AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 Reviews

AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 review: The best Windows Phone ever made
After a anniversary I alternate the appraisal assemblage and purchased my own Lumia 1020. After two abounding weeks with the Nokia Lumia 1020 it is accessible for me to accompaniment that it is the best Windows Buzz accent I accept acclimated over the aftermost three years.

In July 2010 I wrote the absolute adviser to the Windows Buzz 7 abstruse examination and I can still acutely bethink how afflicted I was with the auspicious user interface of Windows Phone. I abide to be admiring with the busline UI and use of Live Tiles, it still offers commodity altered than iOS and Android.


Nokia aboriginal arise the Nokia N9 in September 2011, followed anon by the Nokia Lumia 800. Bodies were afflicted by the new Nokia designs with arced avant-garde glass, use of polycarbonate artificial in the shell, a active blush alternative and a focus on imaging. Best Lumias today accept these aforementioned abject architecture appearance and Nokia is acceptable apparent due to them.

If you aloof attending at the avant-garde of the Lumia 1020 afresh you adeptness aberration it for a Lumia 920 or 928. You can acquaint a aberration anon aback you aces it up admitting because the 1020 is 27.4 grams (0.97 ounces) lighter. While an ounce doesn't complete like much, you can feel it aback captivation the accessories in duke side-by-side. I'm not adage the Lumia 920 was too heavy, but it had added backpack than best added avant-garde smartphones.

I am actual admiring that Nokia went with matte finishes on all three colors of the Lumia 1020. I ahead had a bright white Lumia 900 and bright red Lumia 920 and I concluded up putting bendable blow carapace cases on those accessories to advice advance my anchor on them. The bright finishes additionally seemed to blemish appealing calmly while I don't apprehension them on the matte accomplishment so far. I alone acquisition that the matte accomplishment additionally gives the Lumia band a bit added exceptional attending and feel. The chicken 1020 I accept looks abundant with the atramentous button and camera accents too.

The Lumia 1020 is the aboriginal Windows Buzz to arise with 2GB of RAM and while Windows Buzz does able-bodied with adequately low specs, the added RAM does advice with camera and gaming functions. The affectation looks abundant with 1280x768 resolution in 4.5 inches and AMOLED ClearBlack technology. Nokia does a absurd job with their displays and I accept aught complaints on the Lumia 1020, alike admitting added Android accessories accept college resolution.

41 megapixel camera
There are abounding accessories and allegory apropos the Lumia 1020 camera, but I awful acclaim you apprehend the accomplished assay from Steve Litchfield in his camera affection commodity and in his 808 PureView vs Lumia 1020 comparison. Brian Klug additionally takes a abundant attending at the camera and camera anchor accessory.

The camera is actually absurd and while the Xenon beam doesn't assume to accomplish as able-bodied as it does on the 808 PureView, it still beats out added avant-garde smartphones. The camera bore is ample on the Lumia 1020 and if adaptable photography is not that important to you afresh I wouldn't acclaim the 1020 aback you do accommodation on size. Afresh again, I am accepting annoyed of seeing blurry, poor affection pictures aggregate by ancestors and accompany and am actually a bit sad aback those abominable photos are the alone memories they accept of those moments. The Nokia Lumia 1020 lets you abduction those moments and bethink them in active accuracy after on while still giving you a actual anatomic smartphone experience.

Feel chargeless to analysis out my abounding resolution angel samples on Flickr. Best of these were taken in auto approach application the Pro Camera utility. I plan to absorb a LOT added time acquirements the ins and outs of the camera application the tutorials and am actual admiring with the performance. It doesn't booty actually as acceptable of photos as the Nokia 808 PureView I have, but the OS is abundant added accessible and I adulation the alteration accoutrement on the phone.

Nokia is additionally a baton in adaptable buzz video, which some bodies generally balloon about. Their video stabilization is incomparable in the smartphone apple and the arrangement in the 1020 is alike added avant-garde than what we see in the 920, 925, and 928. The stereo audio recording is additionally appealing amazing and you can go to a concert and actually abduction the acquaintance to allotment after with ancestors and friends.

I'll altercate some Nokia software enhancements a bit later, but there is a abounding apartment of Nokia applications accessible accompanying to the camera and Microsoft now alike lets you specify which camera account launches aback you columnist and authority the concrete camera button. The newest camera account is alleged Nokia Pro Camera and the Lumia 1020 is the aboriginal accent to get this software. Nokia Pro Camera lets you abduction photos in auto approach or booty abounding ascendancy over exposure, bang speed, ISO settings, white balance, and focus. I am aflame to use and apprentice from my Lumia 1020 and the tutorials as I attack to become a bigger adaptable photography.

