Gmail and Google Maps iOS apps

With new Gmail and Google Maps iOS apps, the iPhone 5 is acutely the best smartphone available

Now that we accept a acceptable Google Maps band-aid on the iPhone that supports voice-guided navigation, forth with a new Gmail applicant that rivals what you acquisition on Android, the best to go with an iPhone over an Android accent becomes alike clearer.

I use all adaptable operating systems because I like to analysis them out and accord them a adventitious to acquire a atom in my pocket. While I am an Exchange user in my day job, I additionally use Gmail abundantly and consistently begin the Android acquaintance best for Gmail. Alike admitting I accept approved lots of altered GPS aeronautics solutions, I consistently go aback to application Google Maps 99% of the time. These are both now accomplished applications on the iPhone. In addition, I acquisition that the iPhone beats Android in these areas:
  • Apps and casework still appear to iOS aboriginal in abounding cases and in some instances we still don't see Android apps (UP, Fuelband).
  • The iPhone's camera is amid best of all smartphones, alike after all the adorned appearance and options.
  • Updates appear from Apple and assume to brim carrier control. You can calculation on your 
  • iPhone accepting updates for a brace of years, admitting your Android buzz may never get adapted alike a distinct time.
  • It's a amusement to appointment a concrete Apple abundance rather than a carrier store.
  • The accident assurance for the iPhone is absolutely account it, IMHO.
  • The accent bazaar is vast, giving you ample choices at abundant prices.
I do like Android for widgets, ample displays, NFC, and blame the banned of technology, but if I had to aces aloof a distinct smartphone again the iPhone 5 would be my bright choice.