Chrome and Android

Chrome and Android will abide separate, says Google's Eric Schmidt

Google's controlling administrator Eric Schmidt has accepted that the company's two operating systems — Android and Chrome OS — will abide abstracted entities.

Schmidt quashed rumours that the two platforms could appear calm in the abreast approaching at the company's Big Tent accident in India on Wednesday, according to a address on Reuters.

While accumulation the two platforms into one super-OS for its Chromebook and adaptable accessories doesn't attending acceptable in the abreast future, Schmidt did say that there could be added "commonality" amid the devices, according to the report.

Rumours of the accessible about-face in action were fuelled by the company's accommodation to accredit Sundar Pichai - arch of Google's Chrome browser and Chrome OS - to booty the captain of Android as well.

Google's rivals in the OS bazaar additionally tend to accumulate two abstracted systems for their desktop/laptop and adaptable devices. Apple uses OS X for its desktop line, and iOS for its iPhone and iPad devices. Similarly, Microsoft uses Windows 8 (or Windows RT) for its desktops and tablets, but is continuing on with Windows Phone for its smartphones.

Ubuntu, a new aspirant into the smartphone and book platforms market, is application the aforementioned amount atom of Ubuntu on the desktop for its adaptable and book aspirations. However, no phones or tablets accept yet been appear that use Ubuntu OS, acceptation it has absolutely a abundance to ascend if it wants to be a applicable belvedere contender.