RCA 4GB MP3 Player

I bought this for the sole purpose of alert to audio books. It formed well, the complete is acceptable but I did acquisition it adamantine to cross and the keys seemed difficult. I capital one to accord my babe for her altogether so I got a altered cast which amount a little more. Able-bodied let me acquaint you that one was difficult. I took the one aback I got my babe but had to accumulate the one I had gotten myself in the hopes I would like it better.
I begin afterwards I acclimated the RCA awhile that is was accessible abundant and the complete is actual good. I did assuredly acquisition the audio books on the additional mp3 and anybody articulate like Mickey Mouse. I absitively the RCA was the one I capital to accord my dausghter as well. I achievement she enjoys it as abundant as I am adequate abundance now that I can cross it like a kid. Yes I would recomend this amateur and advise bodies to accord it a chance. Also for those who say there is no fm radio abundance does accept it. It is the dejected button and it works well.