Street Fighter X Mega Man

Unless you've been active beneath a rock, Street Fighter X Mega Man is a acceptable 8-bit Mega Man platfomer that replaces the Dejected Bomber's accepted assorted aggregation of Robot Masters with eight World Warriors from the Street Fighter universe. If you are attractive for any ambience as to why Mega has gone rogue and taken to hunting humans, you won't acquisition any.

Seriously, don't anguish about it.

Instead of demography the accessible avenue and accumulation aloof the combatants from Street Fighter II, the bold pulls from the absolute alternation agenda -- Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka, Dhalsim, Rose, Rolento, Urien, and Crimson Viper. Each warrior rules over an appropriately themed domain, such as the rooftop of an age-old Japanese alcazar for Ryu or the electric eel-populated Brazilian jungles for Blanka.


My claimed favorites are Urien and Viper's stages. Urien holes himself abysmal in the mountains, area you accept to bisect ambiguous platforms afore they abatement and action enemies that can reflect your buster shots appropriate aback at you. Viper awaits in a S.I.N. building, attentive by insta-kill aegis corridors and a new archetypal of Sniper Joe able with massive laser cannons.

But the stages are alone preludes to the capital events. Alike admitting the administration accept been re-imagined as NES sprites, they absorb all their signature abilities. Ryu of advance break out the Hadoukens, Shoryukens, and Tatsumaki Senpukyakus; Dhalsim teleports, breathes fire, and stretches his Gumby-like appendages; Viper launches a flurry of electricity-enhanced punches and kicks; and so on. Also, I anticipate it's safe to say that Rolento's pogo stick animation was advised to adjure images of assertive rich, pants-less fowl acclamation from Glasgow.

They may not be machines, but the World Warriors will whip Mega's dejected ass 'til it turns purple. They artlessly chase predicable patterns in accurate Mega Man fashion, but as is consistently the case, artlessly alive the arrangement is no agreement of victory. You accept to acknowledge appropriately and accomplish acceptable use of the allegation shot, slide, and acquired weapons. In fact, not alike a boss' weakness is a caveat-free "instant win" card. There are consistently risks associated with the weapons that charge be taken into account, such as Chun-Li's Lightning Kick that requires absolute acquaintance with your opponent.

The added big aspect of the bold abreast from the administration is cyberbanking artist A_Rival's soundtrack, which consists of NES demakes of Street Fighter jams admitting with a Mega Man twist. You'll apprehend Ryu's affair mashed up with Flash Man's theme, Dhalsim's with Snake Man's, Rolento's with Heat Man's, and so on. Alike the allotment that plays back you baddest a bang-up is a alloy of both series' iconic "Game Start" jingles. Added advance don't anon sample Mega Man tunes booty assertive Mega Man-ish cues, best conspicuously the beating drumline out of Mega Man 2. It's actual cool, and like the abounding game, it's chargeless to download.

In addition, there a agglomeration of little nods and Easter eggs brindled throughout. Best notable is Dan Hibiki, who plays the role of punching bag as Mega tests out a anew acquired power. There is a abstruse bang-up who actively isn't that abundant of a abstruse to anybody. And admitting Guile was afar from the roster, his "goes with everything" affair song can alter any level's music with but a simple cipher punched in at the abeyance menu.

Beyond that, there are bags of little $.25 that, while annihilation cool austere on an alone basis, accord an consequence of awkward assignment back taken as a whole. Mega's jumping is hardly stiff, Mega all-overs in advanced of the activity bar rather than behind, items that spawn from defeated aerial enemies bead too quickly, the abide awning doesn't accord you the advantage to restart from the accepted level, the "Stage Clear" chime is played at a aggregate abundant lower than the blow of the audio, etc. And why does it assume as admitting a assertive bang-up was larboard out of the endgame levels?

Street Fighter X Mega Man feels like... well... it feels like it was fabricated by a distinct person. Added accurately, it was fabricated by a distinct being and rushed to accommodated a December 17th deadline.

Now, I'm not one to beating an honest-to-God affection activity by a baby aggregation -- abounding of the best amateur these accomplished few years accept been from teams of as few as one abandoned dude. I wouldn't apperception the shortcomings as abundant if this accurate bold had been appear agilely after the abetment of a massive publisher.

But back Capcom said it would broadcast Street Fighter X Mega Man, there were promises of added allotment and QA testing, I took that to beggarly the aggregation was authoritative a concerted accomplishment to accompany the bold up to the series' aerial affection standards. Sadly, it does not, and I admiration absolutely what Capcom has been accomplishing these aftermost few months. But it's still a fun game, and it absolutely does set a antecedent for publishers to booty a added effective access appear affection works from fans.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is not the best or best able Mega Man bold around, but it's solid accomplishment by a actual committed fan. I achievement it does it able-bodied abundant to argue Capcom that there is activity yet in this franchise. In the meanwhile, aloof have a good timethe crossover fun for its ability and not its missteps.