Lg Cg180

Lg Cg180 Cell Phone
The LG CG180 comes with a simple and easy-to-use architecture actuality accessible in a dejected blush scheme. It measures 3.91 x 1.77 x 0.58 inches and weighs alone 2.37 ounces. On the larboard ancillary you will apprehension the angle anchorage while on the aback of the buzz you will ascertain the alien speaker. The 1.51-inch affectation is able to abutment 65,000 colors and has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. You accept the achievability to acclimatize the screen’s backlighting time and its adverse while the chantry is not resizable.

Under the affectation you will acquisition the four-way toggle that doesn’t accept a axial OK button which is a little strange. By application the appropriate bendable key you will be able to baddest functions while for adjusting the aggregate you will charge to use the toggle. Regarding the keypad, you won’t apprehension a bright break amid buttons, so you will best acceptable acquisition it afflictive to type. Moving on, the buzz book accessible on the LG CG180 is able to abundance 500 contacts and allows you to add for anniversary access an email address, three buzz numbers and notes. In addition, you will be able to add one of the 11 polyphonic ringtones and to adapt contacts in groups.

There are additionally accessible added advantageous appearance including argument messaging, a apple clock, a block and a assemblage converter. Unfortunately, the CG180 corpuscle buzz doesn’t accept a camera and doesn’t abutment multimedia messaging. You alone accept the achievability to personalize it by application wallpapers and graphics. Another affection that ability be able to atone is the WAP 2.0 wireless web browser which allows you to download ringtones, amateur and apps. This LG adaptable buzz comes with some preloaded apps including to-do-list and calendar. You additionally accept the achievability to use GPRS chic 10 and comedy some Sudoko.
When it comes to alarm quality, the LG CG180, actuality a dual-band phone, provides a acceptable alarm affection with bright and loud conversations. A little annoying are the few accomplishments noises present, but they don’t accept the abeyant to afflict your conversations. The array that equips this LG adaptable buzz guarantees 3 hours of allocution time and alone 10.5 canicule of standby time.

All in all, the LG CG180 is a simple adaptable buzz with basal buzz appearance and abounding accessories accessible including car chargers, cases, batteries and charging docks. If you are absorbed in a buzz that supports mostly authoritative and accepting buzz calls, again the LG CG180 is the absolute choice.