Solaris Assault Tech Game

Over a year ago it was appear that developer Piranha Games was developing a new Mechwarrior bold afterwards a aperture of several years for the sci-fi activity bold franchise. Now comes chat that addition developer, MekTek, that helped to accompany us a chargeless adaptation of Mechwarrior 4 is developing its own bold set in the aforementioned bold universe.

That game, as appear at, is Solaris Assault Tech, a multiplayer-oriented bold area the 50-foot mech action anniversary added in arena-style combat. The bold is actuality developed by application Epic Games' UDK agent tools. MekTek says it is alive anon with MechWarrior's owners at Smith and Tinker on this bold for a bartering release. The flat has additionally consulted with Piranha Games, saying, "We abstruse that our activity will not baffle with bartering development as their appellation is not an Arena game." MekTek hopes Solaris Assault Tech could serve as a bartering amplification to Piranha Games' project.