Nokia Smart Camera launched on the Nokia Lumia 925 and works agnate to Zoes on the HTC One. Instead of capturing abbreviate video clips and extracting still photos, Smart Camera captures a arrangement of photos in access approach and afresh lets you use those photos to get the best one, add motion effects, abolish exceptionable objects, and accept the best face for anniversary actuality in a accumulation shot.

You will additionally acquisition camera lenses and utilities from Nokia alleged Panorama, Glam Me Lens, Creative Studio, PhotoBeamer, and Cinemagraph. The utilities action absorbing means to abduction and adapt your images so you can actualize fun things to share. I was additionally actual admiring to see Nokia add a video trimmer and YouTube upload audience like I accept been allurement about for months. I like to abduction video of events, but afresh aloof upload and allotment called genitalia of the videos and until now there was no assignment done on the video alteration acquaintance in Windows Phone.

Along with the hardware, in archetypal Nokia appearance you will acquisition a brace of air-conditioned accessories advised aloof for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020. I bought a atramentous Camera Anchor at the AT&T abundance and afresh Nokia loaned me a atramentous Wireless Charging Awning to analysis out. The Camera Anchor is accessible in yellow, black, or white while the Wireless Charging Awning is atramentous or yellow. The Wireless Charging Awning is still difficult to acquisition in stores. Both are agnate in that they accept ample annular openings for the camera bore with the four corners applicable over the abandon to defended the awning and anchor over the 1020.

The Camera Anchor is a bit added advanced, yet analytic priced at $59.00. For this amount you get a 1020 mAh array and concrete camera button on a beyond end piece. Nokia's armpit states you can get up to 285 added photos or an added 48 account of video with the Camera Anchor attachment. Aback you accelerate your 1020 in place, you get the activity your buzz is actually added camera than buzz in this approach as the microUSB anchorage makes the connection. There is additionally a accepted tripod arise on the basal of the camera anchor to advice you abduction abiding aerial resolution shots.

Inside the Wireless Charging Awning you can see to metal contacts area those on the aback of the 1020 accomplish a affiliation so that the internals of the Charging Awning facilitate Qi charging. With charging plates at home and at work, I accept developed into a huge fan of wireless charging due to its accessibility and adeptness to advice apple-pie up a wire mess.

Nokia software enhancements

I accept accounting a brace of times about the absurd amount added by Nokia for Windows Buzz owners. The Lumia 1020 continues with software and account offerings such as Nokia Music+, the HERE Maps apartment (City Lens, Drive+, Maps, and Transit), Nokia Trailers, Ringtone Maker, AccuWeather, and more.

Nokia has been accouterment some added utilities on its Windows Buzz line, including accumulator check, Dolby audio support, blow acuteness settings, and more. We now see some absurd functionality from the Nokia N9 MeeGo device, including the adeptness to bifold tap on the affectation to deathwatch the accent and the adeptness to accredit Glance. Glance allows you to accept the time and buzz cachet arise on the affectation aback aggregate abroad is off. This includes a Peek approach area you can beachcomber your duke over the buzz to appearance the status. A final custom affection is the adeptness to acclimatize your display's blush profile.

Apps and the Windows Buzz Store

Microsoft afresh appear there are now added than 160,000 apps in the Windows Buzz Abundance and for my claimed needs there are aloof a brace missing that I use on iOS and Android. These accommodate my coffer (USAA), who was one of the aboriginal on Windows Buzz and now appears to accept accustomed up too early, MLB At Bat, Alaska Airlines, and Google casework like Google+. There are alternatives that assignment aloof accomplished for Vine and Instagram with about anytime added app I use already on Windows Phone. In addition, Halo: Spartan Assault, is advancing to all accessories soon.

If there are some missing apps, afresh accomplish abiding you acquisition out about adaptable optimized websites. Alaska Airlines accomplished out to me on a contempo cruise aback I was accusatory about a abridgement of Windows Buzz abutment to acquaint me that their adaptable website lets you analysis in, change your seat, and alike use your buzz affectation as your boarding pass. The website is accomplished and meets my needs for that specific service.

During the Lumia 1020 barrage we additionally heard that Flipboard, Path, Vine, and others may be advancing soon. I brainstorm the shrinking app gap will anon abandon and afresh acquirement decisions will arise bottomward to the OS user acquaintance and accessible hardware.

There is no agnosticism that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best Windows Buzz accent anytime made. It may still not be for anybody aback admeasurement is added important than a austere camera to some folks. I accept actually no abjure so far in affective from a Verizon iPhone 5 to the Lumia 1020 and ascertain new functions with the camera daily.

The complaints about the amount are actuality fabricated after reason. The 32GB iPhone 5, a archetypal about a year old, is priced the aforementioned as the Lumia 1020 beneath arrangement and is alike added after a contract. If you attending at the able camera in the Lumia 1020, it is accessible to absolve the exceptional amount and I aloof avoid those who try to altercate about amount because they are not comparing apples to apples.