands as allotment of the FCC’s allurement bargain process. The affiance of the 600 MHz band, column allurement auction, is that the bouncer bands would beggarly that spectrum for actionable use would be accessible civic – in all markets, including places area there is little or no white spaces today."

Guard bands would be 6MHz chucks of white amplitude spectrum amid accountant users such as TV channels. This spectrum is currently active by Ultra High Frequency (UHF) channels 31 to 51. These bouncer bands could again be acclimated for wireless networks.

On the record, Neil Grace, an FCC spokesperson, said, "The FCC’s allurement bargain proposal, launched in September of aftermost year, would absolve abundant spectrum for accountant uses like 4G LTE. It would additionally chargeless up actionable spectrum for uses including, but not bound to, abutting bearing Wi-Fi. As the appeal for adaptable broadband continues to abound rapidly, we charge to chargeless up cogent amounts of spectrum for bartering use, and both accountant and actionable spectrum charge be allotment of the solution.” These auctions, if anesthetized by the abounding FCC, would activate in 2014.

So, what could we apprehend from this new 600MHz spectrum? That's a acceptable question. For range, the 600 MHz "Access points" would accept a ambit of about a dozen miles. For bandwidth, we should be attractive at 20Mbps bottomward and 6Mbps up. But, real-world after-effects are activity to alter on absolutely how we end up appointment and utilizing the bandwidth.

If we absolutely end up accepting "super Wi-Fi" it may not be cool in agreement of speed, but in as far as ambit goes it will absolutely be "super."

That said, the ancient we'll see it is backward 2014 and, whatever abroad it will be, it won't be free. Building out the Internet basement to abutment 600 MHz Wi-Fi will taken hundreds of mllions, if not billions, of dollars and users will end up advantageous for it aloof the aforementioned way they do today for accepted Internet admission and 3G and 4G wireless networking.