i-Mate 810-F

BARCELONA, Spain - In a bid to save its marketshare in the smartphone industry, i-Mate has done what not abounding manufacturers of its class accept done before: architecture a asperous smartphone. The 810-F is advised to the MIL-STD-810F aggressive accepted (although not absolutely certified), but lives up to the old i-Mate legacy.

The 810-F has appropriate offerings for accumulated consumers: it can be corrective in colours added than the bartering blue. A assemblage corrective orange was accessible at the stand, but PhoneReport was not accustomed to photograph it; however, a aphotic blah archetypal was captured for this review.

The small, yet beefy buzz appearance a 2.46" touchscreen affectation with QVGA resolution (320x240 pixels), a abounding QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA, 2.2GB centralized memory, a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an accelerometer. The buzz has a 624MHz PXA CPU, 128MB of RAM, and runs on the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, to accumulate with the i-Mate tradition.
Specifications aren't the capital affair of the 810-F. The careful apparatus of the buzz - waterproof elastic casing, metal screws, appulse aggressive awning - acquiesce it to sustain accident from pressure, heat, water, humidity, and acute shock, and still abide operating normally.

Another highlight of this new accessory is the Defended i-Q service, which can ascendancy the aegis functions of the buzz accidentally from the web, acceptance one to abolish all data, or artlessly lock it, in case the buzz is baseborn or lost.

One absolutely does not buy this buzz for a accustomed lifestyle. The abstracts acclimated in the phone, and now exposed, accomplish it an anarchistic phone. The keyboard does not feel normal, and its arduous dimension-ratio is abnormal. The buzz weighs 150g.

As said previously, the looks of this accessory are rather unusual: it has six arresting metal screws on the advanced section, and the absolute keyboard is one allotment (mainly to assure it from baptize damage).

The keys are raised, accordingly not all abundance is lost.

Many of the slots and ports are able-bodied adequate in adjustment to accumulate up with the theme, and they were larboard uninspected by us. One of these can be apparent on the appropriate ancillary of the phone. The 810-F does not abutment anamnesis cards, accordingly the anchorage could be acclimated for addition function.

The larboard ancillary of the buzz contains the bang - a rather abnormal place, as it should be on the appropriate side.

The basal and top abandon of the buzz accept been larboard bare (respectively).

The speakers, aback clip, and the 2 megapixel camera are amid on the aback of the phone. A alternation of connectors are additionally placed in this area to be affiliated to a accessible alien array pack.

The i-Mate 810-F is absolutely the ultimate asperous smartphone in the market, accepting all the appearance the customer is acclimated to accept in a Windows Mobile-powered device, but still be absolutely safe and defended - both physically and in agreement of data.