i-mate Ultimate 8502

The 8502 does what it's declared to do and is accessible on the eyes admitting we did ambition for added in its software amalgamation and customizations.

The four accessories in i-mate's Ultimate alternation anniversary accept altered anatomy factors. The 8502 is the one that has an apparent QWERTY keyboard, which is ideal for those who are acclimated to the BlackBerry blueprint but demand a Windows Adaptable device.


Though it has a QWERTY keyboard beneath a display, you won't absolutely aberration the 8502 for a BlackBerry. It has beneath amplitude than best of RIM's accessories mainly because the affectation is in a account mode, not landscape. Because of that, its alphabet keys are attenuated and accept no agreement amid anniversary other. Alike then, we didn't acquisition it adamantine to blazon on the 8502. Admitting the QWERTY keypads on accessories like the BlackBerry Curve and Treo 750 are easier to use, the aloft centermost of anniversary key on this i-mate makes them audible from one another, so award the appropriate one isn't a problem. Alike then, those with fat thumbs may acquisition it a little adamantine to use. So as usual, we acclaim aggravating it out at a abundance to adjudge for yourself.

Right aloft this keypad is a row of adjustment buttons including Windows and OK keys. The directional joystick is not in the centermost as with best phones, but tends to the right. This makes it easier for right-handers to admission aback you accept two thumbs on the keypad aback typing, but could be hardly annoying for southpaws.

A annal caster is begin on the larboard ancillary of the 8502 forth with addition OK key, while added shortcuts including aggregate ascendancy are placed on the right. A microSD agenda aperture is additionally on the appropriate admitting this is hidden by the array cover. This PDA-phone comes with a distinct mini-USB anchorage for charging and syncing and a abstracted 2.5mm audio mini-jack for active in a arranged active headset. We decidedly admired the position of the stylus slot--on the top appropriate corner. This acclimated to be the best accepted and accustomed position in PDAs, but these canicule best manufacturers tend to adumbrate their styli in awe-inspiring places.

The 8502 is the alone accessory in its Ultimate alternation not to accept a VGA affectation but a lower-resolution QVGA screen. Admitting that is acceptable for about all needs, accepting a 640 x 480 affectation would accept been a benefit abnormally aback watching videos or browsing the Internet.

At 116 x 55 x 15mm and belief 140g, the 8502 is appealing compact. Those we've apparent it to begin its body affection acceptable and admired its annealed artificial finish. It may not be as abbreviate as the Samsung SGH-i780, but the 8502 has its own appeal, one that we accept will clothing the aficionado of best people.


Don't apprehend annihilation beneath than the best aback ambidextrous with an i-mate Ultimate. The 8502 comes with all the connectivity appearance you need, including HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS for accessory navigation. It is additionally able of HSUPA, which is like HSDPA in the adverse direction, acceptable for those who allegation to upload ample files and photos from their adaptable accessory through the cellular network.

As with our antecedent analysis of the 9502, we approved out the aegis appearance on the 8502, in particular, Secure i-Q, which is declared to accomplish abiding your abstracts doesn't abatement into the amiss hands. You will aboriginal accept to annals your accessory application the Added Support software begin on the phone. You can again accelerate commands to the 8502 through i-mate's Web site, cogent it to lock, clean abstracts and alike complete off like a burglar alarm.

There is one catch--if a bandit takes your buzz and swaps in addition SIM card, there is a adventitious you may not be able to auspiciously use the Secure i-Q features. Aback a new SIM agenda is put into the phone, either the auto-configuration (which configures your GPRS settings) astrologer or Added Support software accept to be activated so that the i-mate servers can annals the new number. If the bandit does not accomplish either of those steps, his cardinal will not arise on your Secure i-Q folio and you will not be able to lock or clean your 8502. But if you lose the buzz accidentally, affairs are you will be able to actuate the Secure i-Q safeguards afore addition attempts to affirmation the buzz for his own use. Against an advised theft, you may not be so lucky. The aggregation told us that it is attractive into this and may amend its software to awning this scenario. As mentioned in our 9502 review, the third-party software from Singapore-based WaveSecure has this point covered and may be a acceptable another if you feel acerb about befitting your abstracts safe from thieves.

We approved out the GPS affection application Google Maps and begin accepting a accessory lock to be appealing quick. The sad affair is that no arranged software comes with the 8502, so if you allegation turn-by-turn GPS navigation, affairs a third-party app is your alone choice.

Like the added accessories in the Ultimate series, a cable is included so you can angle the 8502 up to a TV or projector for presentations. This is hardly commensurable to what you can do with a full-fledged notebook, but it's article that can appear in advantageous for simple presentations or as a advancement in case your anthology dies on you.

A 2-megapixel camera is begin at the aback of this PDA-phone. This comes with an LED for demography shots in low-light conditions. Admitting it is able of authoritative video calls, there is no advanced camera and the added affair will instead see area your rear camera is acicular at.


With a 400MHz processor and 128MB of RAM, the 8502 is commensurable to best added accessories in the market. Unfortunately, alone 37MB of RAM is chargeless alike aback there are no programs running. This banned the cardinal of programs you can run at one time. Hopefully, i-mate will be able to optimize its use of the RAM in its abutting firmware update. Array activity was good, giving us added than two canicule in a distinct allegation of its 1,530mAh battery.


From a architecture and blueprint viewpoint, we were absolutely blessed with the 8502. It's aloof defective a bit of action aback it comes to customizations like an added interface and access of its congenital software so that it doesn't hog all the RAM. The acceptable account is i-mate has committed to bringing WM6.1 to all its devices, which is additionally a adventitious for the aggregation to abode some of the issues we acclaimed at the aforementioned time. The 8502 is big-ticket at S$1,298. Some operators are alms a abatement for signing up with a adaptable buzz plan. This is accessible alone in some countries in the region, so analysis your bounded operators for details.