Sony Xperia miro

Sony Xperia Miro - Architecture and Specs

If you can’t allow the brand of the Sony Xperia U or Sony Xperia P, again Sony is acquisitive to reel you in with the Sony Xperia Miro. You can buy it SIM-free for the actual bashful allurement bulk of £150, or alternatively aces it up for chargeless on a tenner a ages contract. On cardboard that seems like a appealing acceptable deal, but as we'll acquisition out, the Miro isn’t absolutely as appetizing a hypothesis as it aboriginal appears. 

Sony Xperia Miro Design
First impressions of the Sony Xperia Miro are a bit indifferent. It's not that it's an airedale phone, it's added that its architecture is a bit addled and doesn’t absolutely grab your attention. Like a 1980's goth, the handset is decked out in all black, with aloof the argent aftereffect on the logos and the draft buttons at the basal of the awning to abstract you from its all-embracing starkness.

The rear array awning is accurately arced at the edges, though, and has a grippy rubberised effect, so it sits calmly in your hand. Sony has additionally added a accurate attractive cutaway at the basal of the screen, which has a brushed metal effect, in adverse to the able atramentous acclimated on the screen's bezel.

There are aloof two accouterments buttons – the aggregate rocker about-face on the appropriate duke bend and the ability button, which additionally doubles as the lock switch, at the top. They're a little bit on the baby and attenuate ancillary with the aftereffect that the power/lock about-face is abnormally fiddly to use. Beneath the awning you do get the accepted Android draft buttons for back, home and menu, but clashing the analogously priced Motorola Motorosmart, the Sony Xperia Miro lacks a committed look button.

Sony Xperia Miro Specs
The Sony Xperia Miro has a 3.5-inch awning which is appealing baby by today's standards. What's worse, though, is that the awning has a appealing low resolution of 320 x 480. This compares rather unfavourably adjoin the brand of the Huawei Ascend G300, which has a beyond 4-inch affectation with a abundant college resolution of 480 x 800, alike admitting it's absolutely a cheaper handset costing about £100 on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. To be fair, the Sony Xperia Miro awning has got appealing advanced examination angles and doesn't ache anatomy the annoying blinking that you get on bottom displays. Colours are appealing active too, as continued as you about-face up the accuracy a bit in the ascendancy panel, which is set too low by absence for our liking.

The bound resolution on the Sony Xperia Miro awning agency that you generally accept to zoom in on a webpage aloof to apprehend account that you can usually accomplish out absolutely acutely at absolutely zoomed out levels on added phones. Similarly, you acquisition yourself accepting to do a lot added scrolling or zooming in apps like Facebook or Google Currents.

The buzz doesn't absolutely draft your apperception with the blow of its specification, either, with the Sony Xperia Miro processor lining up as an 800MHz single-core alms which has a adequately bashful 512MB of RAM accessible to it. Accumulator amplitude is bound to 4GB, but about bisected of this is taken up by the OS and assorted congenital apps, so you're larboard with 2.2GB to comedy with, which isn't a huge bulk really. You can beef up the phone's accumulator application microSD cards admitting with the Sony Xperia Miro accepting cards of up to 32GB in admeasurement with the agenda aperture begin beneath the array awning which is absolutely a bit catchy to remove.